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Interesting facts about Alexander Nevsky: meme hero, friend of Schwarzenegger and movie legend

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Alexander Nevsky became a true legend during his lifetime, and it’s hard to argue with that. Many people know the actor, producer, director and screenwriter. Nevsky was famous not only for his professional skills, but also for his positive attitude to life, which goes well with humor.

For most, Nevsky has gone from being a wry figure to a true motivator who enjoys life and helps others do the same. He literally has a huge fan base that is only growing.

Alexander’s life is full of interesting moments, and some events are truly amazing. In our material, we have collected the 15 most interesting facts about Nevsky.

Nevsky with black polo shirt

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky is a good friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Despite the fact that many still doubt the veracity of this, and Nevsky is called a liar, the fact remains. Yes, Alexander Nevsky is indeed a great friend of the legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The actors met in 2000. Every year they kept in touch more and more, communicated and crossed paths in meetings. Over time, their friendship grew into something really strong, and in 2021, when Nevsky celebrated his 50th birthday, he invited two of his closest friends: German bodybuilder Ralf Möller and Schwarzenegger. Arnie, right during the congratulations, called Nevsky a close friend and showered him with gifts.

In addition, in various interviews, Nevsky said that Arnold was not just a friend for him, but also an idol of his whole life. Even in his youth, the “Terminator” star inspired Alexander to take care of himself and achieve his goals.

Nevsky and Arnie

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky is not Alexander’s native surname

The actor was born with the surname Kuritsyn, but due to ridicule at school (a young, thin and tall guy was called a wet chicken) and inconsistency with his brutal image in the future, Alexander took a different surname, more consonant with the name . Thus he became Nevsky.

Plus, the new last name was perfect for someone who was going to take Hollywood by storm. And so it happened, and when searching by the name of Nevsky, not only the prince and the commander began to appear in the applications.

Nevsky in Hollywood

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky never received the real title of “Mr. Universe”

It’s time to dot the “I”. If someone thought that Nevsky won the Mr. Universe contest, which the actor himself loved to talk about, then this is not so. More precisely, almost not.

At the mention of “Mr. Universe”, Schwarzenegger, who won the title in 1967, immediately comes to mind. Many thought that Nevsky received the same honorary title, but it happened at a fake event that served only as a pathetic copy of a competition. genuine.

People are sure that the same fake competition was held in order to raise the authority and image of Nevsky. True or not, the actor, in any case, did not have the honor of winning this title.

The video is available on AlTimoshenko’s YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to “Alexander Nevsky”.

Nevsky is the hero of popular memes

Surely you can count on the fingers of those who know about Alexander not because of memes. Nevsky gave rise to many funny phrases that many people still use in a comical form.

One of the most popular is “Así”. In the video, Nevsky simply showed elementary exercises and accompanied the process with the monotonous funny phrase “so”. As a result, an infectious meme was born that became the actor’s hallmark.

The video is available on the Mus Play YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to “Alexander Nevsky”.

Among other meme phrases: “Absolutely”, “I did not accept, but I experimented” and many more. By the way, the blogger and film critic from BadComedian loves to review the tapes with Nevsky. Blogger reviews also help the actor to become even more popular.

The best memes about Nevsky

“Absolutely”: how Alexander Nevsky became the hero of memes

Nevsky published several books on sports and health.

Alexander Nevsky promotes a healthy lifestyle and sports throughout his life. In order to somehow reinforce his words, the actor became the author of special books and articles.

In total, Nevsky published several books. Some of them are: “Kickboxer”, “Fitness in Hollywood”, “Swing for children”, “Perfect body for women”. Each of the works, according to Alexander, will help you strengthen your body and recharge your motivation.

Nevsky in the gym

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

During his school years, Nevsky was physically underdeveloped.

Now it’s hard to believe that the fat and muscular Alexander Nevsky was once not like that. During an interview, the actor said that until about eighth grade he had a weak physique, for which he was criticized by classmates and even a physical education teacher.

Anyway, this was one of the reasons why Nevsky decided to get serious and play sports in order to become stronger and healthier.

Nevsky in his youth

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky loves Xbox

Once the actor went on a little adventure on social networks, during which he actively answered questions from fans. Most of the audience asked about exercise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, fame in Hollywood and more, but there was one question that stood out from the rest.

A fan asked which of the two consoles, Xbox or PlayStation, Nevsky prefers. The actor chose the console from Microsoft, which undoubtedly pleased many fans. Since then, and two years have passed, Alexander has not ruled on his game preferences.

