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Monday, February 26, 2024
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How will Salavat Yulaev be in the new season. Interview with the general manager of the club

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 21:01:12

Recently, Salavat Yulaev has been talked about mainly in terms of financial debt to hockey players and the timing of its payment, but this story is in the past. The club continues with the transfer campaign and plans to compete for top positions, without hiding that the restructuring process continues.

Rinat Bashirov, general director of Ufa residents, in an exclusive interview with the “Championship” observer, told how the team plans to live next season and explained the changes in the composition.

“We were unable to correctly predict the period in which a cash gap could occur”

– Why did the club even have a situation with salary arrears, how did this happen? Is there a guarantee that the situation will not happen again, what measures are being taken to ensure this? – Financial planning of the club’s budget is not an easy process in itself. It becomes even more difficult when the financial year of our sponsors does not coincide with the dates of the KHL season calendar. We were unable to correctly predict the period in which a cash gap could occur. Now we are working with the government of the republic to develop a mechanism that we can use in case of similar situations.

– Is it true that they paid only salaries, and bonuses have not yet been paid? — To date we do not have arrears in salaries and bonuses.

– All this time you were in contact with the league. Have you really been temporarily banned from registering hockey players’ contracts? – Yes, indeed, the league’s decision on the temporary ban on contract registration was sent to us. I would like to say that the league showed the utmost tact and patience. They understood the situation and therefore were confident that the problem would be resolved soon.

– Did the players themselves come to the management to ask for explanations? Did you have a conversation with the team leaders? For example, with Grigory Panin and other guys. – We contacted the team captain Grigory Panin. He talked to the boys. I am grateful to Gregory for taking on this not very pleasant mission. I also want to thank all the guys for their patience and understanding. There was no one who said they would like to leave the team. Formally, this could happen according to the rules of the league. I can’t say it was easy. Still, the situation is unusual for us. However, we did not sit idly by either. Our proposals to solve the problem were finally accepted and the government of the republic helped us a lot. Prime Minister Andrei Nazarov personally took up the issue.

The total amount of payments of Ufa residents on debts.

The amount of back wages paid to Salavat Yulaev’s players became known

“In fact, the Reideborn option was considered. But we didn’t want to lose the legionnaire position”.

– Why was it decided to leave the coaching staff of Viktor Kozlov in last year’s version, was a certain reinforcement required? – We discussed this with Viktor Nikolaevich. There was no discussion here. The head coach trusts his coaching staff.

– Should we wait in the club system for Andrey Zyuzin, about whom there were a lot of rumors? – We do not foresee any change in the management of the club. In any case, this is the prerogative of the Club Council. Until now, this issue is not on the agenda.

– What news about Josh Ho-Sang, are you planning to sign a new contract with him? Is this player suitable for you? Josh has yet to make any decisions to continue his career in the KHL. While he prepares for the season and continues to rehab after a known injury. Of course, we would like you to play with us. Ultimately, I would like to give him the opportunity to play a full season.

“If Ho-Sang still remains, what position will you seek for a third foreigner?” Are there already plans in this direction? – Now it is still difficult to predict something for legionnaires. Unlike last preseason, we did not form a team with our sights set on the possible signing of foreigners. The risks are significant. When there are guaranteed options, we will sign these players.

– Was there really a choice with the invitation of goalkeeper Reideborn, which he was forced to refuse at CSKA? Why did they decide to take Samonov and not the Swede? – The option with Reideborn was really considered. But we did not want to lose the legionary position. The option with Samonov seemed more promising to us.

– The talented Aimurzin had to be given to Severstal in exchange for Samonov. Wasn’t it a pity to part with a young student from Ufa? – Of course, we are sorry to part with Danil. Determinant was his desire to have a permanent place in the composition. Many things coincide here. We believe that this exchange has become beneficial for all parties.

Why Swedish goalkeeper Reideborn left the KHL

Reideborn won the Gagarin Cup and has now left the KHL. What led to this?

“Matvey Guskov is exactly the hockey player our team needed”

– After Kadeikin’s departure, only Alexander Khmelevsky remained from the top centers, are you working on finding a center forward? – We already have enough promising center forwards who will do their job.

– Yes, Matvey Guskov was invited, but is there any certainty that he can close the position of the center in the top 6 in Salavat? – Matvey is exactly the hockey player that our team needed. We have confidence in him no matter what position he plays.

Matvey Guskov

Photo: Yuri Kuzmin, photo.khl.ru

– Salavat Yulaev is still one of the oldest teams in the league, doesn’t it bother you? Biryukov himself was already offered a coaching job in Magnitogorsk, but he stayed with you as a player. – It doesn’t bother me at all. It seems to me that we have everything in moderation: the team has a good balance of experience and youth. In the playoffs, this could be the determining factor.

– What are the expectations of the newcomers in front of Vasilevsky, Sharov and Leshchenko? — We believe that these hockey players will significantly strengthen our team. Maybe we didn’t have enough players of this type in the last playoffs.

“We will combine the realization of great tasks and the process of building a team”

– Young Alalykin, Suchkov, Bashkirov, Tsulygin have already shown themselves well. Do they have to add and go up one more level in the new season? “Each of them has their own way of development. They know what they need to work on. The task of the coaching staff is to do everything necessary so that these guys become the base of the team for many years.

– “Salavat Yulaev” behaved very decently and beautifully in relation to Rodion Amirov, offering him a one-year contract. How was this idea born and who does it belong to? “We believe it was the natural course of events. We couldn’t have done it any other way. We are sure that Rodion will return to the team and we will receive a significant increase. While he continues treatment in a Moscow clinic.

Rodion Amirov

Photo: hcsalavat.ru

– There is a lot of talk about the fact that Ak Bars has assembled a top team, while Salavat Yulaev has a much more modest one. Isn’t it a shame to hear this, given the longstanding rivalry between the two clubs? – In fact, Ak Bars has seriously strengthened this offseason. But we still went out to play the “green derby”.

– Will we see a stronger and more balanced Salavat next season, capable of taking on big tasks, or will the restructuring process continue? – It is already known that it takes six years to build a champion team. However, we do not have that time. We will combine the implementation of large tasks and the process of building a team. I will not say that this situation suits us.

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