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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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In Russia, a fake fighter was submitted for an MMA tournament. Only the judge saved the guy’s life

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 02:02:42

Thrash talk is an important component of modern martial arts. Lively conflicts between rivals always attract the attention of the audience, however, in this regard, it is important that athletes and organizers do not cross the line. Especially when it comes to ethnic differences…

The clash between the Armenian and Turkish fighters at the Russian MMA tournament almost ended in tragedy.

“I’m going for the Armenian head”

The Samara GFC 18 (Gorilla Fighting Championship) tournament went beyond the scope of a local competition, but not because of the high level of skill of the athletes. The fight evening acquired the status of a scandal due to the duel between Rafael Abrahamyan and Batukhan Akduman. The fierce thrash talk caused bewilderment among the public. The Turkish fighter parasitized on the issue of the historical conflict between the two peoples and stated on social networks that he would go to Russia “for the Armenian chief”. In response, Abrahamyan promised to strangle his opponent.

And so it happened. Already in the first round, Abrahamyan knocked the opponent to the ground and brought the Turk to a chokehold, but clearly overstepped. He held his opponent in a vise for much longer than necessary: ​​the referee barely managed to stop the match. Akduman came to his senses, but if he had not followed an immediate reaction, the Turkish fighter could have been killed on the spot.

Gorilla Fighting Championship

The recording of the fight was widely distributed on the Internet and reached international audiences. Social media users were shocked by what they saw. People from all over the world wrote angry comments calling for the Armenian to be removed from martial arts, calling him a “psychopath” and a “bastard” along the way.

The situation got so far that Abrahamyan had to explain himself about his actions in the Octagon:

– Honestly, I did not hear, I did not see, I did not feel anything at all. It was my mistake, so I went over there and apologized, both to the ref and to the opponent. The opponent accepted my apology. I couldn’t control myself at that moment. He didn’t call me. In the repetition, I see how the judge has something on my back… But I didn’t understand whose hand it was. I have nothing personal with my opponent, – Abrahamyan told Match TV.

fake fighter

Soon, however, the story took an unexpected turn. A Turk made a call on social media, who said … that he did not come out to fight Abrahamyan. If you compare photos of a real wrestler and one who wrestled, you can clearly see the difference. Batukhan decided to investigate the incident independently and turned to journalists, the head of the Russian Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation, and then Abrahamyan himself.

Samara Region MMA Federation

– Through the organizers of the fight in Samara, I contacted the trainers of this athlete and asked for his passport. After 8 hours they sent a copy, which they obviously corrected, with the code U24TUR. I learned that this is the code of Turkmenistan. They used my name and my career, and they put a 20-year-old Turkmen against Abrahamyan. They fought in weight up to 65 kg, but in my career I have never competed in the weight category below 70 kg, Sports.ru quotes the Turk.

Batukhan accused the organizers and Abrahamyan of using his name to promote the promotion and suggested that the Armenian meet in person on December 15, 2019. Rafael did not decline the challenge, but in the end the duel did not take place.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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