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“I have an advantage, but this could be bad.” Andreeva – about the debut semi-final of “RG”

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:45:59

The day before, Mirra Andreeva, 17 years old, achieved the main victory of her life by eliminating the second racket in the world, the Belarusian Arina Sabalenka, in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros, 6:7, 6:4, 6. :4. Thanks to this success, Mirra reached the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time in her career.

What did the Russian say on the court immediately after the match victory and later in the general press conference? We have compiled the full version of yesterday’s communication between the Russian and media representatives.

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“I don’t even have a plan. “I just watch the game and play the way I want.”

The first to speak to Mirra was the legendary former tennis player and now famous expert Mats Wilander.

– I want to ask you about your game intelligence. Understanding the game is not that easy, but at 17 you already know everything about tactics. How did you do it? – I just see the game and play the way I want. I don’t even have a plan (laughs). When I see an open space on the court, I try to play there. Or if I think she’s going to run there, I try to throw the ball behind her back. My coach and I had a plan for today, but I don’t remember anything! I tried to play how I felt.

– You have just started working with Conchita Martínez. Does this mean you don’t need it anymore? – I do not need it. She supports me a lot. Sometimes I can still remember something. Having her with me gives me an incredible advantage. I’m very glad she still works with me.

– In the semifinals you will play with Paolini. – I played against her in Madrid. It was a very difficult match both psychologically and at a playing level. She plays and moves very fast and always gives it her all, no matter the score. I think it will be a little similar to today. I will try to show the same level and play with a cool head again. And let’s see what happens.

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“I saw a ladybug on the ground. “I thought I needed to be saved.”

The traditional press conference followed. The journalists’ first question referred to the moving moment that happened to Mirra in the last match, a few minutes before her match point candle reached the court and gave the Russian a ticket to the semifinals.

– In the last game you saved a ladybug on the field. – Yes, before Arina served – it seems like it was 30:15 in her favor – I saw a ladybug on the floor, on the ground. I thought, well, she needs to be saved. I tried not to get distracted by this, but at the same time I thought, hmm, maybe this is a sign! I tried to concentrate on myself, not to wait for mistakes from him, to finish the match myself, but maybe this was really a small sign, because I won this game, I finished the match. A very pleasant moment!

– To what extent did you see and understand that something was wrong with Arina, to what extent did you react when she leaned over during breaks and called the doctors? – It is difficult to play when you see that your opponent is not feeling very well. It’s hard to stay focused and keep playing aggressively. I tried not to pay attention. From the beginning I saw that something was bothering her. I didn’t pay attention because it might distract me from the game.

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“I didn’t expect to be in the semi-finals”

– Are you surprised that everything turned out like this, that you managed to reach the Grand Slam semifinals so quickly, or do you think that everything should have happened right now? – I didn’t expect to be in the semifinals. The day before yesterday, before the match with Varvara Gracheva, I was thinking: it turns out that if she beats her, there will be a quarterfinal, and then, if she beat Sabalenka, there will be a semifinal. I thought: wow, this is a dream! And now I will play in the semifinals.

– You beat the second racket in the world. Formally, this is a feeling, but since you achieved it, it means that you were prepared for it. How do you currently evaluate your potential? “I was very nervous before the game. My goal was to win more games than in Madrid. When I lost the first set in a tiebreaker, I decided: well, now I need to take at least one set and go to the third.

Arina is a very strong competitor, she has won Helmets and has a lot of experience. He wasn’t sure he could win. I decided to just try it. At some point I realized: I’m already close, why not try again.

Mirra Andreeva

Photo: Tim Goode/Getty Images

– You already beat Yasmin Paolini a month ago on clay in Madrid. What would you like to take away from that Roland Garros semi-final match? – Yes, I remember that match, it was a difficult victory. At first he played very well and then I managed to get closer to his level.

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– Before the quarterfinals, Arina was the favorite, but in the semifinals the situation will be different. Will this affect the course of your game? – I don’t think my status as a favorite in the match will be reflected in the semifinals. I knew everyone expected Arina to win today. It’s always easier to play when nothing is expected of you. Tomorrow will be one more game. I have an advantage over Paolini because I already beat him in Madrid, but this could be bad. I will be attentive to the next game.

“It’s even good that this happened at the junior Australian Open”

– Do you have any explanation as to how you managed to achieve such progress that you are now playing in the Grand Slam semifinals? Last season you lost the junior Australian Open final. “It was difficult at the time, but the team told me: “Maybe when you are at the top, you win in the adult Grand Slam tournaments, you won’t even remember exactly who you lost to and how.” But in reality it is not like that, I remember it. And I think it’s even good that this happened then.

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– What would you highlight right now, after this victory, as your strongest quality in general? – I always play how I want to play myself. Yes, the coach and I have a plan for the game, we discuss it before starting, but then I forget everything, I don’t have any of that in my head during the game. I think my strong point is that I can maintain my playing style in any situation.

– Off the court, do you usually watch a lot of tennis or, on the contrary, do you try to disconnect from it? – I watch a lot of tennis. For example, even when Vika Azarenka and I finished playing at two in the morning, I arrived at my hotel room at three and was still watching some movies about tennis. I was wondering: who won and who lost. That’s why I always look at the results, I always open the highlights of some matches. I don’t think there’s been a day since I started playing that I haven’t watched tennis.

“I still have to go to school, which I don’t really like.”

– When you say you play based on your feelings first, is it more of a play-by-play or shot-by-shot game? That is, do you at least have a plan for the play or does it all depend on how the ball falls for a particular shot? – I would say that from blow to blow. For example, my opponent plays a diagonal forehand, I have time to assess where he is and what type of shot he is probably expecting. Depending on this, I decide: and what to do? Should I play along the line or cross? Maybe a short shot or a deep shot with a high bounce?

Sometimes it’s even bad that I have so many different thoughts and decisions in my head. Especially when I change my mind at the last minute, things happen all the time (smiles). So sometimes it’s a cruel joke, I try to act simpler. It is true that it does not always work because there are too many options in the head.

Mirra Andreeva

Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

– How do you work with Conchita? Where do you mainly train with her? – I live in Cannes, in the south of France. We haven’t been working together that long, just a couple of months, and most of this time we were in tournaments. She came to Cannes for a couple of weeks so we could train together and get used to it.

She wants me to go see her in Spain, but I always tell her: no, no, no, you’re coming to France, I really want to see you. Although maybe one day I will go to Spain myself to visit her, although I still like it better when she comes.

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– Maybe it’s too difficult a question, but can you at least in some sense call yourself a normal 17-year-old boy? – Yes, I am almost a normal teenager. I still have to go to school, which I don’t really like. I watch a lot of television series in my free time, Netflix. Sometimes I stay on social media too long or do something else stupid while I’m at home. I laugh, I chat, I live a normal life.

What distinguishes me – I don’t know if it’s correct to say it – is the feeling that I am already an adult, I feel like a mature person. I know what I have to do [в большинстве ситуаций]. Yeah, I’m probably more mature. [в сравнении с другими 17-летними].

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