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In rhythmic gymnastics – the main battle of the year. Can the Russians still win gold?

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 05:28:28

The confrontation has been waiting for a whole year!

Fans of rhythmic gymnastics have been waiting for more than a year for the battle that will break out at the II CIS Games in Minsk between the leaders of the national teams of Russia and Belarus. After our countries lost the right to compete in international competitions, it became clear that world stars would not compete with our athletes. However, the elimination of the two strongest schools gave hope that instead of world tournaments we would periodically observe the confrontation between the leaders of Russia and Belarus.

But surprisingly, the starts, where the stars of the two teams participate, are a rarity. The last fight of this type was a year ago. In May 2022, Alina Gornosko won the main medal in the individual all-around against Lala Kramarenko, Dina and Arina Averin in Dubai. Alina also had three wins in separate events. True, the ribbon points were checked, and after the end of the tournament, she awarded gold in the final with a ribbon to Lala Kramarenko.

Why the judges gave the gold to the Russian woman:

Unexpected gold from Russia in rhythmic gymnastics: the judges decided to review the marks

Later, in July, a tournament was held in Minsk, and there Alina again won against the leaders of the Russian team in the individual all-around event. It is true that Dina Averina was injured during the test, but Kramarenko was in good shape.

And after that, the leaders of the teams did not meet again. Some acted, then others. The leading athletes from Belarus were not taken to the tournaments in Russia, where the leaders of our team performed, and the best gymnasts in Russia were not sent to the tournaments in Minsk. With what it is connected, one can only guess.

And the Averins?

The fact is that after the introduction of FIG restrictions, the Averina sisters noticeably slowed down and paid more attention to health and master classes. Alina Gornosko continued to perform where she could and won medals with almost no competition. Dina and Arina could also be seen at tournaments, there were also successful performances, but one or the other was filmed or not presented in full format, explaining this by unhealed wounds. Only one of the sisters, Arina, will come to Minsk for the CIS Games.

During the period of unrest, Lala Kramarenko became the undisputed leader and the main star of the Russian national team. But the year was not easy for her either.

Lala Kramarenko

Photo: Daria Kuzovleva, Championship

Lala’s father said that after a series of weekly tournaments and concerts at one of the openings, Lala was performing on painkillers, as she was diagnosed with a bruise on her lumbar bone. After that, Kramarenko missed several big starts. And the public saw her return recently at the Summer Cup, which was held in the format of the control training of the national team and selection for the tournament in Belarus, where her gap with her teammates turned out to be decent. . It seems that Lala has tightened her way and in Minsk she plans to finally take revenge on Alina Gornosko.

A new face in the Russian team

The third gymnast of the Russian team will be Anna Popova.

After Dina and Arina began to appear less and less on the platform, other athletes had more opportunities. Until now, not much is said about Anna, but those who closely follow the world of gymnastics know that Anya, still very young, came to Novogorsk under the wing of the best coaches and grew up with the stars. She calls the Averin sisters idols, and in some tournaments she has already managed to get around them. As the saying goes, the oak grew among the oaks.

He was ahead of Popov and Lala Kramarenko. For example, at the Russian Championships in February 2023, she won a gold medal in the main all-around discipline. True, it is still not clear how exactly this happened, given that in Russia there are separate rules for rhythmic gymnastics. It seems that Anna competed in the Czech Republic according to the rules of the Russian Federation and Lala – according to the international rules of FIG. But be that as it may, the result is approved. At the CIS Games in Minsk, by the way, all gymnasts will perform according to international rules, so there should be no confusion.

How do Russian standards differ from international ones?

The Russian gymnasts in the Spartakiad were ahead of the world champion on points. Were they honest?

All the leaders are online.

So what awaits us in Minsk? Why can’t you miss this tournament?

For three days, from August 4 to 6, gymnasts will compete in two tournaments: the II Games of the CIS countries and the Crystal Rose International Tournament. Almost all the strongest gymnasts from Russia and Belarus will perform, except for Anastasia Salos, who is recovering from injury, and Dina Averina, who did not announce her withdrawal or the reasons for her absence from the tournament, but recently posted photos. and videos of her vacations.

At the CIS Games, we will see Lala Kramarenko, who will perform in four events, Anna Popova in three events, and Arina Averina in one event. Belarus will be represented by Alina Gornosko and the young star Elizaveta Zorkina. Both girls will perform four exercises. Each team must present eight exercises to compete for the team championship medal, and according to their results, they will also qualify for the individual event finals. The individual general medal will be determined by three exercises, not four.

Arina Averina

Photo: Daria Kuzovleva, Championship

Who is stronger, the Russians or the Belarusians?

Despite the fact that only Kramarenko will appear among the leaders of the Russian national team with four events, we can only compare her with the Belarusian gymnasts in the Olympic team, but the fight for medals in certain types should be interesting. Since the girls performed in different countries and received different ratings, now it is not clear who has at what level the complexity of the programs relative to each other. If in world gymnastics we see athletes a couple of times a month, then here the latest comparative data is about a year old, which is a great time for rhythmic gymnastics.

For example: Arina Averina at the Summer Cup for the exercise with a hoop received a score of 38 points, which seems simply incredible for a performance according to FIG rules. Alina Gornosko received a little more than 36 points at the international tournament, which is perceived more as a home tournament, where points are usually not spared. Comparing such scores from different tournaments is a thankless task. It is better to wait for the same judges to evaluate and place the gymnasts in the same tournament.

Well, in addition to the sports component, the gymnasts will delight the public with their beautiful programs, new leotards and interesting finds. So for all sports fans, a must see!

And where, by the way, is the champion of the Tokyo Olympics now?

“What happened to her? Where is that champion? How has the gymnast who defeated the Averins changed?

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