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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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“I’m tired, I’m leaving.” Spalletti made Napoli champion and made millions of fans fall in love

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 19:36:47

Neapolitan robbery

After an abstract period at Inter, the specialist, lost in Italy, decided to lead Napoli. Of course, a club with a great history and no less great traditions is an ideal option for specialists of the Luciano type, an intelligent fighter.

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Let’s go back to the team. At the time of the appointment, he was far from in the best position. The times in which Gonzalo Higuaín and company took out the Neapolitans are long gone, and if we talk about the championship, it was a long time ago. So much so that its main creator, Diego Maradona, did not live to see the coveted trophy.

Napoli failed to qualify for the Champions League for two seasons in a row, prompting Aurelio de Laurentiis to take a risky step and invite Spalletti. Risky? Definitely.

The fans opposed the decision of the permanent leader. One only had to announce the appointment of Spalletti, since all of Napoli became hostile towards the coach. Numerous banners, insults, almost protests throughout the city. People did not want to see a specialist, and the Italian’s stolen Fiat became the icing on the cake. But here it is much more interesting: the ultras promised to return the car in the event of the coach’s resignation. This did not happen, and as it turned out, for the better.

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Championship warm up

Taking with him Matteo Politano from Inter, the specialist almost immediately undertook a large-scale restructuring. However, as in the spirit of any thriller, the first season was somewhat ambiguous. If everything is clear with the European competitions, then in Serie A everything turned out to be much more fun. Looking ahead, it can be noted that third place in 2022 is a surprising result. Finishing above Juventus is always a pleasure, and losing to Inter and Milan is never embarrassing. That season was dictated by the Milan teams, and their level was really unattainable.

What do we end up with? Third place, the first glimpses of Osimhen scoring fourteen goals and the new style of Napoli. The team was getting prettier before our eyes, but there was a clear understanding that something was clearly missing. However, the minimal task is complete, you can continue.

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Give me offensive creativity and I’ll bring you the championship

It was about strengthening the line of attack that Spalletti spoke about at the beginning of his first season, and at the end of it came the time for drastic changes.

Funds from the lordly shoulder of Aurelio de Laurentiis were allocated for strengthening, and the sale of Lorenzo Insigne and Kalidou Koulibaly allowed them to roam in great style. By the way, the Chelsea bosses should learn from Napoli how to conduct a competent transfer policy.

To replace Koulibaly, Kim Min-jae was bought from Fenerbahce and Frank Anguiss was invited into midfield. Well, how not to mention the “Quaradonna”. Luciano was very creative in attack, although at first many did not understand the point of buying a winger. But it turned out that only Luciano understood what he was doing.

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The result was immediate. You yourself know everything – the question of the championship was already removed closer to the middle of the season. External circumstances also played a certain role: Juventus tests, the uncertain game of Milan and Inter, but does anyone care? Rejoice, Naples!

It’s hard to remember the period when Napoli was considered a serious contender for the Champions League trophy. The team was in frenetic form and was perceived as a direct competitor to Manchester City and Real Madrid. However, only Pioli’s magic was able to stop the “blue car”.

Khvicha turned out to be exactly the one that was so necessary for Osimhen to reveal his full power. As a result, a perfect example of Spalletti’s game. Osimkhen – 26 goals, Kvaratskhelia – 10 assists. Both are the best in terms of performance.

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Aesthetic pleasure is a phrase that will replace all the game statistics of the Neapolitan team. The template, balanced in all lines, positioned itself as a single mechanism throughout the season.

Walk, Naples!

Despite the importance of the causes, it is much more interesting to observe the consequences. A few days before the end of the game against Udinese, the Neapolitans won the championship. Immediately after the final whistle, the Dacia Arena was packed with fans, and as for Naples itself, the city was painted in unusual colors of red and pink. The fireworks were seen and heard everywhere, and it seemed that the whole town took to the streets, because then only those who do not know of the existence of a sport like soccer could not celebrate such a significant success.

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The festivities continued for a long time. It was a moment of such joy that even the local police realized the futility of their work that night. After all, this is not just the success of an individual team, Napoli is the city. If only Maradona could see it…

By the way, the fans of the Neapolitans still forgave Luciano Spalletti and admitted that they were wrong, and even apologized to him personally, however, in a very peculiar way. Do you remember the story of the stolen Fiat? The fans returned the steering wheel and wheels of that car to him. Quite symbolic. Was it a hint that Spalletti needed to win a few more championships? It’s not nice.

Good things come in small packages

Leaving after winning Serie A is quite a rare event in football. It looks especially strange in this situation. The real sensation was the announcement that the Italian would be leaving the team after such a successful season.

“Sometimes you part because of too much love. Napoli deserve better and I’m not ready for that,” Spalletti said.

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Such actions are characteristic of a specialist. As they say, “if you love, let it go.” Or did Spalletti lose motivation, or perhaps he didn’t believe in his ability to develop success? In general, is this really the reason?

As many experts note, the main reason is a fight with the scandalous Aurelio de Laurentiis, who could easily compete with Bowley in his team management methods. If this is true, hardly anyone will be surprised. You can guess the reasons indefinitely, but the fact is that Spalletti “pulls” this not for the first time. So, do not delve into the thoughts and desires of a true creator.

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But still, it is worth recognizing that such a stormy holiday, which lasted the whole season, really requires rest at the end. So, we can safely assume that Spalletti can clearly return after a while, but for now let’s not talk about sad things. Now is the perfect time for joy and unbridled celebration.

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