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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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“Krasnodar” brought a masterpiece closer to “Zenith”. Goalkeeper Safonov provided the assist!

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 02:03:06

“Krasnodar” won the third victory in the last four matches under the leadership of Murad Musaev: the difference with “Zenith” was reduced to one point.

In the south of Russia, the best team in the league faced each other at home and the worst team away from home. Before this round, Krasnodar scored 80.6% of the points in home games, while Baltika scored only 13.9% of the points away from home. And this statistic was reinforced by Kaliningrad’s sensational last victory over Akhmat with a score of 7:1. In general, in the confrontation between the contender for the championship title and the fighter for survival, the result seemed to be the most predictable of the tour. However, the football from the first minutes was interesting and double-edged.

Sergei Ignashevich’s team boldly put pressure on the home team, sometimes even five against five or six against six in their own half. Krasnodar, of course, also tried to press, so there was a lot of fast play in the transition phases, with practically no center field.

Of course, Krasnodar created more dangerous moments due to the class of the players. Kadi Borges should have scored a quick goal, but after a cross from his compatriot Víctor Sa from the left wing, he hit the crossbar, although he finished freely, remaining in the right center in front of the goal. However, after half an hour of the game, Kadi Borges was still participating in the goal for Musaev’s team. The Brazilian shot from outside the area and was then helped by the “arrival” of goalkeeper Latyshonok. The Krasnodar graduate, who undoubtedly played with special motivation, could not handle the ball that bounced off the ground and hit him in front of him. Córdoba flew to finish, skillfully avoiding the offside. A Colombian kite stalks its prey. This is Córdoba’s 13th goal of the RPL season.

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Baltika had the best chance to score in the first half after a set piece, when Bistrovich found Henriques with a pass, and the former Manchester United striker again showed his heading skills. However, the ball slightly missed the target. In general, Krasnodar’s advantage in shots at half-time turned out to be large (11:5, on goal – 4:1), so everything was fine, although the quality of football played by the participant in the “golden” race left some questions.

“Krasnodar” and “Baltika” in the RPL referee errors table:

Against whom do judges make mistakes most frequently in the RPL? Only two clubs suffer more than Spartak

At the beginning of the second half, Latyshonok risked repeating the luck of Dynamo goalkeeper Leshchuk in the derby against Spartak. If he had caught the ball after Chernikov’s long shot. However, the Baltika goalkeeper learned from his colleague’s mistakes or from his own. This time the Krasnodar student put his hands together and returned the ball. It is true that the ball bounced dangerously again and almost plunged into the net. Lucky.

However, just five minutes after the break, Musaev’s team won 2:0. Spertsyan scored the second goal, and it was a masterpiece! It all started with the Baltika standard and the local goalkeeper Safonov. Matvey threw the ball almost to the center of the field, Spertsyan picked it up, handled it beautifully and made an impressive pass towards the Kaliningrad goal. On the way, with a deft movement he pushed aside Roberto Fernández, and when he flew towards the area, he shot accurately from the bottom.

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“Baltika” did not crumble and with the first shot on goal in these 45 minutes they returned the intrigue. The goal for Ignashevich’s team was achieved by a great attack with two good two on the left half-wing, and the episode ended with the young Kozlov reading the moment perfectly and closing the center into the goalkeeper Safonov’s area. The Zenit graduate helped both Baltika and his native club, which was fighting with Krasnodar for the championship title.

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But Krasnodar did not want to give hope to Ignashevich’s team: just four minutes later, Córdoba scored a double. The locals scored the third goal from a set piece. Spertsyan made a phenomenal corner kick: he placed the ball right on the Colombian’s head in the goalkeeper’s area. Against Córdoba was Fernández, who was significantly inferior to him in height, and John easily gained the air.

Video rights belong to RFU and National Sports Channel LLC.

Everything that Baltika had until the 88th minute ended in the worst case scenario for Krasnodar over Safonov.

The first number of the Russian team, who gathered courage after the assist, attracted all the balls. However, there was a funny goal in the end. The local winger Batchi, after a cross, headed the ball… to Kozlov, who was in an offside position! Danila decided the episode with two touches: referee Kukuyan, after checking the VAR, counted it.

And then, in Baltika’s last attack in this incredible match, Kozlov was able to score a hat-trick. He fired from a few meters but narrowly missed. “Krasnodar” retained the victory with great difficulty, but Sergei Galitsky definitely liked this match.

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