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Monday, March 4, 2024
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“I am not Kilian St. Germain.” Why Mbappé wants to leave PSG

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:29:49

“This is Paris, Coco, here everyone elbows their way through. Here you have to prove who you really are! – Every summer, the famous phrase of the legendary designer Coco Chanel takes on special relevance in the French capital. The day after attending the Roland Garros final, PSG striker Kylian Mbappé notified the club’s management by letter that he was not willing to renew his contract for the 2024/2025 season. And this is just one year after Mbappé signed a lucrative deal with PSG under the 2+1 scheme.

The striker’s salary under the new contract was 57 million euros a year after taxes, and bonus payments are likely to reach 300 million euros. Kylian has already received half of that as a transfer bonus. It is about 30 million euros less than the ceiling proposed by Real Madrid, but in Paris Kilian had guaranteed something that they would never have gone to in Madrid. Under the terms of the agreement, he had the opportunity to influence the transfer policy of the club, the Frenchman’s opinion must be taken into account when choosing a coach and sports director. But Donatello was still dissatisfied.

Last summer, he and his agent mother made a beautiful multiplayer move with Real Madrid as a team that helped improve the terms of the deal with PSG. It seems that Faiza Lamari and his son are playing another game.

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To secure Mbappé’s contract renewal last summer, PSG enlisted the help of French president Emmanuel Macron. He urged the player to stay in Paris until the July-August 2024 Olympics, where Kylian intends to represent his country as one of three players over the age of 23. Likewise, the striker publicly begged that he not leave Paris and former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mbappé asks Ibrahimovic if he stays in Paris

Photo: Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi convinced Mbappé that the club was closer than ever to winning the Champions League, after which Kylian was freed to seek adventure elsewhere. At that point, the striker could ask for a salary of 200 million euros, like Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia, and they would surely have approved it. The main reason is the World Cup that is expected six months later in Qatar, where the owners of PSG come from. For the Arabs, keeping Mbappé as a PSG player at the time of the tournament was an image task.

Furthermore, if Mbappé left the team then, PSG would not have received a single euro for him, a very painful loss, given Real Madrid’s rejected offer in the summer of 2021 worth €160m. he did everything possible to satisfy the star’s appetites for him, who confirmed the top flight in the 2022/23 season. 41 goals for the club, 12 for the national team, eight of which in the World Cup, including a hat-trick in the final, which gave Kilian the ‘Golden Boot’ of the tournament. The final match against Argentina was watched by Mbappé’s parents in a private box hosted by Al-Khelaifi.

However, after the World Cup, relations seem to have soured. In April, “Donatello” was severely burned when footage of him from an interview with the club’s press office was used in a marketing video. He was sent to all PSG subscribers with a call to renew them for the new season. On social networks, the footballer complained: “I came for an interview with a representative of the club, but they did not inform me that it would be a promotion for the new season. I completely disagree with this approach! That’s why I fight for restrictions on the use of my image rights. PSG is a great club and a great family, but my name is not Kylian Saint-Germain.”

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Kylian was promised influence in the signings of PSG, but he did not get those levers

For PSG and Mbappé, this is the third summer in a row that the relationship between the player and the club has teetered on the brink of the abyss. In 2021, Kylian attracted the interest of Real Madrid, whose offer was rejected in the last week of the transfer market. This was partly because PSG were still owed Monaco €36m for the final €180m transfer payment that brought the player to Paris four years earlier. Madrid sources assured that the club made two more offers that summer, but PSG did not respond to them.

Mbappé’s contract, which preceded his current one, was valid until the summer of 2023, and the striker threatened to leave as a free agent. The Madrid media were convinced that Kylian’s transfer to the Bernabéu would be a mere formality, periodically reminding readers that as a child he had posters of Cristiano Ronaldo in a Real Madrid shirt hanging in his bedroom. But Qatar Sports Investment, the owner of the Parisian club, made Mbappé the highest paid footballer in Europe, and Madrid were forced to retire.

The numbers on Mbappé’s shirt do not fully reflect reality

Photo: Antonio Borga/Getty Images

Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago, Kylian unexpectedly apologized to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez for refusing to join his club last summer. We can safely assume why the striker is only ripe for an apology now: Mbappe and his mother-agent have clearly started another long game in which Real can once again become a bargaining chip. There are many reasons for the player to send a letter to the PSG office, and even leak information to journalists before the leaders find out. And it’s not just about the use of image rights, which he failed to save in Paris, but they promise this option in Madrid.

Upon concluding a new deal with PSG, there was a lot of talk that Mbappe would have the opportunity to influence the club’s transfer policy, but this is not entirely true. Athletic say that last summer the striker was very unhappy because PSG refused to sign Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski and Monaco midfielder Aurélien Tchouameny, who ended up at Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively. In addition, the Parisians refused to terminate the contract of central defender Inter Milan Skriniar – PSG decided to wait a year and sign the player as a free agent.

The footballer’s letter about his unwillingness to stay in Paris after 2024 caused not only panic, but also bewilderment in the ranks of the Qataris. An irritated Al-Khelaifi called the player’s mother, Faiza, and wondered if Kilian was really serious about leaving or if it was a high-risk position to make new commitments. The president was particularly upset by the fact that for the past year the club has been considering a long-term joint partnership on investment projects in meetings with the player, and Mbappé expressed his full support in this regard. .

Disappointment with the PSG project, envy of Ronaldo’s salary

Another reason for the striker’s refusal to renew his contract could be the hard position of the club’s board of not looking at its stars in the mouth anymore. Al-Khelaifi believes that pandering to those at the top is too much, and that is what in many ways is holding the club back from the dream of winning the Champions League. PSG suspended Lionel Messi last month and fined him for making an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia on personal business. This did not lead to anything good – Leo refused to stay in Paris.

It seems that Kilian’s mother has reflected on his career for decades:

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However, this approach has limitations. If there was no particular motivation to hold on to veteran Messi, who was never found in France, then Mbappe is an entirely different story. PSG are close to naming a new manager, and the most likely candidate for the job, Germany’s Julian Nagelsmann, wants Kylian to be at the center of his project. The forward understands very well that the club needs more than him.

Madrid hopes that Kylian will become the new legend of the club, like Ronaldo

Photo: Manu Reino/Getty Images

And yet, the main reason for the striker’s management seems to be the increase in financial offers in world football. If a year ago a salary of 57 million euros per season seemed like a very worthy offer, then the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Al Nasr changed a lot. The 38-year-old Portuguese’s salary is almost four times Mbappé’s contract. In similar terms, another “dinosaur” Karim Benzema went to Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia, and Al-Hilal tempted Messi with a cosmic salary of 350 million euros per season.

It stands to reason that Kilian, in the status of a superstar, rightly believes that at the age of 24 he should earn at least not less. It is also possible that the striker is disappointed in the PSG project itself: it is very difficult to accept that with each season the team does not get closer, but moves away from winning the Champions League.

Extending the contract under those conditions and spending the best years of your career in a not very strong European club championship is not the best prospect. This time the point of no return has been passed, and there are only two real options: PSG will sell the player for decent compensation this summer, or he will be free at Real Madrid next.

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