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Monday, March 4, 2024
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In “Vanguard” – again a change of era. The head of the club leaves at the most inopportune moment

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 01:28:08

In “Vanguard” – again a change of era. The head of the club leaves at the most inopportune moment

May 25, 2023 16:15 UTC Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Alexander Krylov changed the “falcons” beyond recognition, but leaves them as he took them.

Revolutionary changes at Avangard continue. After an open conflict with a young star, the loss of several leaders and the appointment of coach Anton Kuryanov to the post of general director, the top floor of the Omsk hockey government is being transformed. Alexander Krylov says goodbye to the club and leaves the post of chairman of the board of directors.

What did Krylov achieve at Avangard? From a sports point of view, the now former head of Omsk conquered the main top, creating a team that managed to win the Gagarin Cup. For the “hawks”, who had not previously won for a long 17 years, this success turned out to be completely different from, say, for the current CSKA – the team was built quickly, in some places spontaneously, and there was no fall. of routine in his triumph.

Krylov himself, in his farewell letter, expresses pride primarily for the achievements that have remained on the periphery of everyone’s attention: the construction of the hockey academy and the development of a massive children’s and youth sector in Omsk, as well as such as the construction of a vertical with the lower links in the form of a youth team and a VHL team.

Krylov’s farewell letter:

Alexander Krylov resigned as Chairman of Avangard’s board of directors

Two other important victories for Krylov are two moves from the main Avangard. It was under his leadership that the club was able to quickly evacuate from their hometown as soon as possible, and then return home to a new stadium – the best, according to many reviews, in the KHL.

Of course, Krylov had powerful financial capabilities, but without his organizational skills, a large-scale relocation would hardly have become a real event. In an exceptionally stressful situation, Krylov established an effective management strategy: it would not be an exaggeration to say that both fans and hockey players enjoyed the fruits of the labor that the club did in Balashikha and Omsk.

He took over the organization at a difficult time from leaders unpopular with the people, and as a public relations strongman, he quickly got them talking a lot about Avangard and a lot of good things. The positioning of the club on the hockey map has changed for the better – internal scandals have died down.

The collapse of the arena, the defeat in the final, the championship, the construction of a new arena, the epic return home – these are just the main events that have happened to Avangard in the last five years. Behind its size, the alarm signals that sounded from the Omsk club all this time were lost. Krylov did not get along first with one general manager (Sushinsky), then with another (Volkov), and, judging by his statements, he concentrated in his hands excessively great influence on all club processes.

Maxim Sushinsky and Alexander Krylov

Photo: HC Avangard, foto.khl.ru

Now Krylov is gone, but his lust for sole control will likely hamper Avangard’s future. When everything is tied to one person, then there is no system, and when there is no system, any twist of fate brings with it colossal uncertainty.

Krylov did not leave either a control scheme or a changer. In a letter, the former boss transfers this role to Anton Kuryanov, although a month and a half ago he was only a coach. Kuryanov’s administrative skills, with all due respect to him, are still unknown. Moreover, it is absolutely incomprehensible what such a “transition” would look like from a purely technical point of view. The club’s sponsor has always disappointed the Avangard viceroy of his organization, and the former hockey player doesn’t fit that logic at all.

It’s hard for a leader to find a more inopportune moment to leave. Avangard fails the selection: the main features of the future lineup are not yet visible; communication with one of the Kakhael’s most influential agents was broken, negotiations with Bob Hartley, and the search for another American trainer were unsuccessful.

However, they decided on the coach at Avangard:

Hartley didn’t wait. Avangard did not change the coach: this is logical and risky

Perhaps all of the above led Krylov to resign. Does an ambitious and relatively young leader understand the depth of the fall his project has resulted in and want to walk away from it until a new bottom is broken and the memory of past victories is fresh?

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What should Avangard do now with all this legacy? It is incredibly difficult to answer as long as there is no clarity on who is in charge in the mysterious kingdom of Omsk. The same Sushinsky could strengthen the sports block, a player no less important in the history of Avangard than Kuryanov, and a more authoritative manager. But nothing can be predicted. In Krylov’s departure, you can even see something more global than the usual personnel reorganization. If the Omsk fans doubt whether their sponsor needs their club in the status of the greats, they can be understood.

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