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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Istanbul went from elections to football. And the stadium indicated that City would win the Champions League

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 08:47:10

Istanbul went from elections to football. And the stadium indicated that City would win the Champions League

Grigory Telingater June 9, 2023, 21:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Report “Championship” of Türkiye.

Istanbul has changed. Until recently, everyone here lived through elections. The current president Erdogan barely held on – 52% to 48% of the vote in the second round.

Now in the capital there is another confrontation: soccer. Although sometimes there are still pre-election graffiti and posters, but more often – the logos of Inter and City. And already at the airport, when you get off the plane, you see a lot of ads with the Champions League logo. Official tournament partners make the most of all possible resources and venues.

The official fan store states that it is preferable to pay with a card from the same payment system that officially cooperates with the Champions League. It is clear that the owners of Russian bank cards can only pay in cash. But anyway.

fan shop

Photo: Grigory Telingater, “Championship”

Fanshop prices are as follows: key rings – 450 lira (1575 rubles), a scarf with the logos of two clubs – 700 lira (2450 rubles), T-shirts and caps – 950 lira (3325 rubles) each. Well, 1200 lire (4200 rubles) is worth a T-shirt with the inscription “City” – the winner of the Champions League, but it can only be bought after the final if the British win. It’s the same with Inter’s championship jersey.

Interestingly, these jerseys were prepared the same number or more with the image of “City”? Here, by the way, the question is not only whose victory is more likely, but also which team has more fans. Judging by the traffic in central Taksim Square and the main tourist street Istiklal, the British get a more massive outing.

Signs with information on how to get to the stadium

Photo: Grigory Telingater, “Championship”

As if it was under them that they made posters in the subway. Not one in Italian, but a bunch of English “STADIUM” signs. It is impossible to get confused even in the difficult Istanbul metro. In this framework, in fact, there are not four, but five such signs. Only the one on the right is hard to see. And there is a sixth on the floor behind the turnstiles.

As soon as you arrive at the stadium, the first thing you notice is its size. If the stands behind the goal are modest, the central stands are simply gigantic. And also different in the number of tiers and design of the roof. By the way, it is also very impressive in size, like many things in Turkey: bridges, mosques, portions of food.

Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Photo: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The training sessions prior to the match and the teams’ press conferences were very relaxed. Inter players, like children, happily ran from the sprinklers that came out of the grass. And De Bruyne joked in an interview that he didn’t have love at first sight with Holland and generally prefers his wife.

During the warm-up, the monitors showed a test version of how the match would end. According to the organizers, the match will be fierce – 2:2, and City’s victory on penalties – 5:4. At the same time, Dias and Acerbi will receive a red card.

Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Photo: Grigory Telingater, “Championship”

Already leaving the stadium, one of the volunteers insistently urged the journalists to come as soon as possible. How exactly the metro and buses will work, he could not answer, but he continued to repeat about the need to reach the final in advance. A year ago in Paris, a huge number of fans could not get to the stadium on time (and actually get inside). It seems that something similar is feared in Istanbul.

Legend: An amazing fact:

At City and Inter, only one person won the Champions League! A full 18 years ago in the grand finale

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