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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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“Karasev’s reputation died in a game. This is a base”. Analysis of arbitration on matchday 28 of the RPL

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 19:08:30

Seven matches of matchday 28 of the RPL were left in the shadow of one. Spartak and CSKA got all the attention, and before the derby there was hope that the fans could focus on football; after all, the authorized referee Sergei Karasev was appointed to the game. But instead, the match was remembered by a huge scandal, and the referee team played a significant role in this.

Especially for the “Championship” arbitration in the 28th round of the RPL was traditionally dismantled by the football referee Igor Fedotov. Word to him.

0.5 points are deducted from 8.4 for incorrect assignment or non-assignment of an 11-meter shot, with or without a direct red card (to a player or members of the coaching staff), with or without a second yellow card (to a player or members of the coaching staff).

0.1 points are deducted from 8.4 for incorrectly showing or not showing a yellow card (to a player or members of the coaching staff), as well as for missing three to five offences.

1 point is deducted if the VAR referee points out a referee error on the field, but leaves his incorrect decision in effect, despite watching the replay.

The score in parentheses is the score of the referee who made a key mistake in the match, but performed well without making this mistake.

Analysis of the arbitration in the previous round 27 of the RPL:


“Now Spartak can start calling the referees again.” Arbitration on the RPL tour

Lokomotiv – Fakel – 1:0

Good job Amelin. He is growing and is already among the top five referees. The only thing is that in the 61st minute he mistakenly showed the Lokomotiv player a yellow card.

Amelin’s score is 8.3.

Alexey Amelin

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Torpedo – Dynamo – 0:3

Expected work from Kazartsev. In the 36th minute, he incorrectly showed Zakharyan a red card, allegedly for a serious violation of the rules. The VAR intervened and the referee changed the decision to yellow. But still, this is a mistake, because initially Kazartsev removed the Dynamo player.

In the 41st minute, Kazartsev missed a free kick because the Torpedo goalkeeper played with his hands after a sharp pass from a teammate. The VAR no longer intervenes in this type of episodes.

Kazartsev’s score is 7.8.

How was the match “Torpedo” – “Dynamo”:


The dismissal of the Dynamo coach woke up Zakharyan! But Arsene’s super match almost got him killed by the referee

“Orenburg” – “Zenit” – 2: 2

In the eighth minute, Sukhoi incorrectly showed a yellow card to the Zenit player, and in the 11th and 26th minutes he did not show yellow cards to the Orenburg players for foul play.

Sukhoi’s score is 8.1.

Akhmat – Khimki – 3:0

Bezborodov once again showed class at the age of 50. Good job.

Bezborodov’s score is 8.4.

Vladislav Bezborodov

Photo: FC Akhmat

“Wings of the Soviets” – “Ural” – 3: 0

Meshkov also shows good work in the last three rounds. But in the 77th minute he did not show the Wings player a yellow card for disrupting a promising attack.

Meshkov’s score is 8.3.

“Ural” stopped one step away from the Superfinal of the Russian Cup. And what are the prizes in the tournament?

CSKA can earn more than 300 million in the Cup. How much will the rest earn?

Spartak – CSKA – 2: 1

Why did the department appoint Karasev to this match, who judged the final of the Road of Regions in the Russian Cup? On Tuesday he traveled by plane and train to Krasnodar, on Wednesday he judged a difficult match, then in the evening he traveled by train to Sochi and flew another five hours. Consequently, Karasev had a day and a half left to rest, because on Saturday he had to check into a hotel. He is 43 years old and at this age it takes three to four days for him to fully recover. As a result, Karasev entered the derby without recovering.

In the first half, we can only talk about Ignatov’s uncounted goal. He was offside or not: you can argue until you’re blue in the face, until the lines appear. The department has already ruled on this issue: if the assistant makes the decision, the VAR cannot intervene.

Also, fatigue began to affect Karasev. He ignored the diagonal evaluation system: he simply couldn’t mentally or physically anymore. Most likely, Karasev told his assistants to help him. And they turned on so much that they got a yellow card from the Spartak player. For me, this is not yellow at all – the footballer blocked the ball, putting his foot parallel to the opponent. He did not address the CSKA player, but he himself hit him on the leg. Karasev scored a free kick, after some time, on notice, he gave a yellow one and showed his thumb to the assistant: they say, what a nice guy you are, but it would be better not to say anything.

