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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Introduction to OT. How to bet on overtime and shootouts in hockey

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 19:59:08

In most major hockey championships, there is no draw: after regular game time, the teams play overtime, followed by a shootout. And those who understand hockey and betting can make quite a bit of money on it. Of course, it is not so easy, but it is possible. We figured out how to make money on the draw results in hockey.

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Overtime and shooting in hockey – what is it?

If in football we are used to the 90 minutes of the game ending in a draw, in hockey there is usually no draw. The teams receive one point each and play the second in overtime, an additional period. If there is a tie after the results of overtime, a series of free throws is assigned – shootouts.

It is important that the duration of overtime at different tournaments and even at different stages of one can be different. For example, such a situation can be observed at the World Hockey Championship.

overtime bets

So, overtime in hockey is overtime, which is designated according to the rules for determining the winner of the match in a draw after three periods. As long as at the end of three periods there is a tie.

Overtime rules can be different: in the classic version, teams play “3v3” for five minutes of pure time. In case of elimination, the game is played in 4×3 format.

In the playoff stages of major tournaments, you may see 10 and even 20 minute overtime periods. This is done to minimize the element of randomness in the form of firefights.

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There are few types of bets on overtime: you can bet on the fact that there will be overtime in the match or on the winner of the match, taking into account overtime and penalty kicks. In the first case, the coefficient will be high, around 4.00, in the second case, on the contrary, it will be lower in comparison with the bet on the result of the main time of the match.

If a player bets on overtime, he assumes that the teams will tie in regulation time and the result of the match will be determined in overtime. When betting on extra time, the bettor must know some characteristics.

It is important to remember that if you are betting on the victory of one of the handicap teams or on the total of the game, in most cases it is a no-overtime bet. Study the bookmaker’s rules for accepting bets before placing a bet.

bullet bets

A shootout is a free kick, similar to a penalty kick in soccer. It is true that it is more difficult to implement a bullet than a penalty. Shots are called if regulation time of the match and overtime ended in a draw. The round consists of five shots for each team.

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You can see a vignette in regular time. He is pointed out for disrupting the attacker’s exit in the one-on-one with the goalkeeper. They may also be penalized with a bullet for a field player’s hand covering the puck in the goal crease.

Before the game, most often it is impossible to bet on the fact that there will be a shootout in the match. These betting options usually appear live during overtime. In addition, there is the option of betting on the winner of the match, taking into account overtime and penalty kicks.

How to bet on overtime and shootouts

There is no universal strategy that there will be extra time in the match, this is a rather risky option. If you want to try it, you should study the statistics of the game. It makes sense to try to bet on overtime in matches of teams that play from defense, or teams that are roughly equal in strength. Of course, it is worth considering the bets on the teams that most often go to overtime.

As for betting on shots, here the players have not yet come up with anything better than to catch up. They wait for the game to go to extra time and bet that everything will end in shots. If the bet loses, then in the next match it is doubled, and so on until victory. We do not recommend anyone to use dogon in one form or another. By playing this strategy, you can quickly lose large sums of money in an attempt to win it back.

In general, betting on overtime and shootouts attract players with high odds. But we recommend that you carefully study the betting company’s rules and statistics before betting on such results. Good luck bidding!

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