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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Kevin Costner’s epic three-hour western. Review of the film “Horizontes”

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 04:52:32

Recently, the Western film Horizons: Part 1 was released in Russia. This is the brainchild of Kevin Costner, who directed and produced the film, played one of the main roles and wrote the script, looked for investors and negotiated with distributors. Moreover, we are not talking about a modest film, but about a grandiose saga: four parts, each three hours long, are planned.

The idea of ​​making Lord of the Rings in the Western genre, revealing the relationship between Americans and Indians, telling about the character of the country, showing epic battles and great tragedies, seems appealing. Besides, Costner is a film legend with a dozen great roles and an Oscar for his first work as a director.

But what happened to the Hollywood star? A highly controversial work. Fans of the genre will appreciate the character development and scope, but others will see the first part as a dubious three-hour plot.

“Horizons: Part 1”: information about the film

Name: Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 Director: Kevin Costner. Actors: Kevin Costner, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington and others. Release date: June 27, 2024. Gender: Western, drama, history. Duration: 181 minutes. A country: USA

“Horizons: Part 1”: Where to watch?

The film is being released in Russian cinemas. The digital version will be released around August.

The video is posted on Parasid’s YouTube channel. The video is copyrighted by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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Epic beginning without climax

On the one hand, after watching Horizons, I want to praise Kevin Costner for his courage. He turned a blind eye to potential difficulties and set himself an epic goal: to show a 15-year historical gap with the American Civil War, the Gold Rush, the clash with the Indians and the rise of banditry.

On the other hand, Costner was so immersed in these themes that there was no room for the usual entertainment of the viewer. In the three hours of duration there are only a couple of dynamic or at least tense moments.

The Indian attack on the town is a delight. The duel scene where Costner’s character faces the scoundrel is good. The moment with the boy who wants revenge on an imaginary enemy, but retains his humanity, was touching. But what other episodes stick in your memory? You can’t say that right away.

There are few such chases in the film.

Photo by: WB

So what did Kevin Costner spend a significant amount of time on? The answer is simple: a lengthy introduction, where the viewer is introduced to the characters and shown the main conflicts.

There are surprisingly many arcs. Here we have a girl who lost her husband and son in a mad massacre; now she says goodbye to her past life and tries to build a new one. Here is a tribe of Indians: the chief pleads for peace with pale faces, but his son yearns for war. Here we have a tough heroine who has escaped from her bandit husband; unfortunately, his henchmen are hot on her heels and will inevitably catch up with their prey. This is only a small part of the plots; there are at least three times as many in the film.

The problem is that Kevin Costner has three more movies left, so he’s in no hurry. Only a couple of arcs have anything resembling a climax. The characters aren’t tied together by a common plot and don’t intersect. Most of the running time is taken up by dialogue that reveals the characters and features of the world. Overall, if you thought Dune was too long, you’ll be driven mad by this one.

The arc of these travelers has led nowhere so far.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

The film will appeal to fans of westerns and history.

Why watch Horizons if the film is so long and doesn’t try to entertain? For example, for the sake of the story. For a viewer interested in mid-19th century America, the saga will replace many textbooks.

Why did people, despite uncertainty and death at their heels, continue to move forward and explore new territories? How did the Indians feel when the Palefaces occupied their hunting grounds and set foot on sacred land? How did the lawmen attempt to restore order in a world plagued by banditry, lust for profit and desire for revenge? All of this is so thoroughly explored that there should be no doubt left at the end of the saga.

The movie looks great.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

It is important that, thanks to the well-developed images, the story feels authentic. There are no caricatured characters in the film who are willing to selflessly risk their lives. There are no completely heartless scum, everyone has at least some principles. Just as there is no absolute villain, there is the feeling that everyone can be negotiated with.

Still very well played. This is not surprising, because the cast can only be called stellar. In addition to Costner, the film stars Sam Worthington (Avatar), Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy), Jamie Campbell Bower (Stranger Things) and many other amazing actors. Almost all the faces look familiar.

This girl will go through a lot of losses.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

‘Horizons: Part 1’: Is it worth watching?

Kevin Costner’s saga seems too grandiose and drawn out, but for fans of a well-developed plot and story this won’t be a problem. But everyone else is better off passing by.

Horizons: Part 1 Score: 6.5 out of 10


The narration immerses you perfectly in the era. Excellent acting.

I dont like him

The whole film feels like an introduction. The plot moves too slowly. There are few tense moments.

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