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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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“I was totally blown away!” Sinara won the Super Bowl in a true game thriller

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 00:46:51

The Russian Futsal Super Cup became a real event that did not disappoint us in terms of sporting intensity and was great in terms of its setting. And the winner was Sinara.

Attracting the best players and playing against the best teams is exactly what everyone needs to keep the interest going. All this worked perfectly in the match “KPRF” and “Sinara”. Not only the special story of the confrontation between the teams, but also the concert of the famous blogger Eldar Dzharakhov helped to attract the public to the stands.

As it should be at a sporting event, the singer’s performance did not become the main news of the evening. “KPRF” and “Sinara” staged a real thriller match, in which the teams almost went to a penalty shootout. Yekaterinburg was the winner of such a dramatic game!

amazing start

The Super Cup began with the performance of Eldar Dzharakhov. The blogger sang on the floor, surrounded by dancers, quite actively flirting with the audience. Of course, it did not look as big as in big football, but still it turned out to be extremely cozy and incendiary. Something reminded me of the retinue of American sports movies of the early 2000s.

“You know that we treat the football match not only as a sporting event,” explained RFU General Secretary Maxim Mitrofanov. – It must be understood that the sport is now experiencing competition from the entire entertainment industry, fans want to spend time with interest, therefore it is necessary to constantly come up with a show program for them. If we look at how we carry out the Cup matches, the soccer Super Cup are already benchmarks to which the organizers of sports competitions can aspire. Here we are trying to do something similar. I hope the fans appreciate it positively.”

The meeting between “KPRF” and “Sinara” in the Russian Cup ended in a real scandal:

“Why are you making fun of us?” The final of the Russian Cup ended in a huge scandal

The fans obviously liked it. When “KPRF” and “Sinara” entered the venue, the audience was already well warmed up. And the teams were ready to shoot. The first dangerous moment “KPRF” created it already in the 25th second of the match. The first minutes the game was even, Muscovites and Yekaterinburg created double-edged chances. However, soon “Sinara” pressed the opponent to the goal. Strong pressure resulted in Yegor Ivanov’s goal in the fifth minute (0:1). Inspired by the scored goal, Yekaterinburg continued to attack, and so actively that in a couple of minutes he made three fouls.

In the ninth minute, “KPRF” took a timeout, after a short conversation, the team entered the field completely different. The Muscovites almost immediately created a dangerous moment, and then seized the initiative and pushed Sinara to the gate. The second half of the first half was completely under the dictate of the “KPRF”. The team created chances thanks to passes from Yanar Asadov and Andrey Zabolonkov, fouled and forced the opponent to make mistakes, but failed to score against Yekaterinburg. The problems with the implementation of the “KPRF” were really serious.

It seemed that the first half would end in favor of Sinara, but literally in the last seconds Sergei Orlov scored with a graceful volley (1:1).

“Sinara” beat “KPRF”

Photo: rfs.ru

Tough fight in the second half

“The match is very tense! It is seen that one team clearly dominates and attacks, while both KPRF and Sinara make a lot of fouls, Mitrofanov said during the break. – Even so, they play three-time and two-time champions. Sinara failed to take the Super Cup last season: they are an ambitious team, they definitely want it.

The teams have already met in the final of the Russian Cup: there was a difficult situation, the match ended with the victory of Sinara. I think they are the main rivals. The second part promises to be interesting.”

And the second part was even more interesting. Three minutes after the break, the teams alternately tried to cross each other, and then staged a rather tough fight for the ball in the middle. In the 24th minute of the match, “Sinara” made a dangerous attack and almost scored, “KPRF” saved the post. Almost immediately after this moment, Asadov and Demin had a serious quarrel, as a result, both received a yellow card.

“Sinara” continued to attack. In the 26th minute, Dmitry Putilov saved the KPRF from the goal, which twice reflected the ball flying into the goal. The Muscovites also tried to create moments, but they were not as accurate as the opponent’s. Bugs in the implementation caused increased tension between players. It is not surprising that in the 28th minute “KPRF” made three fouls.

Closer to the middle of the half, the Beso Zoidze team again seized the initiative, but Sinara did not even think to give up. A tight fight for the ball led to a yellow card from Sergei Sorokin in the 31st minute. In an attempt to stop the attack, he removed Asadov’s shorts. After a couple of minutes, the “yellow card” was received by the “KPRF” player Sergei Abramovich.

In the Portuguese championship, the teams played a very scoring game:

my God

“Woe to those who celebrate this!” The 60-0 win unleashes the futsal scandal

Muscovites pressed the opponent to the gate, but failed to break through again. The situation worsened when Arser Baghirov, who helped a lot in the attack, was injured. The footballer slipped on the ground and fell unsuccessfully, injuring his neck. He just came out of the room with a neck brace. Until the end of the match, Bagirov was under the supervision of ambulance doctors.

