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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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How to work in kinesis simulator? Make a lesson plan with the instructor

Date: September 27, 2023 Time: 23:50:14

On the way to a healthy and beautiful body, they often resort to buying a gym membership, which is not at all surprising, because it helps to develop discipline and to energize athletes who train nearby. There is a lot of equipment in the gyms, and beginners can get lost among the simulators. Today, together with the trainer, we will deal with one of the mysteries – “kinesis”.

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“Kinesis is a multifunctional simulator that allows you to train all muscle groups.”

How to work in kinesis?

The design of kinesis is quite simple: a framework on which wires with handles are attached to the weighting agent. This mechanism provides freedom of movement in all planes, which, in turn, allows you to evenly load different muscle groups. Even a beginner can master the simulator. Such benefits help diversify the training process and improve physical performance.

Interestingly, the training is based on the principles of Pilates, namely, measure, control and awareness. Each action involves the stabilization of the muscles, which are often difficult to exercise. In addition, the versatility of kinesis increases the ability to perform yoga asanas and strength exercises aimed at increasing muscle mass.

The benefits of Kinesis training

You will learn to control body movements, build muscle mass and engage all muscle groups in the work. But this is not all the benefits. Training will help build endurance, strengthen joints, bones, ligaments and tendons. Thanks to this, the classes act as prevention of postural disorders and scoliosis. By including yoga and stretching exercises in your plan, you can develop flexibility, agility, and mobility of the body.

Also, kinesis is used as recreational exercise, muscular and musculoskeletal rehabilitation for injury patients or during the recovery period.

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The trainer can be called universal. Even a beginner will be able to practice with it, but he must first learn the technique of the exercises to avoid injury. The exceptions will be people who are in the recovery period after operations and those who are currently ill or going through the acute phase of chronic diseases. In this case, he should contact his doctor for training recommendations. He may need to refrain from exercising.

Important points

As with any workout, we recommend starting with a warm-up, because your muscles need to be ready for work. Each exercise should be performed in three sets of 15-20 times, the rest between sets is small, and between exercises – 1-2 minutes. You can also do circuit training.

Adjust the weight of the weighting agent according to your physical shape. It is better to start small, gradually complicating the task. For the first time, choose a weight that is not too light, but also not too heavy for you.

End your workout with a cool down, stretching your entire body with an emphasis on the muscle group that has been used the most. This will allow the body to recover faster and better.

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A set of exercises for different muscle groups.


execution technique

Stand with your back to the base of the simulator. Grasp the lower handles, straighten your shoulders. Keep your back straight, look straight ahead. Put one leg back and lock it on the toe. Lunge the front leg, the angle at the knee is 90 degrees. The knee of the back leg touches the ground. Return to the starting position. The working leg at the top point does not straighten to the end. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

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hand reduction

execution technique

Grasping the middle handles of the machine, step forward with one foot, creating tension on the bindings. The rear foot is on the toe. You can stand on two legs, but also one step away from the simulator. The hands are separated at chest level and slightly bent at the elbow. As you exhale, bring your hands together in front of you at chest level. Then inhale and extend your arms to the sides, straightening your shoulders.

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execution technique

Place a mat on the floor, stand up, grab the upper handles of the simulator and kneel down. Hands are stretched out. Stretch, straighten your shoulders. As you exhale, bending your elbows, pull the handles down, the angle at the elbows is 90 degrees. The movement resembles pull-ups on the horizontal bar. At the lowest point, the shoulder blades meet. As you inhale, stretch your arms up.

Pulling hands to the side

execution technique

Stand up, take the lower handles so that the right is in the left hand, and the left is in the right. The letter “X” is formed from the wires. The legs are slightly bent, the elbows are also not stretched to the end. As you exhale, move your arms out to the sides to a position parallel to the floor. As you inhale, bring your hands back down.

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execution technique

Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take the lower handles of the simulator. Lower yourself down by moving your pelvis. You can slightly lean your body forward, but without rounding your back. The weight is distributed throughout the foot. Make sure that the knee does not go over the ball of the foot. Come back up to the starting position.

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bicep curl

execution technique

Take the lower handle with both hands with a reverse grip, stand in front of it Check the position of the back, there should be no bends or rounding.

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triceps extension

execution technique

Grasp the top handle with both hands in a straight grip, stand facing it. Monitor the position of the back, there should be no deviations and rounding, the elbows are pressed to the body. Hands at chest level As you exhale, straighten your arms and lower your hands. At the end point, the arm is almost fully extended. As you inhale, return to the starting position.

In the video you will find detailed instructions from fitness trainer Sergey Romantsov.

Make a training plan and go to the gym. Each small step brings you one step closer to a healthy and toned body.

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