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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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“In the RPL, this is considered a serious mistake.” Referee almost ruined Alania’s first win of the season

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 00:40:25

“In the RPL, this is considered a serious mistake.” Referee almost ruined Alania’s first win of the season

Dmitry Zimin July 24, 2023, 21:46 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

There were two eliminations in the match against Neftekhimik.

In the middle of the second half against Neftekhimik, Alania believed too much in her own superiority. Playing in the majority, Oleg Vasilenko’s team bored their fans in the stands. A typical attack is an endless transfer of the ball from one flank to the other. But all this is 35 meters from the door. Yes, the opponent played hard on defense, but this is not a reason to completely forget about blows. It seemed that Alania was completely satisfied with the one goal advantage. But then there was a moment that could change everything.

Alania could not afford to lose points

For “Alania” this is the first match in the conditionally local arena. The Vladikavkaz stadium is under reconstruction, so the team plays in Grozny at the Akhmat-Arena. Naturally, this affects attendance, despite the fact that it takes one and a half to two hours to get from one city to another. But on a weekday, there weren’t many people who wanted to. Therefore, according to the image, the stadium was 95% completely empty. It’s not a homey environment at all. But this did not stop Vladikavkaz from withdrawing from his aggressive style.

In the first round, “Alania” was better than the opponent, but “Chernomorets” did not deservedly save the tie. It turns out that one of the candidates to enter the RPL lost points at the beginning of the championship. In the 2nd, this was already impossible to afford. That is why Gurtsiev was able to open an account already in the third minute. Dangerous corner kick, rebound and powerful shot from long distance. But Golubev dragged on – in general, the goalkeeper from Neftekhimik became the MVP of the first half.

Alania – Neftekhimik – 1:0

Photo: vk.com/fcalania

It is interesting that the guests could score immediately after, but Soldatenko had already joined the game, who did not repel the strongest corner kick, but very accurately. Such a start caused thoughts about a bright and open game. What’s more, in the 12th minute Gurtsiev himself found it more difficult not to score than to score. But miraculously, at point blank range, he hit the goalie in the leg. “Neftekhimik” gradually locked himself in the penalty area. It seemed that the goal was only a matter of time. But again and again everything went wrong.

How Vladikavkaz played in the first round:

“Chernomorets” after 12 years playing in the First League! Zyryanov and Alania’s team put on a show

In the 25th minute the first important episode happened. The guests of the Opornik Morozov sharply flew nails into the opponent’s knee. Referee Frolov first showed a yellow card, but then, after consulting with the full-back, he changed his mind and issued a red card. Here’s a gift. It looked like they needed to be used. “Alania” returned to the attack, created a couple of chances, but some kind of terrible bad luck in execution. The ball passed over and over again next to the post.

Goal at the end of time and the controversial decision of the referee

The goal was scored only in the 45th minute. And then, after a not-so-obvious moment, Mashukov received the ball in the penalty area, coolly handled it and shot it quickly, rebounding into the top nine.

The video can be viewed on the MELBET – First League page on VKontakte. The rights of the video belong to APFC “Football National League”.

In the second half, Alania was expected to continue dismounting the rival. And confidently increase the advantage. But instead, the Vladikavkaz team lazily rolled the ball into midfield. There was a feeling that they did not need a second goal at all. Everything suited everyone.

However, the moment in the 68th minute could change everything. Giorgobiani collapsed on the penalty line following a contract with a rival. From the outside, everything looked like a clear attack. Frolov was expected to score a penalty or a dangerous free kick. But instead, he showed the yellow player from Vladikavkaz for the simulation, which became his second. Consequently, the teams spent the last 22 minutes of regulation time in equal numbers.

Igor Fedotov

football referee

“The first moment with a red card would have been an unsatisfactory qualification in the RPL. I will say this, the evaluation of refereeing in the RPL and in the First and Second Leagues differ, referees are evaluated according to different criteria. In the RPL, this is considered a serious mistake: Frolov first showed a yellow card, then walked and wandered, saw blood and, having no VAR, showed a red card. An intelligent judge would have waited, seen the blood and immediately shown red, no yellow. And Frolov only then changed his mind. As for the elimination for the simulation, Frolov’s position is good, but the replays are bad, from behind: it was not clear if there was an attack or not, the fall was a picture. The main thing: in the First League and the Second League the referees are evaluated differently, and there is a conflict of interest with the RPL. If I were Majic I would wonder why this is happening, everyone should live up to the department head’s recommendations. And now it will happen that in the RPL they would give a bad grade for this, and in the First and Second League they would chew it.

Do you think Neftekhimik woke up? Unfortunately not. Half an hour of playing with ten men had apparently exhausted them too much. Therefore, in equal compositions, they continued to play second number and in the remaining time they did not make a single dangerous attack. Alania, on the other hand, got ahead well at times, but, as in the first part, she wasted all the dangerous approaches.

However, the main thing is the victory, the first of the season. Even if it turned out to be clearly not in the style that Vasilenko expected.

Yesterday’s tournament was fun too!

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