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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Igor Larionov: We will not tie the hands of the players

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 10:03:15

“The series is not easy, there is homework to do,” says Igor Larionov, “We need to find the keys to Dynamo’s viscous defense. We knew that if Dynamo were allowed to score first, they would be met with disciplined play from the team. We asked the guys to start aggressively to go with the trump cards, but it didn’t work. There were moments, but not enough to win.

– Today, the goals were caused by errors that are a consequence of your team’s style of play. After all, it is impossible to always leave the area clean…

— We don’t know how to throw the puck into the area, as some teams do. Therefore, we will not leave the game we profess. Mistakes happen, they cost more in the playoffs, but we are not going to tie the hands of the players. The worst thing for a player is to receive criticism for a mistake. The playoffs are when the guys gain experience. The psychological part is important, do not go deep internally. It is necessary for the team to be mentally prepared to enter the 4th game as if it were starting from scratch.

– When will Kruchinin return to the team?

– We have been playing for a long time without Kruchinin. He is the center forward, this is a loss for us. Alexey started skating, but only on the second day. We still have time to give him a chance to make a full recovery.

– Many fans came from Nizhny to support you today…

“That’s why we play. Great incentive for children. People came and spent money to support them.

– Farm club “Torpedo”, Penza “Diesel” completed the performance. Will you attract players from there?

– I spoke in the morning with coach Diesel. Most likely, Kirill Urakov will join us.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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