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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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How to Succeed in Mortal Kombat 1 for Beginners: These Tips and Secrets Will Help You Understand the Game

Date: July 16, 2024 Time: 21:58:29

Mortal Kombat 1 has just been released, but the multiplayer is already full of pros destroying everyone with a couple of long combos. These masters cannot be defeated without training, wise fighter choice, and understanding of important mechanics.

We have collected important tips that will help you succeed in the new “Mortal Kombat”!

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1. In Russia, register DNS or enable VPN

The publisher of Mortal Kombat 1 is blocking the game’s servers for residents of Russia, Belarus, and apparently even Ukraine. The easiest way to bypass restrictions is to register DNS.

Primary server: Secondary server:

Activation instructions:

Russia has found an easy way to bypass the country’s ban in Mortal Kombat 1

2. Train yourself

Training will be offered at the beginning: neither beginners nor experts should refuse it. How to break the bottom block? What to do with the gain scale? Why doesn’t your Fatal Blow hit the enemy? Without knowing these basics, you shouldn’t even enter multiplayer.

Longtime MK fans will also learn plenty of tricks, such as the new cameo mechanic. Still, in the new part, the heroes enter the arena together with an ally. How to use them correctly and what cameo techniques exist? Rest assured, your future opponents have already figured it all out: you shouldn’t be left behind.

One hour in “Practice” mode gives you one achievement

Photo: “Championship”

3. Complete the story campaign.

MK1 has a good story campaign with betrayals, epic battles and a new look at legendary heroes. How much is Raiden worth, who in the introduction works in the field and does not wield the power of thunder?

Although the main advantage of the story is the opportunity to play as as many heroes as you can, find your favorite and get many customization items, from equipment to outfits. Of course, you can test your characters in other modes, but only in the campaign will you be entertained with spectacular scenes and drama.

4. Activate high difficulty

When you master the basics, activate the high difficulty; only then will you learn something in battles with the AI. The thing is, computer dummies don’t defend themselves well: you can simply pin them in a corner and crush them with repeated hooks. On high difficulty, the AI ​​will at least prepare you a little for multiplayer.

Enemies are helpless on normal difficulty.

Photo: “Championship”

5. Start with simple heroes

There are many strong characters in MK1 who will surprise you with clever combos and a variety of attacks. But you won’t be able to study them without hours of training. For example, when playing as Shun Tsung, you must constantly change your appearance and not forget about the abilities of each of the shells. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, choose a hero that is easy to learn.

Scorpio is perfect: his combos are elemental and deal 300 units of damage even without an upgrade. Other smart options include Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, and Baraka.

6. Learn combinations

At the first rank you can win in multiplayer even with simple tricks, but then they don’t work. To compete with other players, you will have to create combos. Have you chosen Liu Kang? Then learn to launch your opponent upwards and keep them in the air with kicks. And Baraka will attack 15 times in a row with swords if you use the cameo at the right time.

To master combos, go to “Practice” mode, open the tab with skills and try them out. You’ll soon see that many of the attacks work perfectly together. Or just open YouTube and learn from the experiences of top players.

Playing as Scorpion and Sub-Zero is easy

Photo: “Championship”

7. Use power-ups wisely

During the battle, the hero fills the reinforcement scale. Don’t waste it on single hits, as they will deal a bit more damage. Boosts are needed in two situations: to break someone else’s combo and to start your own.

Caught in a series of hits? Call a cameo for help and he will drive away the enemy. This will use up the entire scale, but it will save your life.

Additionally, many heroes’ combos are based on strengthening. Take, for example, Raiden with his “Deadly Current” move. At the end of this attack, the opponent can be lifted into the air and slammed into the ground. If you use the power-up at the right time, the additional beam will hit the enemy and launch them into the air again. Take advantage of the moment to continue the combo!

Raiden’s combos depend on power-ups

Photo: “Championship”

8. Be careful with the Fatal Blow

During Fatal Blow (when you are low on health, you can only use it once in the entire battle), the hero does crazy tricks and deals huge damage.

But you can’t activate the technique without thinking, because the opponent will simply block. Therefore, first stun the enemy – Scorpion’s spear, Sub-Zero’s freeze and the fighter’s cameo ability are suitable for this. The target will be defenseless for a moment and Fatal Blow will fail.

Keep in mind that you will also be caught making a mistake. So keep your hands up and don’t get confused.

9. Complete daily and weekly challenges.

The game constantly features limited-time challenges that will teach you new tricks or force you to practice a technique. For example, you will be asked to fire 20 projectiles, perform many successful attacks in the air, or perform a couple of unique kills.

These tasks are useful practice. Additionally, they are rewarded with gold and cosmetics for completing them.

The tasks are usually simple.

Photo: “Championship”

10. Use consumables in Invasion

“Invasion” is a new mode with its own upgrades, currency and equipment. The main feature of the modifiers: during the battle, time slows down, projectiles fly out of portals, and a saw runs across the ground. The hero also has resistances and vulnerabilities: the conventional Raiden is not afraid of lightning, but takes a lot of damage from acid.

Many difficulties are solved with consumables obtained in battle or purchased from a merchant. With the help of it, you can reset modifiers or reduce the damage of a specific item.

11. Customize your fighter

In MK1 they constantly give away new outfits. Did you defeat an enemy in the story campaign? Have you leveled up? Did you complete the weekly challenges? Get something nice. Now go to the character editor and select the clothes you like the most. This way you won’t get confused when two Raidens meet in the arena.

Johnny with new glasses

Photo: “Championship”

12. Spend money on new outfits.

The developers are full of different types of currencies. Common coins can be spent at the altar; you will get beautiful images and an achievement for this. Seasonal money is worth spending at the store – there are plenty of cute outfits that will hold up over time.

Almost everything in the store can be obtained in the game itself.

Photo: “Championship”

13. Don’t ignore the invasion

In “Invasion” you can not only have a good time, but also improve your heroes: unlock new kills, costumes and equipment. In addition, there is a lot of interesting content: in addition to battles with various modifiers (for example, when you approach an enemy, the screen begins to darken), there are many other games, including “Survival” and “Test of Strength” .

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Any other tips to help players? Share your wisdom in the comments!

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