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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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How was the new Outlast: a good horror for a group of friends

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 09:56:45

I love the Outlast series for the feeling of helplessness, the panic that flees from madmen and the cool plot, where the second and third backgrounds are hidden behind ostentatious banality. But I was skeptical about The Outlast Trials. Why, instead of a full 3rd party, were the devs distracted by a co-op session?

Fortunately, behind the hackneyed concept, where survivors face off against unkillable psychopaths, there are plenty of new ideas. In the new horror, you can have fun and squeal, especially in the company of friends. It’s even a shame that The Outlast Trials has little chance of success. The problem is controversial decisions that quickly kill interest.

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This has never happened before in co-op horror.

In The Outlast Trials, we play poor guys who are being tormented by the Murkoff Corporation. Scientists give a crazy task in the spirit of “destroy the evidence” and send it to a dangerous place. If you pass all the tests, you will get freedom.

The first level is magnificently immersed in a gloomy atmosphere. The characters end up in a fake police station with real cages, work rooms, and execution chairs. Except the cops are made of cardboard and there are scientists at the windows taking notes on your actions.

The place is full of memorable details. Victims sit in cells muttering hysterically, mutilated corpses are strewn in the corridors, and tables look like a sleazy cop who’s just left. The site is really annoying, you want to run away from this place. And when the first maniac comes around the corner, you usually go crazy.

great lighting

Photo: Red Barrels

The second level is even scarier. This is an abandoned amusement park, over which the fog descended. The heroes walk among the blood-covered games, listening to every creak and tensing as the lady who has left makes a bloody speech. After so much horror, I don’t even want to go to the third location.

All this beauty works well even on simple computers. I ran The Outlast Trials on a laptop with a GTX 1650 – it was good enough for 1080p and 60 FPS on medium settings with high textures.

The artists did their best to make the player feel uncomfortable, and the game designers deepened the state of anxiety. For example, glass is scattered on the floor – if you step on it, a maniac will hear a crunch nearby. There may also be poison traps and booby-trapped doors in the level. Therefore, carefully inspect the area, otherwise you will be in trouble.

Also, homework is annoying. Take at least the police station, where you need to kill the informer. To do this, the survivors turn on night vision devices and descend into a terrible basement, and then look for the keys hidden in the corpses and roll the screaming target to execution.

St. Petersburg maniac?

Photo: Red Barrels

Every successful action has consequences. Did you turn on the generator? Psychopaths are already running towards the noise. Do you have the snitch on the electric chair? Enemies will notice. Did you run to the evacuation site and call the shuttle? Wait and hope they don’t kill you.

Doing crazy activities is mostly fun. You feel like the hero of “Saw”, trying not to fall into a trap, hiding from the killers in the closet, wondering whether to save a friend or not to risk it. At the best moments, when someone from the team is pushing the cart with the informant and someone is distracting the maniac, emotions usually run wild.

The amusement park is great.

Photo: Red Barrels

Maniacs are cooler than in Dead by Daylight

Maniacs in The Outlast Trials are controlled by AI. They often don’t notice heroes a meter away, they freeze in front of your cover and do stupid things. But the disadvantages make up for the variety of enemies.

There are dozens of different assassins in the game. There is a stout boy who walks slowly and hits hard. A cop on the run with a stun baton and a nagging desire to find you. Playful psychopaths, unexpectedly jumping out of cupboards. Crazed villains with deafening screams. A strange lady with a bloodthirsty goose in her hand.

I do have other favourites, though. For example, sometimes an impostor appears in the arena, posing as a partner. Your friend’s nickname is even visible above his head, but if you look closely, you’ll notice an extra character. Having approached an inattentive player, the impostor will take out a knife and stab a couple of times.

Or there is a maniac who does not harm, but clouds the mind. Then the survivor sees hallucinations with a terrible skeleton – the walking dead walk on his heels and drive him crazy until he takes the antidote.

A hero in love sees all hell

Photo: Red Barrels

The peculiarity is that all these opponents can appear on the spot. They replace each other and attack in turn, but still make them tremble in fear. You can only run, hide and unsuccessfully counterattack with a brick.

Everything is great, but so little content.

The Outlast Trials is a purely cooperative horror game. Passing it alone is almost impossible for the moments where the partner must distract the enemy. Unfortunately, the fun depends entirely on the company.

For example, one of the main activities is the search for a generator, key or other search item. A normal team will disperse and quickly solve the problem. But newbies will score on the task, search for loot, and probably die. As a result, you will have to search for the location on your own, and this is unbearably tedious.

Crazy show ahead

Photo: Red Barrels

Although the main problem is the amount of content. There are only three locations in the game right now! All of them are beautiful and atmospheric, but… three places that are passed during the night. Very little even for early access.

Of course, different tasks are available in the levels. In the same police station you can kill a snitch, destroy corpses or interrupt quarantine. Add to that a couple of runs with modifiers like buffed enemies and reduced obstacles. They also promise an additional card for each season. But that’s all! The developers expect players to play three maps and enjoy rewards like a new tool or skin. That’s just because of the maniacs, who are controlled not by a real player, but by the AI, the races become too repetitive.

A week is enough to learn all the cards and complete tasks with your eyes closed. For a session game, this is like a death sentence.

Digging up corpses is not the vilest activity

Photo: Red Barrels

Should you play The Outlast Trials now?

The Outlast Trials is a great cooperative horror game that fans of Phasmophobia and other similar entertainment will love. There is fun gameplay, fancy locations, and creative maniacs, so the game is captivating.

That’s just because of the insignificant amount of content, gamers are likely to complete all the tasks in a week and leave the horror. I’d like to be wrong, but the chances of a robust lifecycle are slim.

An important note: the game is now entering early access – the developers will gradually test and expand the horror. A full release will someday take place later, with it more levels, quizzes, plot and even more interesting behavior of maniacs will be added. So far, the release is only for PC.


Amazing location design Interesting maniacs Good optimization.

I dont like him

Content catastrophically scarce. The fun depends entirely on the partners.

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