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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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“I flew vases”: the mother of Pavel Pogrebnyak recalled the childhood of a football player

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 14:24:04

– We lived in a communal apartment. The small room was 13.8 meters, where his father taught him. Well, how they played… They hung from their heads. My vases flew, – recalled the mother of Pavel Pogrebnyak.

Larisa Vladimirovna admitted in the program “Mom knows everything” on Avtoradio that Pasha’s love for football was instilled by his father, who realized his unfulfilled dream in his son. The boy was still sitting in a baby carriage and did not really walk, and dad was already throwing the ball at Pasha’s head so that he learned to hit. That’s how I ended up playing professional soccer.

At the age of 7, he entered the Spartak school, a team for which his father supported. Shy and short, Pavel sat on the bench for a long time in games. To solve the problem, my mother believes that porridge helped. Larisa Vladimirovna convinced herself and her son that “Hercules” works wonders, literally turning small boys into tall and strong football players. Pasha could not stand oatmeal, but he began to eat it both in the morning and in the evening. “Stubborn workaholic” – characterizes the son of Larisa Pogrebnyak. As a result, with the help of porridge or hard training, the guy grew a lot.

– He was a rather technical player, – Alexey Nikolaevich Leonov, the Spartak coach, recalls little Pasha. -He handled the ball with enough confidence. At that age, it was obvious, of course. But he had a difficult time in terms of physiology: he grew very fast at the age of 14. Naturally, problems started due to him not having enough strength. This often happens at this age in rapidly growing children. He had to sit for a while, wait for the forces to arrive. We deal with it in this sense, of course.

After the Spartak school, Pavel remained in the club, first in the reserve team, and then as part of the main team. On the one hand, everything worked out well and logically, especially since everything in the life of a football player was saturated with Spartak from childhood. But it is impossible to say that he constantly played there, that they allowed him to develop, that they bet on him, it is impossible, according to Pavel’s relatives. In 2003, Spartak loaned the Pogrebnyak to Kaliningrad Baltika. After that, there was a lease in Khimki near Moscow. So “Spartak” gives it to Yaroslavl “Shinnik”. In general, the footballer was shaken at the beginning of his professional career, and he spent more time on loan than directly at Spartak.

As a result, in 2006, Pavel left the team he had dreamed of since childhood and went to Tomsk, where he began to play in the Tom football club. Then “Tom” was led by coach Valery Yuryevich Petrakov.

– Pavel interested me, – he admitted, – when the transfer window opened, we turned to the Spartak management with a question about the acquisition of Pavel. They told us that he would not rent, if you want buy it. So it ended up on Tom. I think at that time for a young player who was playing mainly only in the first league, he was on loan, he was paying pretty decent money.

According to Valery Petrakov, Pogrebnyak was very impressed with his game, the coach immediately decided that he had excellent data to become a good striker. And so it happened, and the real recognition came to the footballer when he played for Zenit. Then, with his direct participation, the St. Petersburg team became the champion of the country. The following year, Pogrebnyak, as part of Zenit, won the Russian Super Cup, and then became the owner of the UEFA Cup. The athlete finally broke through, got even for past failures. The pinnacle of his career was the Russian team.


Mama lo sabe todo has been broadcasting on Avtoradio for the third season; is a joint project of Avtoradio, the Russian Football Federation (RFU) and Gazprombank. For the first time, the mothers of the players of the Russian national team tell the professional career of their children and the secrets to raising champions. The presenters of the programs are Katrina Gaysina and the star of the program “Murzilki Live” Tatyana Gordeeva.

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