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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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“I got upset and thought about the mistakes, not the game.” Andreeva – after the departure of the “RG”

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 15:26:20

Mirra Andreeva lost in the third round of Roland Garros 2023 against Corey Gauff and leaves the tournament. The 16-year-old Russian sensation won the first game in a tiebreaker, but lost the next two 1:6, 1:6. At a press conference, the Russian woman said that she had lost the state of mind that led her to success, that is, she stopped staying in the moment and just playing, and she began to delve into thoughts about mistakes.

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“I did it very badly, it was stupid”

“It was a difficult game for me, but I will take positive things and lessons from it. I will continue.

— Congratulations on the magnificent Roland Garros. How did you manage to win the first game and what changed in the second and third? – The first game was tough, we were constantly breaking. I just played, there was such a game going on, in the first set, I probably hooked the net twice in a row.

I don’t know, I just played and that’s how I won the first game, which lasted an hour. But I felt that to win the match, it was not enough to win a game. I tried to play, but something didn’t work, I got upset and I didn’t think about the game anymore, only about my mistakes. And I went too deep into it.

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– When you threw the ball into the stands, did you think you would be disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct? – Yes, I immediately thought that this was a very stupid act, completely optional. Obviously not the best I could do. I was very bad I had thoughts [о дисквалификации]but I have a warning.

– Before you said that you don’t feel pressure, that you have nothing to lose. Did you feel the same way on the court today? – Inside, yes, he felt the same. I just went out there to play and after I won the first game, I realized that I could win the match. At first, I just played and didn’t think about winning or losing. I just played the way it is. And after the first game, I realized that I can really win the match. And she got nervous not to miss this opportunity. It was my mistake, I should have kept playing, that’s all.

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“The next one should be Wimbledon, but I don’t have a visa yet”

– Today you lost, but you have achieved many good things in this tournament. What will you remember and what are your plans for the future? Yes, there are many positive things to take away. Qualified, he won a couple of great matches. In fact, many good things. And there is also a lot to take away from this game. We will continue working. I’m going to find out what I did wrong and fix it. I hope all goes well from now on.

I have a limited number of tournaments, so the next one should be Wimbledon. But I don’t have a visa yet, so let’s see if I can participate. If not, we will choose tournaments, maybe I will play in ITF tournaments. I do not know yet

What do you think will be your favorite cover? If you go to Wimbledon, would you like to play on grass? – I don’t have a favorite surface, but when I play hard, I miss clay, and when I play clay, I miss a lot. So I can’t say which one is my favourite. I have not played on grass yet, it may be the first time. I’m looking forward to it because I’ve never tried to play on grass. If I go there, we’ll see what I can achieve there.

— And the visa, some kind of delay? – I myself do not know anything, except what my team and parents tell me. It’s better that you ask them, but I don’t know (smiles).

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“People can say and write whatever they want. I don’t mind”

What did Coco tell you after the game? – First of all, I congratulated her on the victory, because she played a very good game. She deserved to win. She said it was a good match. She told me to go ahead and everything would be fine.

When you look in the mirror, how do you see yourself now and in the future? Good question, to be honest I don’t know. I don’t look in the mirror that often. But I’m just Mirra who loves to play and have fun. I hope she stays the same in the future. But the future is the future, I don’t know what will happen.

– You have not lost so many games this year, but do you have some kind of routine after defeats? How to recover the good mood? “I didn’t even think about it. After three defeats in Madrid and here in Paris, I thought: well, it was a good tournament, I played a lot of games, I can get a lot of good things out of them, I’ll keep working. This is how I will behave after defeats. But today I lost and I’m upset, so I don’t know. I’ll keep working, and then we’ll see.

– Koko talked about how it makes her angry that everyone talks about her age, that she is only 19 years old. How do you feel about what everyone says about your age? – No way, people can say and write what they want, I do not go into that. I stay with the right people around and don’t think about it. So people can write whatever they want, I don’t care.

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