In the 63rd minute, Sobolev, in a good power struggle, pushed Moises, took the ball and generally went one on one. Karasev moved in the same direction and did not whistle, but first assistant Cheltsov intervened again and began flagging the violation. What it is? It was evident that Karasev filled in Cheltsov; there is no need to do this if the main referee is next to the episode.

In the 65th minute, they somehow managed Sobolev, who made an obscene gesture at Rocher. But they did not deal with the CSKA player himself. I believe that for common sense to prevail, Rocha should receive a one match suspension with no additional penalties for displaying an indecent gesture. The gesture itself was not directed at the audience or personally at the assistant: Rocha was simply trying to explain to the judges what Sobolev had done. Impossible to cancel the red, because it was shown and there was a gesture by the CSKA footballer. But Sobolev will go completely. Under the rules, he faces three to six matches. If my words are confirmed, then it can be said that, according to Rocher, the judges have recovered. Because it would be unfair to interpret two different episodes in the same way.

At the moment with Sobolev and Rosha, it would be interesting to listen to the VAR negotiations to understand who, however, made this decision. I think the assistant was offended there, to whom Karasev turned for advice. If you start with the rules, then everything is logical, but why did you not react when Sobolev showed the same thing to Rocher in the center of the field?

In the 83rd minute, Karasev failed to assign an 11-meter shot to the CSKA goal and VAR intervened. At that moment, when the referee hugged the screen, it was already clear that he was “dead”. This is a clear sign of fatigue – people raise their hands up so that the chest expands. As for the episode itself, Karasev figured it out. When two players catch up with the ball, one of them, with a short distance to the opponent, sets his foot and an attack occurs, this is nothing, there is no recklessness, there is no speed. At such times, you need to continue the game. And immediately, of course, I remember the penalty in the match “Wings of the Soviets” – “Zenith”. Comparing the two episodes, now few people will say that it is about 11 meters.

In the 85th minute there was an incomprehensible moment when Karasev himself awarded a penalty. Both this episode and the previous one occurred at the same point. Most likely, Karasev was not called to the monitor, because he said that he saw the contact. If the referee notices the contact, and he was there, then VAR can’t interfere. But only Moses deceived Karasev. He did not go down on contact, but simply decided to jump on the second CSKA player. He walked away, and Moses somersaulted, as if his legs had been torn off. Unfortunately, Karasev did not understand this episode, and he could no longer, because he did not understand what was happening. Extra test: the referee added six minutes to the second half, although it should have been 11. Of course, Karasev was already tired and eager to go home.

The problem is in the department. Who came up with this nonsense with two responsible matches in one week for Karasev? First of all, it’s a shame only for the referee. Karasev’s reputation was high, but he was killed in a game and now he has sunk very low. I think this is pure departmental setup. You have 23 referees, and if each of them cannot judge everything, the question arises: who brought them to the RPL? Karasev and Bezborodov can’t get every game out, they’re not 30-year-olds anymore. But for some reason, 30-year-old guys don’t shoot. As a result, Karasev was driven like a horse and with one movement broke his authority.

Karasev’s score – 7.3

Krasnodar – Rostov – 3: 0

Lyubimov also coped with the work. In the 41st minute, he found out: he correctly scored a free kick and showed Melekhin a yellow card for interrupting a promising attack. Many might think that the Rostov player should have been sent off, but the direction of the ball and the speed of the defender, who moved along the right flank, are important here. Furthermore, the ball was not under the control of the Krasnodar player.

Lyubimov’s score is 8.4.

Artem Lyubimov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Pari NN – Sochi – 4: 0

In the second minute, Levnikov did not show a yellow card to the Sochi player for foul play, and in the sixth – to the Pari NN player. As for the removal of Drkusic, there is no doubt.

Levnikov’s score is 8.2.

After Pari NN’s win, Khimki flew out of the RPL. As was:

Khimki in the RPL is everything. Juran saved by two brilliant goals

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