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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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“I didn’t understand what I was doing on the court.” How was Vembanyama’s first game in the NBA Summer League

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:09:28

At the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, one of the most anticipated events of this offseason took place: Victor Vembanyama appeared on the site. The star rookie played his first match in the tournament and… did not live up to expectations. In any case, not really. We are going to tell you what is happening.

In the last draft, Victor was selected by San Antonio. He became the first Frenchman in history to retire as number one, and also the first European since 2006 who had not spent a single season in the NCAA before. Instead, Vemby played in the French championship, where he became the leader in points, rebounds and blocks, led his team to the final and received the MVP award.

His debut as a Spurs player was eagerly awaited. The stir continued to grow when Vembanyama suffered an unpleasant incident on Wednesday: pop star Britney Spears was injured at the hands of his bodyguard. The singer saw a young basketball player in a Las Vegas restaurant and tried to pat her on the shoulder to get her attention when the security guard put his hand out in front of her.

At first it was assumed that he accidentally punched Spears in the face, but after a small police investigation it turned out that the guard simply pushed Spears’ hand away in an attempt to protect the customer. So for him everything happened without legal consequences.

What happened only fueled interest in Victor’s Summer League performance. All tickets for Friday’s game against Charlotte, which averaged $96, sold out before it started, only the second time in Summer League history and the first time there was such a buzz surrounding one of the openers. of the tournament. The game was attended by NBA legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jerry West, Atlanta front man Trae Young and other stars.

Vembanyama vs. Charlotte

Photo: Candice Ward/Getty Images

As soon as Vembanyama appeared on the court, thousands of camera phones were directed at him, as well as three minutes after the start of the match, when he scored his first points. Prior to this, Victor missed three times, including a missed dunk. A spin shot from under the rim was the Frenchman’s only accurate shot in the first half (with seven attempts).

Things started to look even bleaker when, midway through the third quarter, Hornets big man Kai Jones scuttled through Vembanyama. Yes, through the most hyped prospect of recent years, 222 cm tall, he dove in his first game. Victor himself in the third segment never tried to attack the ring.

The video can be viewed on the Chaz NBA YouTube channel. Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC.

The second (and last) accurate shot for him was a 3-pointer late in the fourth quarter. 2 of 13 from the field (15%) – Vemby gave such an implementation in a victorious game with the Hornets (76:68).

Yes, the debut was regular. Whether due to nerves or under the pressure of high expectations, Vembanyama played passively. He faded into the background in a match that was completely about him. His attempts to get under the basket were too timid and his shots were predictable. He allowed three losses. But neither this, nor the problems with the implementation in the end prevented Victor from showing himself.

He moved surprisingly smooth and fast for his phenomenal height. He saw the field perfectly, created space and distributed quality passes, finishing the game with three assists, there would have been more if his teammates hadn’t ruined some moments. He picked up the ball (nine) and blocked shots (five), which is worth a block of a 3-pointer on Brandon Miller. As mediocre as Vemby’s offensive play is, he can still emerge as the talent of a generation. And it was obvious.

“This is a special moment. Wearing the San Antonio jersey for the first time is a true honor. Overall, I’m glad we won this game. To be honest, I didn’t quite understand what he was doing on the court, but I’ll try to learn a lesson for the next few games. The main thing is to be ready for the season. I think the hardest thing for me was understanding. It is important for me to learn to react to the moments that the point guard creates”, said Víctor after the game.

Vembanyama vs. Charlotte

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Yes, his Spurs debut is unlikely to be remembered for long. Is it good or not? It doesn’t matter anymore. A game in the Summer League is not yet an indicator. Also, Vembanyama will still have a chance to prove himself in this tournament. In the next match, his “San Antonio” will play “Portland”. “Championship” covers Summer League events online – head over to our text stream!

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