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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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“It’s easier to leave Zenit for Europe.” Glushenkov’s first coach talks about the best signing of the summer in the RPL

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:22:54

Maxim Glushenkov is the most talked about character in the offseason of the Russian summer of 2024. This is due to the victory in the assistant race, a high-profile transfer from Moscow to St. Petersburg and the mythical “billion” from Zenit. However, not much is known about the footballer himself. Glushenkov is a rather reserved person by nature and rarely gives interviews.

We met his first coach, Sergei Puchkov, in Smolensk and asked him about Max’s childhood, instability at Spartak and his move to Zenit.

—What was Glushenkov like when he was a child? – Focused, calm and balanced. He started studying with me when he was five years old and even then he dedicated himself completely to football. It was as if he knew that he would always be with football and that that was the essence of his life. From a very young age he calmly went to all the training camps and competitions without his parents and even then he demonstrated his level, scored and stood out from the others with his left foot, calmness and confidence. He had no whims or demands, that’s why I always felt comfortable with him. He just worked and dedicated himself to football with bright eyes. A significant moment comes to mind.

– Which? — We often went to Belarus to attend tournaments. You had to walk down a city street for a kilometer, several blocks, crossing the streets at traffic lights. The children are eight or nine years old and are over 20. We walk in a group and Glushenkov advances alone. He walks quickly down the block, away from everyone, but stops at a traffic light or before crossing the street and waits for the others. We all cross the street together and he walks again with long strides. Everyone is chatting about something, but he is focused. For him, football is his bread and butter.

Friends and acquaintances of footballers from other teams respected him. Everyone knew him, he was everyone’s friend and was always quirkless. Well, I felt like he played harder than the others. So I’m calm for him. He knows himself and he knows his goal, which is why he produces good things on the field. He himself went through all the youth teams, where he proved his worth. I myself have gone through all the steps and must continue to grow.

Maxim Glushenkov in childhood

Photo: From the personal archive of Maxim Glushenkov.

-What family is he from? “His father is a former professional football player, so things couldn’t have been different for him. If Max could allow himself a little relaxation, his father corrected him; He was strict in that sense. His father did a lot to ensure Max had a future. How could he go to the Moscow academy without the support of his family? Everything was agreed with the parents who helped.

—Was there any interesting story with your participation? — Max arrived in Smolensk when he had already arrived at the RPL. He came to my boys and often helped at children’s tournaments. He told me how to act in different situations. He kicked a mini soccer ball toward a basketball hoop with his left foot. He could feel how talented he was.

– And he came often? —Before it was freer, but now it is more difficult. His parents are here, this is her hometown. He came to my training sessions and played with the boys when he had free time. It happened that Max helped with uniforms, balls and boots for the children.

—Why didn’t Glushenkov manage to establish himself in Spartak? — He came to the club at a time when Spartak was turning 100 years old, there was a foreign coach and foreign players. But Max was just starting out, he was young and there was no time for him there. Glushenkov needed to be fed and given more playing time. The coach was not tasked with pushing Max into the lineup so he could develop. He had other objectives: to win the championship by all means on his centenary.

Maxim Glushenkov in Spartak

Photo: RIA Novosti

—Why did Max reveal himself in “Wings of the Soviets”? — Many Chertanov boys gathered in Samara who felt it better. To help you and score yourself, you must make split-second decisions. In order for the players to subtly feel each other, a special relationship between them is necessary. They played together and were friends. In addition, in “Wings” there was Osinkin, who knew him from the Konoplev Academy.

—Was last season the best of Glushenkov’s career? – May be. But what is now considered the main indicator? He played well on different teams. He’s had good seasons before. What is the bar now? He became the best assistant of this championship. Therefore, there are no options here.

– What did he add? — Reads the game tactically better and began to change positions more frequently during the match. He also began to feel better about his teammates, hence more assists. But he not only helps and follows the game, but he himself accelerates the attacks, breaks in and the whole game is built on him.

— Why doesn’t Glushenkov play in the first Russian team? —When they called him for the first time he had an injury. I think everything is related to health due to injuries or fatigue. Furthermore, these are friendly matches, not a tournament. Therefore, they did not take the risk.

— There was information that Glushenkov could earn up to a billion rubles at Zenit in four years. Will money ruin him? — For Glushenkov, football always came first. Maxim is not spoiled, so there is a better chance that everything will work out.

But I have a more position regarding money, I know it from my own skin. That’s why I have a disability. Tomorrow they will shovel you, there will be fractures or something with ligaments and you will go flying. What kind of money are you going to talk about? Who will need a person? Correspondents? Coaches? Foreign clubs? “Locomotive”? This can happen in any match and on any tour, in a Cup or Championship, as well as in a friendly match or training. Tomorrow any player will collapse and no one will need him. I just read it and I understand what I’m saying.

Maxim Glushenkov in the national team

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

— For Maxim, is the move to Zenit a step forward? – I think so. Glushenkov shows himself well, so it’s worth it. Everything he showed last season at Lokomotiv suggests that he needs to grow more. I know it and I see it. Another thing is how the competition will develop with foreign footballers at Zenit. Maxim challenged him, but he is already mature, he will soon turn 25 years old. I know him and I met him this year; he is in the mood to fight. His health allows it, especially because he passed a medical examination.

But now he will experience a complicated stage at Zenit, since it is not clear what the relationship with his partners will be like. It depends more on how the coach lets you down. It didn’t work out at Spartak, the category of players there was different. Now he has more experience and is more mature, so I hope everything turns out well. Now you have to support Zenit.

—Was he right to sign for Zenit and not consider going to Europe? — I don’t know of any option in Europe. I think that if he succeeds at Zenit and plays at this level, from there it will be easier to go to Europe. If he competes with foreign players and shows his level, it will be even clearer that he has a chance in Europe.

P.S. Unfortunately, the first coach of one of the brightest players in the RPL did not want to talk about his life and working conditions on the periphery.

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