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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Kagarlitsky and Knight traded doubles, but the gloomy Panyukov became the hero of the match.

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 07:06:31

Avangard captain Damir Sharipzyanov, a brave fellow, took to the ice. In the last seconds of the fourth match with Magnitogorsk, he cut his hand on a skate, he had to be hospitalized. It’s good that Omsk quickly dealt with Metallurg and had ten days to recover and prepare for the conference finals.

Sharipzyanov could train on the ice, but without a stick. Today he took a tool and played. But in the first brigade of the majority he did not come out, losing his place in the lead before the defender Alexei Bereglazov.

Is it possible to make claims against Sharipzyanov on a goal by Dmitry Kagarliysky, who penalized Nail Yakupov for a foul on Kirill Semenov? Unlikely: The puck, after a series of ricochets, appeared unpredictably on the spot, where the Ak Bars striker found it the quickest and finished it off with a shovel into the net.

We scolded him in the series with “Admiral”, he wrote that he put on an invisibility helmet. As well as his permanent companion (and not only in Kazan) Vadim Shipachev. Today, both were in the spotlight and Kagarlitsky scored a brace.

Once again, he excelled in the second period on a quick counter-attack, breaking free from defender Ziyat Paygin and responding to Shipachev’s miracle pass, then besting goalkeeper Vasily Demchenko in hand-to-hand combat.

It seemed that the Falcons lacked game tone in the initial period. The break between episodes was too long. Yes, and two unnecessary extractions (the second was grabbed by Ivan Telegin because in the middle zone he threw aside the stick lost by his rival) got the guests out of rhythm.

After the break, the Omsk players turned on to the fullest, but could not cope with goalkeeper Timur Bilyalov, who brilliantly reacted to the extremely difficult uantimemer of Arseniy Gritsyuk and Sergey Tolchinsky, who broke through to the gates – a dangerous shot.

After the second goal of the hosts, it might have seemed to someone that the third half would turn into a winning ending for them. The “hawks” had a different opinion, but the removal of the “leopards” helped them. First, defender Vasily Tokranov took down on the ice Yakupov, who lunged forward, who was trying to rehabilitate himself from the foul on him. A minute later, Corban Knight deftly transported the puck into the net from the summer. Having punished the experienced striker of the hosts, Kirill Petrov, who could not get this very puck out of his zone in a harmless situation.

The Greens responded with a great moment, not converted by striker Kirill Panyukov. Seeing a rebound off an empty corner, he managed to miss. The puck jumped and spun like a dumpling, but the “leopard” had time to tame it.

At the last minute, when the guests replaced the goalkeeper and rushed into the last round, the experienced Semenov gave the majority to his former native team (with Avangard he drank champagne from the Gagarin Cup two years ago). Of course, throwing the puck into the stands is an accident, but…

The guests played too much when the siren was 3.3 seconds. A diagonal passed from Vladimir Tkachev to the starboard side, where Telegin past titled defender Vyacheslav Voinov on a false swing and carefully, from his knee, slotted the puck into a patch for Knight’s throw. He did not miss from three meters and tied the score. Responding with a double to Kagarlitsky’s double.

Everyone prepared for a long overtime. But the rivals dotted the i’s in three minutes. By the forces of Semenov and Panyukov. At the entrance to the zone, they played a simple dvoechka, and the puck, having been thrown from the circle, stuck into the far nine. It turns out that I could not score from a meter, but from ten, please! And from an anti-hero he turned into a hero of the match, outshining Kaga and Knight.

– A good game, but this is the playoffs, we need to remove the negative nuances that have made life difficult for us – eliminations – moderately congratulated the team on the victory of Bilyaletdinov.

It is unlikely that Avangard was worse today and, according to statistics, even surpassed Ak Bars. And the victory went to Kazan.


Eastern Conference. The end

Ak Bars (1) – Avangard (3) – 3:2 OT (1:0, 1:0, 0:2, ). Goals: Kagarlitsky (2), Panyukov – Caballero (2)

Series score: 1-0 (2:0, 3 (Kazan), 5, 7 (both Omsk), 9* (C), 11* (W), 13* (C))

* If required.

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