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Is there a gene for poverty and why do you often have no money? The psychologist answers

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 00:30:58

PhD in Psychology, founder of the online school of psychological professions “Psicodemia”

It seems that everything is simple: the more experience and work projects you have, the higher your income will be. But in life, for some reason, things happen differently: some work constantly, without rest, but do not have enough money, while others, even with a small salary, manage to go on vacation and take out a mortgage.

Why is this happening? What does fear of money have to do with it and is there a “poverty gene”? We understand and learn how to really increase your income, without rituals or affirmations.

Because there is no money?

The feeling of constant lack of funds is due to the fact that a person lives beyond his means. There are many reasons for this. The first and obvious one is that you really earn very little. The income level is lower than the cost of living in your region.

To radically change the situation, a person will have to introduce systemic changes. For example, think about changing your place of residence: choose a less expensive region. It would be ideal if, at the same time, you manage to maintain your salary by working remotely. You can also get additional education in a specialty that is more in demand on the job market and where there is a low entry threshold. This will allow you to start earning pretty quickly. Maybe already during training.

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Why isn’t there enough money if the pay is good? Here we are likely to deal with other issues. For example, a person thoughtlessly spends money, not realizing his real financial capabilities. You can also use shopping as a way to reward yourself for unpleasant tasks. This always leads to excessive and impulsive spending.

In some cases, a person invests in “being like others”, instead of directing them to personal interests and needs. Or even worse, he wants to appear richer than he really is. Then, all the money goes to maintain this image, which implies the purchase of a luxury that is inaccessible for his income level.

Who can’t save and why?

People whose self-esteem depends heavily on their level of wealth may feel embarrassed to search for and buy things at a discount. In addition, they will not look in the direction of what was already in use (hand shopping, second hand). This is a great way to cut a portion of your expenses, but don’t consider it.

It can be difficult for such people to give up unnecessary expenses that do not greatly affect their lives, but are indicators of wealth. For example, salon manicures or taxi rides instead of public transportation. Yet often the same people neglect the investments that can truly improve their lives: in preventive medicine; learn and acquire new skills; in the formation of income-generating capital.

Sometimes we don’t see the situation for what it is. And that’s why:

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What is the fear of wealth?

Few people fear large sums of money, but there are those who fear the transformations it will bring to life. For example, the family environment and your attitude towards a person will inevitably change. Sometimes people fear that they will have to work hard and spend less time on entertainment. Sometimes they are afraid of the risks associated with changing activities. Here we are talking about a temporary decrease in income, a change in status.

Such fears can be a strong impediment to revenue growth. So that they do not interfere, it is important to treat them in time. For example, invest in working with a psychologist who can help you deal with limiting beliefs.

Sometimes people deep down do not want to earn a lot, because they are afraid that this will require more responsibility. The logic is this: “If I earn little, then the demand on me is adequate. I will receive more – the requirements for me will be higher.

Unfortunately, the fear of responsibility and the need to invest in one’s own work is an inevitable companion of poverty. The market does not like irresponsible and unmotivated artists.

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Is there a poverty gene?

Some people believe that genetics is to blame for poverty. This is bad. Everything is decided by your financial habits, and the phrase “We do not live richly, there is nothing to start with” does not reflect innate limitations, but the peculiarities of thinking and attitude towards money.

“Poor” habits are the belief in the insurmountability of obstacles, surrender to difficulties, contempt for opportunities, devaluation of successes, misunderstanding of oneself and one’s own motives, fear of any risk, the change of responsibility for one’s life and the search for someone to blame.

For the growth of wealth, exactly the opposite qualities are needed. The good news is that they can develop. These are not innate characteristics, but a formed world view. It is quite possible to review it.

No amount of wealth affirmations and visualizations will help you raise money unless you learn to think and act like an investor. That is, to reduce expenses to the most necessary, look for additional income opportunities at each step and invest the difference in what matters most: in your literacy, skills, perspective, health and personal capital.

Perhaps you have a reserve of energy that just needs to be channeled:

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How to attract money into your life?

To significantly increase the level of income, you need to work hard. This is the truth of life. The idea that your mindset and limiting beliefs are the problem is a fairy tale for dreamers who don’t understand how the economy works. The price of labor is related to its value. That, in turn, depends on demand.

How to attract money into your life? You need to understand what kind of work is in great demand at the moment, and learn how to do it brilliantly. To earn more in the same niche you are currently in, you need to hone your skills to be better than all your peers.

Evaluate what financial ceiling exists in your area. If you work in a library, the chances of increasing your income by staying in this place are slim to none. Choose those niches that you could move into with your current skills and those that would be potentially interesting for you, but in which you need to retrain. Compare the income ceiling on them and choose the most affordable option for you.

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An important factor in the growth of income is the people with whom you communicate and spend time. The higher their average earnings, the more likely yours will be. All thanks to the growth of opportunities and social resources around you.

But even here not everything is so simple. You can’t just take it and start making friends with more successful and wealthy people. To be in their circle, you need to put in the effort, start developing and invest in yourself. Here we are talking about getting an education and honing skills. It is also important not to be afraid of entering a new niche from junior positions. What does it mean?

At first, you may need to help out, help out for free, and gain internship experience. Of course, here too, sometimes there are difficulties. If you have reached certain heights in other areas, then such a “fall” can damage your self-esteem. But believe me, this path will quickly lead you to growth in a new business.

Communicate more often with those people who have an active life position, learn to look at the world through their eyes, learn from the experience and opinions of those who are passionate about their work and have achieved it. Spend less time with those who spend their lives in idleness and filled with a sense of hopelessness, who do not seek to improve themselves and the world around them.

Do more of what develops you without expecting to get paid for it. Do not cling to losing obviously areas of activity where it is impossible to earn good money. Understand your strengths and abilities. Do what works best for you. Then there will be no problems with money (with a stable economy).

Instructions to help make the change real:

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