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Friday, December 8, 2023
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“Is CSKA weakening? I don’t care about those who think that.” Gomelsky: about the crisis of military equipment, the favorites and the Swede

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:00:15

The new season of the VTB United League will begin very soon. Before the start of the main championship, the fans and leaders of our basketball will compete for the A.Ya Super Cup. Gomelsky, after which the time for official confrontations will come. In an exclusive interview with “Soviet Sport”, the four-time champion of the USSR and part-time son of the great coach Vladimir Gomelsky, told what to expect in the new season and also estimated the balance of power at the top of the VTB table.

— A new season is about to begin, which will begin with the Super Cup, which will be held in a rather unusual format. The leaders of the Turkish championship will play together with our clubs. What are your expectations from this tournament?“I feel very flattered and happy that this Cup is named after my father. Thanks to the VTB United League for this. This is the most important and powerful preseason tournament in national basketball. I’m curious to see the six Russian and two Turkish teams. This will be interesting, because two years ago CSKA was second, last season third, and for this club the main objective for many years has been to win all the competitions in which the team participates. Is this season’s military team capable of winning the VTB United League? Very interesting. Everyone will be paying attention, including me and the Russian national team candidates. In the off-season the team only played two games, it’s very interesting to watch these guys.

VTB Arena

—What if we talk about favorites?— The result of this Cup depends on the lineup Fenerbahçe comes with, if they participate in the strongest lineup, then this team is definitely the favorite of this tournament.

The main autumn basketball festival will take place in Moscow – the A.Ya Cup tournament. gomelsky

— Let’s go from the Super Bowl directly to the regular season…“I’m looking forward to the new gaming season.” I’m interested in how the balance of power in the league has changed, or if it has changed at all. I understand that those teams that finished 1st to 4th that year were still leaders, but what about them? I am also interested in knowing if the middle peasants and outsiders have become stronger and what they have done to get out of their last places. It will be an interesting season, I’m sure.

— New teams have appeared: “Uralmash” and “Runa”. Will they be able to impose the fight on the big clubs?—The answer is uncertain. I would really like to believe that they will be able to offer a worthy resistance, but for this it is necessary to see them live. It’s clear that there is some difference in the lineups, but there have been more than once when the newcomers have presented surprises. Let’s wait until the regular season and then we’ll see.

BC “Rune”

— 10 players left UNICS at once, the team was significantly reorganized. What could be the reason for such a transfer campaign? Will the Club with such a squad be able to maintain its leadership in the new season?— I am not an auditor, but I can say that the current UNICS budget is less than last year’s. Usually these things happen when the Club’s budget decreases. I already looked at UNICS in the match against Zenit, to be honest, it is clear that the UNICS front line has not gotten worse, but the defense has lost quality. Will a coach as experienced as Perasovic be able to improve the players at the back during the season? I hope he can. But it is very likely that UNICS will not be able to repeat last year’s success.

Former CSKA player talks about the VTB United League Super Cup: this European practice is worth a lot

— Lokomotiv not only did not lose any players, but also acquired Bliznyuk and Jordan Morgan. Is the main favorite of the season emerging?– This is not arithmetic, this is basketball. The fact is that basketball is a team sport, played five on five. You can place a player, if the coach is qualified enough, in the top five, and he will fulfill the tactical tasks for him. Or you may not include it.

— CSKA lost its main players: Nikola Milutinov, as well as Shved and Davidovac. They were replaced by younger players as well as Amat Mbaye, Tony Jackery and Melo Trimble. How would you rate the current composition of the team? Was it possible to replace those who left with high quality?– We have to see if the strong guys, like the Swede, left. But CSKA is fully equipped, there are two players for each position, but what level and class do these players have? This question can only be answered about those who played last season. But what Mbaye, Jackery and others are like remains to be seen. If CSKA lacks depth on the bench like last year, it will be difficult to count on victories. If the rotation is of very high quality, then I expect victories from my favorite club.

RIA Novosti

—The military team also played numerous preseason games, in one of which inHe entered Uralmash, missing 100 points. Many people notice that the military is getting weaker every year. What can be done about this?– No need to repeat nonsense. Who are these people? I didn’t care about that opinion. I don’t believe it.

— Are there now certain difficulties when buying foreign players? Can we say that the level of visitors decreases every year?— Without a doubt, now there are difficulties in buying foreign players. Well, where they are not now, we are in those conditions. You have to start with what you have and move forward. Anyway, our championship is interesting, you can watch it with pleasure.

—Which teams will you give preference to in the new season?— I will support CSKA. I have my own club, which I grew up in, which I have supported all my life. And as for the balance of forces between the four, let me see the Gomelsky Super Cup, how they look now before the start of the season.

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