After the injury of their player, the “KPRF” continued to press without success. In the 37th minute, Beso Zoidze called another time-out, but this didn’t change the game much. At the end of main time, the scoreboard in the arena could not withstand the heat. The stopwatch read 17.59, the announcer had to periodically inform the public how much was left until the end of the game. In the remaining minutes the teams made a couple of dangerous attacks, but no one managed to score: 1:1.

“Sinara” beat “KPRF”

Photo: rfs.ru

true thriller

And if in regulation time there were almost no goals, in the special phases the teams played. From the first minutes it rained sharp moments. In the 41st minute, “KPRF” shot dangerously between the goalkeeper’s legs, but “Sinara” was saved by the post. And in the 42nd minute, Abramov shot from afar, and Ivanov accurately sent the ball into the goal (2-1 in favor of Yekaterinburg). The rest of the time the Muscovites tried to equalize the score, but to no avail. Maya received a yellow card in the final seconds.

The support from both teams was insane. A decent section of support for the “KPRF” gathered in a rather chamber room. A small group of people acted and charged no worse than the fans at a big football game. In Sinara, the fans were evenly distributed around the hall, so the shouts of support from Yekaterinburg residents were heard everywhere.

In futsal, Russians even participate in international tournaments:

“We managed to get the flag up.” The Russian club won the World Cup bronze by ignoring the sanctions

In the second overtime, the KPRF changed tactics and started playing on five fields, Asadov became the nominal goalkeeper. A long and exhausting pressure led to the result: Asadov scored a magnificent goal (2-2) and celebrated happily. Yanar jumped onto the LED panel, stood on it for a while, and then went up to the podium and celebrated with the KPRF fan section.

Having equalized the score, the Muscovites returned the goalkeeper to his place, but quickly failed after a goal by Maxim Gerasimov (2:3). Giving in, the “KPRF” again decided to play on five fields, but this time the tactic was unsuccessful. Sinara held out until the end of the special stages and won the first Russian Super Cup in its history!

“Sinara” beat “KPRF”

Photo: rfs.ru

“Emotions right now are just…kind of exploding!”

After the match, the losers were awarded silver medals, while the champions received gold medals along with a trophy. Then Dzharakhov stepped on the track again and sang several songs, including the famous “I’m in the Moment”. He looked very good, because the participants in the Eldar performance and the dancers were the Sinara players. Nearly three thousand fans were clearly satisfied.

In addition, the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg celebrated in a more intimate way. In the winning locker room they sprayed each other with champagne and then sang the traditional “The play is over.”

“The game was tense, but that’s how it should have been,” Sinara captain Sergei Abramov said. – Time was reduced, we played only two times of 20 minutes. The pressure was incredible! Or we pressed, then the “KPRF” pressed. Either we or they owned the initiative. I didn’t expect there would be so many goals. 1:1, 2:2 – was natural. When we were leading 2-1, I thought we would hold on and everything would be fine. But then they beat us, I thought: “That’s it. There will be a penalty shootout”, but then Gera gets into the top nine with his curveball (laughs). I was totally blown away! And the remaining minute had to endure with morale and determination, the team did. All well done! I’m just happy!

Emotions now are just… Sort of an explosion! (smile). I already want to go to the hotel, have dinner, drink some water… delicious… soda (laughs)”.

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The “KPRF” players, who had already lost the second final to “Sinara”, of course, did not have such a good time. Team captain Denis Burkov admitted that the Muscovites themselves were to blame for the defeat.

“It was difficult. Of course, an interesting game: there were moments, there were mistakes, you felt the tension. Although it was the first game of the season, there was a certain intensity: after all, the end. And, unfortunately, we made a mistake. Fatal mistake. We had our moments. Forget it: the game would have played out differently for us. But sadly, they didn’t score and were lost: we had to recover. The second time around they didn’t manage to recover. Today’s implementation moments let us down.

It was a fundamental rivalry: I wanted revenge. They all tried and fought. There were two fatal errors: with one they went out, recovered, and with the second it didn’t work. I really wanted to win, of course. Do you feel empty? No, more of a mess. Now there can be no devastation: life goes on, we will continue working; this is just the beginning of the season. Of course we were upset, but we went ahead and we will try to take revenge,” Burkov summed up.

Both Sinara and KPRF have a difficult season ahead of them. Perhaps at the next Super Bowl the teams will meet again and put on a great sporting extravaganza to the delight of the crowd.

Puck Henry
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