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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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“In the locker room I told the Russian team players the whole truth.” Karpin’s powerful words after Qatar

Date: September 26, 2023 Time: 09:45:16

The Russian national team drew with Qatar: they started cheerfully, but then something broke: either the players were tired or they lost concentration. I have two feelings about this match: on the one hand, it is a friendly match, it doesn’t mean much, but on the other hand, we don’t have other matches now, so every match is still important.

The results of the match (and the training camp) were summed up by the team’s coach Valery Karpin.

“I liked the first 20-25 minutes of the game; This is what, in principle, I would like the national team to do,” he began. – But only for not 25 minutes, but 70-80.

– What happened after? – We need to figure it out. Either our strength or our concentration leaves us.

—The players said that you had a sincere conversation with them. What happened, if not a secret? — I told them the whole truth to their faces.

-What is this truth? — This information is valid for soccer players.

— Sergei Volkov told us that it was very difficult to play physically. – Here is the answer to what I told the players. Volkov answered everything for you. This is a footballer who plays in Krasnodar. The team that is in first place. Did he say that here, with Qatar, the intensity is different than in the Russian Championship? OK, it’s all over.

The details of the match are in our review.

20 minutes of normal football were enough for the Russian team. We barely escaped in the match against Qatar!

– You are not sad? – Sad. So what to do?

– Work. — Work, and work mainly with clubs. Footballers come here from clubs. And then it turns out that the intensity with Qatar is greater than with Zenit. I did not say that.

– Do you agree with him? – By 500%.

In the game Sergei Volkov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

— Can you name the players whose actions you liked today? — I don’t want to point fingers at anyone. It is clear that some liked it more and others less. I wouldn’t like to highlight it separately.

– Now we can summarize the results of the training camp. What can you say? – The result of the training camp is this: the guys worked hard, tried, some better, some worse, to do what they were supposed to do. Unfortunately, only for 20 minutes. But they showed that they can play like that.

– Does Golovin, who plays for a European club, stand out from the rest? – Yes. For all components. He stands out.

Alejandro Golovin (right)

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

– If tomorrow we returned to qualifying for the Euro Cup, what could this team claim? – She would have gone out. What more could she claim? No fly? Of course, to qualify for the European Championship or the World Championship. It was the last selection.

“But now there is a different team.” -Who is the other one on the team? Who is absent? Alexey Miranchuk was not in the last games. Diveev and Osipenko were not there either. And? The same team, without two or three players, finished second a year and a half or two ago.

“In two years, the condition and situation have changed. – It is empty. But the motivation would be different.

— If we say that the performance of the Russian national team is a reflection of the level of the RPL, then in the last two years the level of the championship has fallen? “You don’t even need to watch the national team matches to do this. I think everyone has already said it. The level of the championship has fallen.

– Which is the reason? —Strong footballers are leaving.

Valery Karpin

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

— Is it difficult for you to find motivation for this type of match? – No. I have both the motivation and interest to see what players can and cannot do in the current state for various reasons.

—Does the national team have motivation problems for friendly matches? – She is also present. This is not the main problem, but, of course, it exists. Let’s do this: If it was an official match, we wouldn’t have replaced Jikiya. Well, for example.

—What do you need to do as a coach so that the players fight for the national team? – They fought. If they hadn’t fought, they wouldn’t have evened the score.

– But the result is not satisfactory. – Good. AND?

—What should you do as a coach in a situation like this? — As you said, motivate, if you need to motivate the players to play for the national team.

— Are there other players who don’t need to be motivated? – Name them. You always ask: “Why did they call up this footballer?” But you don’t mention who I should have called.

– Well, Sergeev, for example. – In the next match Sergeev will come out and play the same way as Chalov and Sobolev did today. What do you say then?

— Do you have any ideas about the October poster? Maybe Zakharyan will come? – We’ll see. If they play and don’t get injured, maybe they will come.

— Is it possible to criticize the national team now or should we understand that we are working for the future? – Of course he can. What else can you do?

— Humble yourself and hope that we are preparing for the future.– We talked about this anyway. What is the point? This has been said a million times. Will what I say change anything? 100% no.

— Don’t you want to give advice on leaving the RPL to everyone who has the slightest opportunity? – I have already given it 586 thousand times. And? He who can leave, let him leave. I say it again.

“Then our league will become even weaker.” – But those 20 people who will play in Europe will become stronger. How it works in Croatia.

— Are you tired during these 10 days? — It took me a year and a half to get used to flying. Good. I can’t get enough of them. If I had to travel another six hours by bus in one direction and then eight in the other, I would probably be tired. It’s a great moment right now. We flew to Egypt and arrived in Suez in just two hours. In fact, we flew here directly to the hotel. Fairy tale!

—How are you experiencing September emotionally? Both in the national team and in Rostov not everything is so easy. – Good. Generally.

— Glebov said that you became more nervous. – Naturally. I wish I hadn’t been nervous.

– How to be less nervous? Can you give me some advice? —I smoke, for example. Will this answer suit you?

Controversial opinion on the match with Qatar

I don’t care about the results of the Russian team. The meaning of the matches is different now.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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