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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Kovalenko scored like his father. Konovalov dragged as Konovalenko

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 10:37:55

One-armed “killer” Dzhioshvili

Striker “Torpedo” Nikolay Kovalenko opened the scoring in the minority. Having reached the gate with two Dynamo players hanging on his shoulders – a magical “touchdown”! Russian tank-2 reminded me of his famous father’s first goal for CSKA. At the end of February 1989, an army novice in the same style defeated Spartak goalkeeper Sergei Goloshumov. In the derby, which ended with a red and blue victory by 8:4, the Professor was a hero: Igor Larionov scored twice. But Andriy Kovalenko started the chase with the score 0:2.

This match, by the way, is historic – a farewell to Olympian Alexander Mogilny, who in the third period moved the opponent’s defender Yuri Yaschin in the jaw and got a 5-match disqualification, and then fled from Stockholm abroad immediately after the match. final. the 1989 World Cup.

The blue and white recovered no less spectacularly. In the waning seconds of the first half, their captain Andrey Mironov took a chance on a hybrid icing, and Jordan Weale soloed – came out of the corner into the patch with the connivance of defender Nikolai Burenov, paused and effectively lobbed the puck over the long goalkeeper. Ivan Kulbakov.

Photo source: HC Dynamo (Moscow)

The disc in the locker room added strength to the Muscovites. And in the second half, the guests have implemented a numerical advantage in… the counterattack. The grenadier Maxim Dzhioshvili, who became the opener of the season, seemed not to notice the defender Anton Sizov in passing through the left flank: he went up to the goalkeeper, fired a shot to the left and fell into the warm embrace of his companions. Maxim Balmochnykh scored so effectively against Canadian Roberto Luongo in the 1999 MFM final (3:2 OT), only from the opposite side.

Sergei Goncharuk’s goal disallowed due to millimeter offside, which the linesmen saw only under a microscope (they watched the film for about ten minutes), inspired the Moscow goalkeeper Ilya Konovalov. He turned on Viktor Konovalenko, a holy man in Nizhny Novgorod, who would have turned 85 on March 11, and dragged, dragged, dragged until the second break.

In the third period, Dynamo did not allow the car factory to do anything. Larionov’s charges could only score in the majority after the elimination of American defender Brennan Menell.

Ivan Muranov secured the lead with an empty goal shot. As Sovetsky Sport predicted, the Dynamo “tanks” pushed the Volzhan infantry onto the ice.

Captain Shirokov spoiled the mood of record holder Koshechkin

The match in Yekaterinburg became a mirror of the performance of Magnitogorsk in the regular season. Ilya Vorobyov’s team alternated brilliant matches with failures. In the first period, the guests dominated, they opened the scoring, but 30 seconds before the break they missed a breakthrough by Georgy Belousov, who beat Vasily Koshechkin in melee.

It was not this that surprised, but the appearance of a well-deserved veteran in the number one spot. Perhaps this is a compliment from the coach, who knew that the current playoffs would be Koshechkin’s 15th in the KHL. As for his former teammate Evgeny Biryukov, yesterday the defending world champion jumped on the ice in Ufa. There are no heroes like that in the league anymore.

In the second half, the rivals exchanged goals. And after the break, the charity performance of Sergei Shirokov began, who won in the form of SKA “Magnitka”, Vorobyov and Koshechkin in the 2017 final. At first, the Avtomobilist captain gently and carefully threw it into the net, so it was not difficult for Curtis Volk to get the disk into the network. And then Shirokov outwitted the goalkeeper, rolling with him one on one.

Photo source: HC Avtomobilist

I wonder who will be entrusted with the gates of Metallurg on Saturday? Does Eddie Pasquale, the highly paid legionnaire, start the game on the bench again? Rumor has it that the Canadian has not yet agreed with the club to extend his contract and has lost motivation. Personally, I don’t believe in that.

And in Omsk, Avangard, having opened the scoring in the Siberian derby at the end of the third half, conceded a minute and a half to Alexander Sharov, the team’s best sniper with a snowflake. In extra time, the guests scored a goal after the falcons’ obvious mistake during the substitution. The premiere of the playoffs in the new arena went bumpy.


Torpedo – Dynamo (Moscow) – 1:3, Avangard – Sibir – 1:2 OT, Avtomobilist – Metallurg – 4:2, CSKA – Severstal – 5:2.

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