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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Impressions of the new “Transformers”: a blockbuster at the level of “Avengers”

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:26:18

I didn’t expect anything good from Rise of the Beastbots. The last parts of “Transformers” were weak, and the new one did not particularly attract.

At first, the film really looks dubious, but gradually the authors warm up and entertain very well. Of course, the Autobots’ story is right up there with Guardians of the Galaxy 3, but other recent superheroes get overlooked for several targets. If you are looking for a spectacular blockbuster, you will definitely enjoy watching it. True, be prepared for nonsense and a dubious scenario.

The video is available on Dmitry Cherevatenko’s YouTube channel. Video rights belong to Paramount.

Local Thanos

“Rise of the Beastbots” is the beginning of a trilogy dedicated to the battle with Unicron, an evil robot the size of a planet. An epic villain of the Thanos level is clearly blinded by him, but in the first part of the viewer they are only preparing for the main battle.

While Unicron searches for an artifact that will give him power over all worlds. The search is headed by the right hand of him Skurge – it is with him that the Autobots and Maximals (robots in the form of animals) fight throughout the film.

mighty robot beast

Photo: Paramount

The story is banal and only justifies the movement of heroes around the world. Take at least the human heroes who are mediocrely introduced into the plot. The first, in a moment of general alarm, kidnapped an Autobot. Is this really a good reason to include him in the team and take him everywhere? According to the writers, yes. The second heroine is an archaeologist, without whom an important artifact cannot be found. It is unclear how her intelligence and professionalism replace the incredible technology of the machines.

The Autobots generally behave stupidly and cruelly. For example, at the beginning of the movie, Mirage walks away from the cops and lures them into death traps. Due to his carelessness, the lawmen get hit by a truck and crash into the fences. It is unlikely that they survived, but the cheerful Autobot doesn’t care.

Also, the writers build a story on clichés, downplay tragedies, and write exceptionally stupid dialogue. “Did you want to fight? There will be a fight for you,” the irons communicate with such phrases throughout the film.

The human characters are clearly superfluous.

Photo: Paramount

Although there are interesting moments in the plot. For example, the robot plane makes you laugh, your favorite characters sometimes take a heavy hit, and at the end, sensitive viewers will shed a tear.

Just don’t expect impressive drama and forgive all the nonsense in advance. And do not forget that the screen is just a plot, where the authors lay the foundation for a large-scale crossover with the Hasbro heroes. Then a weak story will not spoil the mood. And anyway, who watches “Transformers” for story’s sake?

The transformers are beautifully drawn and the action is captivating.

In the plot, the authors try to tell a story: they reveal the conflict, introduce the characters, name the villains. All this happens in 40 minutes. At this point, Rise of the Beastbots seems like the perfect sleeping pill.

Fortunately, the first big action scene comes along, and it’s a very good one. The heroes use cool abilities, the villains amaze with their power, the effects are juicy, and by the time the cars turn into robots, you want to clap your hands. Painfully beautiful and detailed showed the process.

beautiful and brutal fight

Photo: Paramount

But the most epic battles are yet to come. How much is the final battle worth: It lasts 30 minutes and its scope resembles a confrontation with the Chitauri from the first Avengers. There is an army of small robots and a couple of powerful reptiles in the arena, and the heroes are few in number, but very strong.

In the end, the directors and graphics specialists did their best. The characters move beautifully and come together for eye-catching combinations, the effects are almost always convincing, and the cameramen decide to shoot in one take a couple of times. Of course, the long shots are not as good as in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy, but thanks to the authors for their efforts.

At the same time, there is even room for drama in combat. Be prepared that not all pets will live to the end. In a normal moment, self-sacrifice wouldn’t be catchy, but during a big battle and with good music, it works.

Cars and robots are cool.

Photo: Paramount

There is nothing incredible in the action – an intelligent viewer has seen more interesting and beautiful battles more than once. The secret is that the authors, although they did not make a revolution, sincerely tried to make the fights exciting. Perhaps they weren’t slick enough for a coherent plot, but there are no complaints about the action. Before Us is definitely one of the most spectacular movies of 2023.

Worth seeing?

“Rise of the Beastbots” confirms James Gunn’s words that the audience is tired not of superheroes, but of meaningless fights. In the new Transformers, the battles are spectacular and beautiful, so they’re great for entertaining. If you endure the tedious 40-minute plot and forgive the stupid story, you will have a lot of fun in the robot battle.


The graphics and staging make the action exciting. There are a couple of good jokes and some good dramatic moments. All the robots look great. The upcoming conflict with Unicron is encouraging.

I dont like him

Stupid plot and stupid dialogue All human characters are boring 40 minute long start.

The film is not officially showing in Russia, but theaters will start showing it from June 16.

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