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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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It’s boring without FAQ! Dziuba – a character from “Our Russia”

Date: July 20, 2024 Time: 00:26:26

Lionel Messi won the trophy with the worst team in MLS, setting the record for most trophies. In the meantime, I’ve seen several bits where there’s no resistance to him.

It was the same against Wayne Gretzky in the NHL. It was impossible to imagine that a person would use force against him. However, Wayne played in the best league in the world and Messi played in a mediocre one (I don’t want to offend the Americans). Therefore, taking into account the set of opponents and the attitude towards Lionel, he will soon be able to win the 447 trophy.

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He is a big guy. It was bought for this, it is a cheap purchase. At one point, Pelé played the same way for Cosmos and many other athletes. There is now a rapid soccer renaissance in the United States and Saudi Arabia. It is extremely interesting to watch the development of such leagues. Be that as it may, a person has only one life, they pay a lot of money, you can see how people who could still play in elite tournaments choose options to ensure a comfortable old age, although they have long been billionaires. Such is the person.

So the transfer of Messi in the first place is a commercial purchase. He too can be the beneficiary of all these stories. The money is huge, I’m happy for him. I hope that Messi continues playing in the national team. He will be a completely different level of rivals.

Dzyuba mocks all of us

Cristiano Ronaldo went to Saudi Arabia and has already been involved in scandals on several occasions. He crossed himself, quarreled with the judges and raised many questions with his behavior off the field. For this reason, I will not compare him with Messi, but with Dzyuba. It is quite obvious that Cristiano takes an example from Artyom. He turns into such a bad boy.

And God bless him, with Ronaldo, but I would like to talk about Dziuba separately. In fact, I feel very good with it, but the last few passages have put me off. You have to be leaner and smarter. If he has chosen a public profession, he must be aware of what can happen.

In fact, if he worked as a librarian, which is hard to imagine, it’s unlikely anyone would have filmed it. Although, on the other hand, if Artem worked as a controller on the bus, then in the event of such treatment of passengers, he, too, could become the object of filming. Dzyuba believes that he is still a child, but he is an adult man.

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Everyone already knows their sexual appetites. You just need to come to your senses, that’s all. Although, when he allowed himself attacks in the style of Sergei Yuryevich Belyakov against the television, from where my colleague Mikhail Mossakovsky broadcast, I did not see anything reprehensible. Each of us loves or loved to talk to television. This is a Russian folk fun, which was brilliantly shown in the “Our Russia” program.

And yet I think that Artyom feels impunity. I have already said that some of our football leaders have become insolent. Dzyuba, after the story with the journalist, could have been punished more severely. Be that as it may, I repeat, on the one hand, I can understand Dziuba: everything in his life is fickle, either he is a popular favorite, or he is full of curses. On the other hand, he needs to be smarter, leaner and take a beating.

Can it be assumed that he is mocking the FTC, who gave him a two-game suspension? He certainly makes fun of all of us. This once again speaks of his certain impunity. Let’s wait and see if he turns out well. Flag in the hands of those who believe that such actions should be ignored.


Grigoryan, who never apologized to the girl. Notice how free and comfortable the non-handshake Roman Shirokov feels, whom even my colleagues invite to go on the air, although, from my point of view, this is an absolutely unacceptable story. People associated with Shirokov contacted me several times and asked if it was possible for him to appear on my broadcasts. I replied: “There is no doubt that not.” It disgusts me to be next to this person and I extend my hand.

Social networks of Roman Shirokov

It had several episodes, everyone knows them very well. There are many other wonderful people that I enjoy working with. All people who are somehow related to football dream of discussing this sport with me. It is clear why. They wonder, it’s a cosmic level.

Now I am walking around Makhachkala, we are shooting a big project – the second season of The Challenge on TNT. People say, “Oh, it’s you, the football reporter.” That is to say, the wonderful football fans of Dagestan, to whom I send my best regards, please know that I am not a commentator, of which there are many, but a football observer. There is only one observer in the country, as you know.


The president of the International Athletics Federation, Sebastian Coe, was admired by the entire Soviet Union. We remember the words of Margaret Thatcher, who congratulated the hero of the Moscow Olympics saying: “As prime minister, I cannot approve his trip to Moscow, but as a fan, I congratulate him.” Because Sebastian Coe was like a Salnikov swimmer, like a Parfenovich rower, for me the main character of those Olympic Games.

I agree that he has long become a Russophobe. He sometimes tries to put a good face on a bad match, but in general, of course, for many years he has been biased towards Russian athletes, to put it mildly.

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I am not your press secretary, but I want to say that we now depend on the leaders of the large federations and remember that for many years entire generations of Russian athletes do not know what it means to perform with a flag and anthem. These are already people who have become adult athletes, starting from the junior age.

I think that in our country you have to treat the queen of sports with triple the energy. There is no athletics stadium in Moscow because Luzhniki, the street-lined Olympic arena that brilliantly hosted the 2013 World Cup, has been converted into a soccer stadium. Of course, we need a good athletics stadium in the Russian capital. In addition, now, against the background of difficult times, I have talked a lot about supporting sport and athletes, and I note that athletics should be the most discussed and helped.

We see that athletes receive financial support, competitions are held, there will be even more, for example, all kinds of international tournaments. Here we are trying to keep the sport in the country, we can thank in every way the efforts that the country’s leaders, the corresponding ministry and the federations are making for this.

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