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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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“I really do not care”. Did the new Lakers coach say too much on the show?

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:10:06

Working as a coach in the NBA always involves pressure. If you are an inexperienced specialist, expectations increase several times. The Los Angeles Lakers introduced new head coach JJ Redick in their first press conference. The famous former basketball player answered questions and we will tell you his most interesting statements.

Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka spoke first: “I think in the industry in general and in sports in particular, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the patterns of being in a sea of ​​equality and doing the same thing as everyone. others. . But when we started looking for a coach, it was very important for us to see if we could do something different from the others. And it soon became very evident in our conversations with JJ that he had a unique perspective and philosophy about basketball and how it should be learned.”

Signing the contract

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers BC

Redick began his speech with a joke: “I’ve never coached in the NBA before. I don’t know if you guys have heard of this.” Next, the coach spoke about expectations: “Sitting in this chair, I know what is expected of me. The Lakers have one of the most passionate fans in the world and we are waiting for a championship. It’s my job, it’s our staff’s job, it’s Rob’s job. [Пелинки], it is the job of all of us to build a championship-caliber team. This is what I signed up for.” Pretty ambitious goals for a new coach, but he couldn’t say otherwise in a club the size of the Lakers.

Lakers coaches often face criticism, so Redick was asked what he thinks about the haters. The answer was quite clear. “This is a valid question and of course I heard it all. I am unlikely to find the right words and give a sensible answer, simply because I don’t care. Honestly, I want to coach the Lakers. I want to coach a team. And I don’t want to refute anything. I want to be a great coach in the NBA. And I want to win championships. I also want my players to get the most out of their careers. That’s all that matters to me.”

The video can be seen on Chaz NBA’s YouTube channel. Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC.

Redick doesn’t shy away from direct statements, even if someone doesn’t or doesn’t like them. He is who he really is and does not try to pretend to be someone he is not. When asked when he wanted to become an NBA coach, JJ said: “Actually, after I interviewed for the job in Toronto last year, I knew I wanted to be an NBA head coach. I spent a lot of time talking to coaches, talking to general managers, absorbing their knowledge… I felt like this is what I was supposed to do.”

“I think about today’s NBA and the game is evolving. It develops quickly and one of the things about coaching is that you have to be able to adapt. You have to be able to adapt to your lineup, you have to be able to game plan against your opponent, and that’s one of the things I’m really going to strive for,” Redick said of his team’s game vision.

Will it be that bad?

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But almost everyone was interested in the question of a joint podcast with LeBron James: will their collaboration continue or will the era of educational videos come to an end after his appointment to the Lakers position? “For now, and I hope it will be for a long time, I am done with content production. To answer your question: there won’t be a podcast… I’m done with podcasts for now,” Redick concluded.

Furthermore, JJ claimed that the King did not give him any advice. And they didn’t talk to him about the Lakers job until Thursday night, when Redick was offered the job. Unfortunately, no one can say for sure how true this information is. We can only believe in what is said.

It should be noted that the presentation as coach of the Lakers took place on Redick’s birthday. He turned 40 years old. We are waiting for the draft, which will take place very soon. Let’s see who the Lakers will take at picks 17 and 55 and if they will take Bronny James. But it is much more interesting how JJ will show up in the next season, but we will have to wait. The most interesting thing is yet to come.

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