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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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“I won’t forget these 100 minutes as long as I’m alive.” Strong sensation at the Russian Rugby Championship

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 12:55:58

The outcome of the Russian rugby championship turned out to be very hot. In the final of the tournament, Lokomotiv-Penza and the holder Yenisei-STM faced each other. Krasnoyarsk was the favorite, as always, but the railwaymen created a deafening sensation – they fought back from 0:17 and won the national championship for the first time in history. “Heavy Machine” went without gold medals for the first time in six years. What a great fight!

Bronze of the championship of Russia – on Krasny Yar:

“Krasny Yar” in the 100th minute of the match snatched the bronze of the Russian Rugby Championship from “Strela”

Enisey can’t lose

In general, the fans are already used to the confrontation between the Krasnoyarsk and Penza clubs in the finals. In the decisive match, the teams met for the third time in a row. In the 2020/2021 season, after the results of two meetings, Enisey won with a score of 77:19 (48:6; 29:13), a year later he won even more – 66:7.

This time it also seemed that the advantage would be on the side of Krasnoyarsk. The team went for the seventh consecutive title and the 13th championship in history. Alexander Pervukhin’s wards were on the move – they won the regular season with a good margin and lost only three games in the last three years! Personal match statistics also spoke in favor of the “heavy tank”. Since 2018, the clubs have played 14 times: 12 wins for Yenisei-STM and two for Loko. A good advantage for the Krasnoyarsk team was the native walls in the final match.

Lokomotiv-Penza – Enisey-STM

Photo: vk.com/enisei_stm

It is true that he still lived a little intrigue. In the playoffs, the “heavy car” beat Krasny Yar (21:12) not without problems. Lokomotiv-Penza, on the way to the final, treated Strela a little more calmly (29:19).

The Krasnoyarsk team took the idea of ​​​​winning the final seriously.

“A team that is not expected to win but really wants it and is having a great season is always in a better psychological state,” Alexander Pervukhin explained to Rugger.info. – The season showed that Lokomotiv is ready to win. They have a good lineup, many leaders, a powerful coaching staff. The entry of the Penza team into the final is a serious achievement and a completely different springboard, in contrast to what it was before. The match this time will be completely different, the opponent will be different. But this does not predetermine the situation, and one should not think that the Yenisei-STM allows a situation in which it can lose.

Juicy and interesting interview with the Enisey coach:


“People are tired of football. And we have men’s wrestling. Interview with the rugby team coach

amazing comeback

Enisey immediately declared his championship ambitions. Already in the third minute, Konstantin Uzunov scored an essay, and Ramil Gaisin scored an implementation – 7:0. Soon the Krasnoyarsk team again broke into the in-goal field, but referee Alexei Lebedev, after consulting with the video referee, canceled the catch.

The “heavy machinery” continued to have the advantage and did not allow the opponent to do anything in attack. As a result, in the 27th minute, the Krasnoyarsk team was already leading with a score of 17:0: first Gaysin converted a free kick, then Nikita Churashov scored a try, and Ramil scored a conversion. On top of all this, the guests remained in the minority: in the 30th minute, Allen Stefan de Wit received a yellow card. Yenisei-STM continued to advance, but the Penza Lokomotiv defense became more active and did not allow the opponent to increase the lead.

It seemed that the “heavy machinery” would continue to “disassemble” the rival in the second half. However, Loko pulled himself together and turned the game around. In the 49th minute, the Penza team scored its first points (3:17) – Sergei Yanyushkin made a free kick.

Soon the Yenisei was outnumbered, Francois Esterhuizen received a yellow card. This played in Lokomotiv’s favor: Yanyushkin brought the ball into the end zone, and then he himself scored a difficult conversion, and the score became 10:17. And already in the 74th minute, the Penza squad managed to level the score (17:17) thanks to an attempt by Viktor Gresev and the execution of Yanyushkin.

The real drama occurred in the last minutes of regulation time of the game. “Heavy Machine” won a free kick, played by their main striker Gysin. It seemed that the surprising comeback of the railwaymen had been in vain, but Ramil unexpectedly missed the mark.

Lokomotiv-Penza – Enisey-STM

Photo: vk.com/enisei_stm

“At some point it had to happen”

The weather added intrigue at the end of the match. It started to rain heavily, which made it extremely difficult to play. But the rugby players fought hard.

In extra time, Gaisin corrected himself by scoring a penalty at the end of the first ten minutes (20:17). However, after the break, Yanyushkin scored three points and equalized the score (20:20). In the last minutes, Lokomotiv-Penza won a free kick, and Yanyushkin did not miss the opportunity to bring gold to the team (23:20). After being runner-up for many years, the club from Penza finally won the first title!

See how the decisive points were scored:


Video of the “golden” kick of the Lokomotiv rugby player Yanyushkin in the final of the PARI Russian Championship

“Hard match. Yenisei-STM was the reigning champion of Russia, and we perfectly understood where we were going, – said Lokomotiv head coach Alexander Yanyushkin. – The first half went well for Yenisei, and they probably could have scored more points. But during the break, we talked to the guys in the locker room. I was not the only one who spoke, many people spoke. We described our mistakes, found out what we were missing, what we need to focus on, and of course realized that we shouldn’t give up the initiative to such an extent. In the second half we went on the offensive and in overtime luck was on our side. So Lokomotiv is a champion! Thank you so much to each and every one of you guys. You made me grow as a coach. Guys, thank you from the bottom of my heart for these 100 minutes, which I will never forget while I’m alive. It will stay with me forever here in my heart. Thank you so much!”.

Lokomotiv enthusiastically rejoiced at the historic title:

Video: emotions of the Penza Lokomotiv rugbiers after winning the historic title

Enisey-STM head coach Alexander Pervukhin pointed to the opponent and emphasized that Lokomotiv-Penza deserved the championship.

“At some point, it must have happened. And so it happened. Although, of course, everything was, as they say, thin. We lost the advantage of the first half, which also should have been much greater. The second half… Of course, there were also objective reasons, for example, we did not have Lyosha Shcherban, in the second part of the match Karel du Pre was injured. However… Congratulations to today’s champions, they deserve it.

The result of the final proves once again the common truth that every winning streak ends sooner or later and all the favorites are defeated. Enisey this time could not stay on top, but the next season will be even more interesting, in which Krasnoyarsk will try to take revenge.

But the Russian Cup remains the property of the Yenisei:

Come on man! “Yenisei” in a beautiful fight won the final of the Russian Rugby Cup

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