Nevsky replied to a subscriber

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky went to music school

When he was a child, Nevsky’s parents were looking for where to place their son so that he could begin to develop and find something that would interest him to do in life. One of the areas was music.

As Alexander said, he went to a music school and at first he even liked it. However, during the next trip to the lesson, he dropped the case with the cello and broke the instrument. Since then, Nevsky has not gone to school. Who knows what the actor’s life would have been like if he hadn’t left music.

Nevsky on the set of the film “Black Rose”

Photo: Cesar Photos

Nevsky suspected of using steroids

Now Alexander is in excellent physical shape: he has excellent muscle mass and weight, which goes well with his height. Even in his youth, Nevsky began to get involved in sports and gradually increased in size. Many still think that Alexander definitely could not do without steroids.

However, Nevsky himself always denied that he was taking auxiliary substances for muscle recruitment. Also, the actor leads a healthy lifestyle, but once he deceived everyone with one phrase.

In 2014, Nevsky visited a TV show where he was asked about his steroid use. Alexander responded as follows: “I did not accept it, but I experimented.” It may have been a simple joke, but some have since become convinced that health-promoting Nevsky doesn’t play by his own rules.

The video is available on the DeBuilding Channel YouTube channel. Video rights belong to DeBuilding Channel.

Nevsky actively invests in charity

The actor doesn’t like to talk about it publicly, but during some interviews he mentioned that he is involved in charity work. And indeed it is. Nevsky actively supports some orphanages and boarding schools in Moscow, Tula and other large cities. In some of them he was personally, he bought dumbbells, gym equipment and other things.

As Nevsky pointed out, children with disabilities motivate him to take care of himself and, of course, to help other people. Alexandra is amazed at how strong and resilient a person she can be, even with disabilities. Nevsky believes that in Russia, unfortunately, charity is poorly developed, and people who write nasty things on the network should try to do something good.

Nevsky at one of the events.

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

The actor loves movies from the classic Hollywood era and Harrison Ford

Alexander said that in general he loves movies, but most of all he likes movies from the classic Hollywood era. In them, the actor sees the magic and attraction of him. In particular, Nevsky is very fond of projects with Harrison Ford.

Although the actor did not name his favorite films with Ford, it can be assumed that one of the parts of Indiana Jones exactly fits Nevsky’s favorites.

Still from “Indiana Jones”

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Nevsky loves to be photographed with Hollywood stars

What cannot be taken away from Nevsky is his love for his work and friendship with many Hollywood stars. Alexander loves to be photographed with actors, directors and other popular personalities.

There are dozens of photos in Nevsky’s collection: with Dwayne Johnson, Steven Spielberg, Michael Douglas, Sylvester Stallone, Natalie Portman and many, many others. He seems like he knows absolutely every person on Earth through handshakes with the stars. Alexander also likes to pose with his fist extended forward.

Nevsky and Zachary Levi

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky with Dwayne Johnson

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky and Johnny Depp

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky with Harrison Ford

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky and Emily Blunt

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky – Member of the Golden Globe jury

Few people know that Nevsky is not only an actor, director and producer, but also an honorary member of the Golden Globe jury – an American award given by the Hollywood Press Association since 1944. Alexander himself joined the jury in 2002. Since then, he has actively participated and voted for the nominees.

And in 2019, the actor joined a special committee at the Golden Globes to select the best foreign-language films. Nevsky received a personal invitation from the president of the Hollywood Press Association.

Nevsky at the Golden Globes

Photo: From the social networks of Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky was a fan of Steven Seagal, but was disappointed in him

Steven Seagal, like Schwarzenegger, was Nevsky’s great idol. Alexander loved the actor for his film work and his lifestyle. They even have joint photos, but not so long ago everything changed.

Due to political views, Nevsky became disillusioned with Seagal. On social media, Alexander claimed that he no longer watches movies with Stephen and unfollowed him where he could. Nevsky expected him to do the same.

Nevsky and Seagal

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky co-produced the film with Van Damme’s daughter.

This is unlikely to surprise anyone, but Nevsky has a good relationship with the legendary actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, and fate brought them back together. Alexander is the producer of the film “Dark Dreams”, and the main role was played by Bianca Van Damme, the daughter of Jean-Claude.

Nevsky himself said that it was a great honor for him to take part in the creation of the film with the daughter of his idol. Also, for Bianchi, this is a full-fledged debut. True, the picture itself received only a trailer, and after that it seemed to be forgotten. We hope to see the movie one day.

The video is available on the Empire of Horror YouTube channel. The video rights belong to ETA Films.

What facts do you find most interesting? Tell us in the comments.

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