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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Italy missed the most ridiculous goal of Euro 2024!

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 15:49:44

The Italian team started with a victory at Euro 2024, missing a single goal from Albania.

This was the first match of the European Championship in which a representative of the RPL played: Lokomotiv defender Mario Mitai played on the left flank of the Albanian defense. But Rubin striker Mirlind Daku remained in reserve.

Brazilian coach Silvinho trusted Chelsea’s Armando Brou in attack. And the Albanian team took the lead just 23 seconds after the start of the match! This is a record in the European Championship. The first belonged to the forward of the Russian national team Dmitry Kirichenko, who at Euro 2004 put the ball into the goal of the future Greek champions in the second minute. However, it was not Broya who scored against Albania, but Sassuolo midfielder Nedim Bajrami. The goal was created by… Federico Dimarco. The Italian national team player was attacked during the throw-in: he sent the ball to his own area and Bajrami seemed to be waiting for him. Is the goal partly the fault of Gianluigi Donnarumma, who missed the ball in the near corner? Our competitor Safonov wants to find errors even where there are none.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Photo: Lars Baron/Getty Images

Silvinho’s team took a big step to create the first big sensation in the Euro Cup. But the Italians did not seem to notice this goal. Luciano Spalletti’s team attacked strongly, pushing the Albanians into the area. When the Squadra Azzurra had possession, three remained at the back: right back Di Lorenzo, Bastoni and Calafiori, who unexpectedly entered the starting eleven. At the same time, Bologna’s own offensive defender happily advanced and got into another’s third. On the wings, the width was created by Dimarco, who was trying to correct a mistake, accustomed to going high for Inter in a formation with three centre-backs, and Chiesa. The Albanians were forced to place the wide midfielders deep, so Mitai occasionally became one of the four (!) central defenders.

The goals of the Italian team did not wait long either. After a quarter of an hour of play, the score in both shots on goal and goals scored was already 2:1 in favor of Spalletti’s team. The Squadra Azzurra defended themselves after a corner kick by Dimarco and Pellegrini. The latter was not prevented from sending it to the far post, from where Bastogne freely headed the ball. Only behind him was Seferi.

Then, one of the many positional attacks brought success to the Italian team. Asani cleared the ball unsuccessfully and the Albanian defenders pressed too hard, so Barella shot freely from the rebound. The Inter midfielder executed the shot impeccably.

The great advantage of the Italian team was reflected in the statistics of shots at half-time: 13:4 (on goal: 4:1). In terms of precise passes in the other third of the field, the Squadra Azzurra surpassed the Albanians eight times, who expected rare counterattacks. The problem with Silvinho’s team was also that the best Italians won more fights. Frattesi’s third goal in the first half was saved by the goalkeeper’s save and the post. After the break it was difficult to understand how the Albanian team was going to score more goals. It wasn’t worth counting on Dimarco or any other Italian to score again with some ridiculous move. In defense, the Albanians did not press and failed to attack in the middle third. The Italians constantly found a free player in the center. When he had possession, Silvinho’s team came under pressure from the Italian team and simply did not reach the Donnarumma area.

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It was very difficult for the railwayman Mitai when he found himself one on one on the flank with the incredibly active Chiesa. But it was necessary to prove his worth amid rumors of interest from Serie A. The young Albanian made several tackles and interceptions. It is true that one day, having skillfully moved Chiesa away from the ball, Mario, for some reason, began to play in his own area and could have won a penalty. It was fortunate that the opponent who received the blow to the leg did not fall.

Italy – Albania

Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The Italian team calmly controlled the match, which went by without a goal in the second half. The Albanians had the only more or less good moment when they got a dangerous free kick. Inter midfielder Aslani approached the ball, apparently deciding it was a night of goals for the Nerazzurri. But he failed to repeat what Bastoni and Barella had done. Additionally, he fired a set piece at Bastogne’s head, bringing down his club teammate.

In the end, a stunning solo pass from Dimarco gave Italy its first shot on goal of the half. And Albania waited for its chance in the 90th minute. After a shot into the area, the fresh Manai (it was he who replaced the hooked Broya, not Daka) took the ball on his chest, under pressure from Calafiori, and shot towards the corner farthest. But then Donnarumma showed great class. The goalkeeper flew out of the goal and Manaj hit him. Thanks to Gianluigi, the Italians preserved their well-deserved victory.

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