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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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How will the adventures of the tired “bluesman” end? Tarasenko chooses a new club

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 17:06:56

If you go right, you’ll get into a hurricane, if you go left, you’ll become a senator, if you go straight, you’ll find a fat check. Let’s see how the fairy tale can end out of season with Vladimir Tarasenko in the lead role.

Last season in the NHL for the world champion among junior teams in 2011 was not shaky or rolling. He started it in the St. Louis Blues, which is associated with the most glorious page of the biography of a native of Novosibirsk: winning the Stanley Cup as one of the leaders of the “bluesmen”. And he ended up already in the New York Rangers, where he was not particularly remembered. Almost the entire end of the regular season led Tarasenko to adapt to the new team, and in the playoffs, Vladimir, while not useless, also did not become an X factor. Of course, it immediately became clear that there was no point in staying on Broadway for a Russian, so he needed to restart his career elsewhere.

But where? Let’s figure it out. Two clubs, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Ottawa Senators, have a substantial interest in the forward. However, if you look closely, it turns out that there are other interesting options.


Carolina Hurricanes

The option, frankly, seems appealing. Carolina has obvious problems on offense: In the last regular season in the Eastern Conference, the club ranked second, but only eighth in goals scored. But with defense, the complete order is the second line in the entire league. Last season, they tried to solve some of the problems with the attack by inviting sniper Max Pacioretti, but he was treated for almost the entire season, participating in only five games.

The team of top forwards now includes only Sebastian Aho and Martin Necas, though no one scored more than 71 points in the regular season, which is quite small by current NHL standards. And Andrei Svechnikov, who has high hopes, still can’t become a big star. So it turns out Carolina relies on offensive defenders: Dmitry Orlov was added to Brent Burns, signed a year ago, and Tony DeAngelo was returned just a year later. Here the slogan in the style of Soviet posters suggests itself, each pair of defenders, a “midfielder”.

Ottawa Senators

After the trade of Erik Karlsson in 2018, the team did not claim anything serious. However, these years were not in vain: Ottawa gathered a group of young talents: Tim Stützle, Brady Tkachuk, Drake Batherson, Tom Chabot, Jacob Chichran, until recently there was Alex DeBrincat, but they managed to disappoint him in just one season and quickly switched to the Detroit Red Wings. And for all this young gang there is only one veteran star: Claude Giroud. It seems that the senators decided that they should add one more in the person of Tarasenko.

Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers

These teams do not appear on the lists of contenders for Tarasenko, but they should take a closer look at Vladimir. The Red Wings, as mentioned above, took over DeBrincat, but they still have over eight million dollars free under the salary cap (4th place in the league). Detroit has been living near the playoff zone for a couple of years, but it still can’t get there. And last summer, the club tried to seriously strengthen the team, spending a lot of money, but the escape turned out to be doubtful. But since the Red Wings got involved in the playoff race, we must go all the way. A strong sniper will definitely not hurt: only one hockey player on the team scored 25+ goals in the last regular season.

Edmonton is in eighth place in terms of the amount of free money under the salary cap, and needs to strengthen the depth of attack. There is not enough money for a high-quality solution to the problem, and not a couple of fragile patches, so the “tankers” can try to at least collect two truly formidable links. The Oilers have four forwards with 80+ points in the regular season plus Evander Kane. And there is no longer a single striker even with 30+ points. With the arrival of Tarasenko (for the right money, of course), the Canadian team will be able to form a first three of the attack.


Philadelphia doesn’t have any specific goals for next season, maybe even two or three. This was also demonstrated by the last draft, where the “pilots” chose Matvey Michkov, who will arrive in the NHL only in a few years. However, andThe club is located in a big city and has a rich history, so the Flyers’ army of fans won’t understand the absolute drain of the regular season. The list is full of lousy contracts, but if you manage to get rid of one or two, then it is quite possible to write a solid check that can seduce Volodya. The leader’s spot is vacant: In the last regular season, Fili’s leading scorer, Travis Konieczny, scored 61 points.

What is the result? “Carolina” is ready to give an important role, Tarasenko will close the problematic position and will be able to compete for another Stanley Cup, but the money will have to be significantly reduced. It makes sense to tie himself to Ottawa with a long deal, hoping the club’s talented youngsters will become big stars. But there Tarasenko is needed for the role of an experienced uncle without much freedom on the ice, is he ready for this? Other possible options proposed above allow you to realize ambitions in terms of fighting for serious results or trying to get the maximum possible contract in terms of the amount of the deal. The only question is the priorities of the hockey player himself.

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