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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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“Kerzhakov in Spartak is good luck for Serbia.” How is Alejandro doing in a new country?

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 02:08:29

Alexander Kerzhakov has been the head coach of Spartak for a month and a half. Serbian, from Subotica. During this time they have passed intensive training camps and the championship has already started. And so far so good. Spartak does not have a single defeat in friendly matches, apart from a victory in the only game in the Super League. Belgrade was defeated last week. Yes, the quality of football was not at the highest level, but everyone understands how important it is to start with a positive result.

What you need to know about the Serbian “Spartak”:

Spartak for Kerzhakov. Where did the best scorer in Russian football go?

So far, Kerzhakov has received very positive reviews. Great dissonance after what his former leaders in Cyprus told about him. There and about fishing instead of training, and about some kind of wage manipulation in order not to pay alimony. In short, a great nightmare. According to his reputation, they tried to make Alexander almost the most monstrous person on the planet. But a new job can obviously change everything. If there are results and a good atmosphere. This is what the president of Spartak Subotica, Nikola Simovich, told Sport24 after the Russian coach’s first victory in the Super League.

nicola simovic

President of Spartak (Subotica)

“Winning in the first round is a good result. Thanks to Alexander Kerzhakov, the club has a great atmosphere. If we talk about the changes that the Russian specialist made, then it is not only about the good mood of the players, but also about tactics. Previously, the team played in a 4-3-3 formation, Alexander changed the formation and now the players play in 3-5-2, like Guardiola’s Manchester City.

Strong comparison, right?

But how did Kerzhakov end up in Serbia? An issue that has not yet been clarified either by the leaders or by the coach himself. At the same time, one of the sources of the “Championship” put forward such a hypothesis (that is, an assumption not supported by facts). According to him, the management of Spartak is very close to the general director of Red Star. And this club has a partnership with Zenit. So, perhaps, in St. Petersburg they asked to attach a club legend.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Jovan Tanasievich, a former defender of Dinamo, now advising the service of the blue and white team, told the Championship how the appointment passed through his eyes.

“I was not surprised by the choice in favor of Kerzhakov,” he began. -The club consulted me about the possible appointment of him. I know his leadership. And, of course, he recommended that they choose Alejandro. I am well aware of Kerzhakov’s coaching career. I’ve been following him since he led the Russian youth team. And I remember how well they performed at the European Championship. Then he took the “Tom”, which was in the basement, and it worked fine there. Then he made a candy team with Nizhny Novgorod, which turned into a strong middle peasant. All the time he worked in difficult conditions and managed. So I told the Spartak management that it would be good luck to sign a coach like Kerzhakov. Period in Cyprus? We corresponded with him, and he honestly told about what happened there. A complete misunderstanding.”

Alexander Kerzhakov at work

Photo: FC Karmiotissa

Tanasievich also reacted to the assumption of the “Championship” source: “You know, now there are too many conspiracy theories. Do you think that Zenit gives money for Kerzhakov’s salary? I’m almost sure not. Sasha performed well in Russia. Therefore, he deserved an offer from Serbia. For your work. He likes everything here except spicy food (smiles). But he will quickly get used to it.

Kerzhakov really suits. He lives in one of the largest cities in Serbia – Novi Sad. He is very close to Subotica. His son is already studying at the local international school and studying at the Vojvodina Academy. Then all the conditions for normal work are created.

“I know what you like about Serbia. He feels supported here. About 50 Russians came to his first match. Root specifically for it. So without support, he won’t stay here. I think it’s lucky for Serbia that Kerzhakov works here. He adjusts well. He speaks English, some here understand Russian.

Little by little, the team agrees to Sasha’s demands. He had a tough training camp, he moved the team from four to three defenders. He won the first game. But they didn’t look like wow. At the same time, Kerzh wants to instill such football in the team so that the fans return to the stands. I think every day the team understands it more and more. And he soon he will get what he wants to see. The goal of the club is to get into the playoffs. This will be an excellent result for the current Spartak,” Tanasievich said.

What didn’t work for Kerzhakov in Cyprus:

Kerzhakov lasted only two months in Cyprus. Russian coach got involved in a bet

It is important that Kerzhakov came to Serbia with part of his coaching staff. Here are Ruslan Adzhindzhal and Vladimir Kazakov, and even his physical trainer.

“I think that if he is successful in the current team, he will soon be called up to a higher status club. He is an ambitious person, not afraid of responsibility. Spartak is a great club to start with. They have private owners who sell two or three players every year and live off that money. They recently sold the main striker (speech in Srdzhan Hrstic. – Approx. “Championship”). Your task is to get used to it, look for new players. There is no money from the budget here,” Tanasievich summed up.

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