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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Judges Mistakes – Bookmaker Profits! How to bet on VAR

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 20:34:25

The VAR system is only six years old, but we have almost forgotten what football is like without it. Disputes about how to use video previews do not subside, almost every round of any major football championship is accompanied by scandals. But for bookmakers, VAR has become a true friend. Still, this system corrects most judge errors. But the bookmakers have gone further: they accept bets on the use of VAR in matches!

What is the VAR system?

VAR (short for Video Assistant Referee) is a video playback system that assists referees during a soccer match. It was introduced for the referee to make the correct decision in a controversial situation. If the judge made a serious mistake, VAR will tell you and help correct your mistake.

In essence, the VAR is a set of cameras that are installed in a stadium. The image from these cameras throughout the game is displayed on monitors in a special room where a group of VAR referees watches the game. This group is constantly in contact with the referee on the field. If you made a serious mistake or a controversial situation arose, then the VAR team springs into action.

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The VAR was introduced in football due to the constant refereeing errors, the system is designed to correct them. For the first time, VAR was tested in the summer of 2016 in one of the matches of the youth teams of the American MLS league. In the fall of the same year, the video playback system was used for the first time in Europe. The system then quickly began rolling out around the world. Now the VAR is in all the big national championships, European competitions and national team tournaments.

It’s important to note that, unlike other sports, only the head referee can make a request to watch a moment of the game. For example, in hockey, basketball, tennis, or volleyball, players and coaches can request that a controversial moment be replayed, in their opinion. In football this is prohibited and sanctioned with a yellow card and, in the case of a coach, a red card.

Video assistant referees have the right to intervene in the course of the match, but only if the VAR team is convinced of the referee’s serious error on the field. In this case, the head judge is invited to the monitor to watch the episode and change his mind or make sure he is right. Every goal scored must be reviewed for possible offside or any other violation of the rules. What points does the VAR consider?

The rules for applying VAR are strictly regulated. Video replays are actually used in only four situations:

assignment of a penalty; a red card, but only a direct one, the second yellow card cannot be contested via video replay; correction of a scored goal.

Of course, sometimes coaches and players criticize the rules, because some refereeing errors fall outside the remit of the video playback system. On the other hand, rigid frames free the game from unnecessary pauses. In the most important championships, watching a video replay and making a decision does not exceed one minute. There are critics who believe that VAR kills the element of randomness in soccer, it breaks the spirit of the game. But these are the minority. Well, the bookies are dominating a new market with might and main.

How to bet on VAR in soccer?

The simplest and most popular option: will the main referee of the match use VAR during the game? Everything revolves around this market. For major events, bookmakers offer an extended list. For example, you can bet on the total number of VAR views during a match, bet that after the replay of a video it will be canceled or, on the contrary, a goal will be counted, a player will be sent off or a penalty will be sanctioned.

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We recommend that you carefully read the rules of the bookmaker where you bet on VAR. Some operators count as a video review any mention of VAR in the schedule during the broadcast, while others consider the review to have taken place only if the referee goes to see the replay in person. Learn the rules so you don’t get confused.

How to choose a match to bet on in VAR?

It is worth paying attention to the championships, in which there are a lot of martial arts, fouls and eliminations. Also, the higher the state of the match, the more likely it is that VAR will be used. When a high price is at stake (for example, going to the next stage of the European Cup), the referees try to play it safe.

Referee statistics are worth studying. If the referee hands out a lot of cards and calls penalties frequently, it is very likely that he will resort to VAR during the match. And vice versa, if the referee sets a high bar for the fight, the likelihood of him referring to the video replay becomes less.

It can be said that VAR bets have firmly occupied their place in the line of bookmakers, along with bets on yellow or red cards, corners or eliminations. It is important to study the rules of the bookmaker and carefully approach the choice of the game for betting on VAR. So you should be fine. Good luck bidding!

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