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Monday, July 15, 2024
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If the MBA project did not exist, it would be worth inventing it. Results of the Moscow season.

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 04:36:20

In the VTB United League the playoffs began. Eight teams are fighting for the title, while six teams were unable to win it and ended the season early. One of these clubs is MBA Moscow, which last year participated in the postseason, but this year was one step away from getting into it. “Championship” summarizes the season of the capital team.


Photo: BC Lokomotiv-Kuban

This season was only the second for MBA in the United League, but it differs from the previous mainly in the results. The characters remained almost all the same. In the last championship, Vasily Karasev’s team broke into a new two-legged tournament and immediately placed itself in the top six, guaranteeing participation in the playoffs even after the first stage of the regular season. In the postseason, the Muscovites even won as a visitor in the first match of the series against Zenit, but then lost in three subsequent matches. But despite this, the debut season of the capital club in the VTB league could definitely be considered an advantage.

In the off-season, the core of the team remained, there were specific reinforcements in the person of, of course, the Russians: Vladislav Trushkin, Evgeniy Minchenko, Maxim Barashkov and Gleb Sheiko. MBA remains the only team in which there is no foreign player. The club’s main position is to play only with Russian players.

The season started average for MBA: five wins in 11 games. However, this was followed by 12 losses in 15 games, which made it clear that if the team made the playoffs this year, it would only be through the play-in. It is difficult to say whether the MBA has experienced the so-called “sophomore season syndrome”, when a team or a player has a good debut season, but then experiences a sharp decline in the following one. In fact, in this draw, the capital club immediately faced a whole series of injuries to its players and could not count on all of them in several games. However, last season there were injuries, although most of them occurred in the second phase, when the team was already guaranteed participation in the playoffs.

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At the same time, this season the team also did not deviate from its philosophy and fought in every game. When the squad was more or less healthy and complete, MBA chained a streak of 10 victories in the second phase, and in the decisive match for access to the play-in they beat their direct competitor and neighbor, Runa.

In the first play-in match, MBA beat Avtodor away from home and headed to Samara for the decisive match against the club of the same name. However, the match did not go so well for the Muscovites, although the chances of winning remained almost until the end of the match. The game started without problems, then during the third quarter MBA lost by 15 points and it seemed that everything could end there. However, Karasev’s players managed to recover, but they no longer had enough strength to finish. MBA is one step away from making the playoffs this season.

“We could have won today, but in the end the quality of the game let us down. We missed many free goals both from the perimeter and from under the basket, in addition to two key losses; It probably would have been a shame to win with such defeats and failures,” Vasili Karasev said after the match.


Photo: PBC MBA

The MBA is a very nice project that, if it did not exist, would definitely have to be invented. Some people criticize the team for its stance on foreign players, and maybe that’s even true. But in any case, the club offers Russian players, including young ones, the opportunity to perform at the highest level.

One of the team leaders, 25-year-old Daniil Kasatkin, noted that the good thing about the club and coach Karasev is that in the MBA you can make three or four mistakes, sit on the bench, but then appear again on the court. a few minutes later. One of the main advantages of this organization is the number of opportunities offered and the sense of the coach.

And it’s really hard to argue with that. Young players don’t have many options to guarantee playing time. The same goes for veterans who extend their basketball careers in the MBA. In fact, Vladislav Trushkin experienced his second youth in the second stage of the regular season. Over the course of two seasons, MBA has established itself as a cool, combat-ready team that definitely has a future. Maybe one day the club will take a step forward and still start attracting foreign players, it certainly won’t hurt them, but even if this doesn’t happen, the MBA will definitely not get worse.

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