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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Krasnodar finally explained Ivic’s resignation. But questions remain

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 11:11:25

It is more difficult to write about Krasnodar than about any other RPL team. This private club has a special status. Of course, regarding the sporting component, this is just another team that lives by the same rules as the others. But at the level of the club concept, it is a unique phenomenon. In addition, now Krasnodar is also in a difficult situation due to the owner’s personal problems. In such a situation it is difficult to evaluate the team, but it must be done.

One of the main events of the entire championship was the resignation of Ivic. Only after the end of the season did we hear a detailed explanation from the club management. Krasnodar Vice President Nikolai Osipyan spoke via video link on Komment.Live.

Nikolay Osipyan in “Comment.Live”

Photo: Video frame

“Vladimir Ivich played a big role in this result (second place, which became a record for the club. – Championship Note),” Osipyan began. – No less – Murad Olegovich Musaev. We are grateful to both coaches. We have deep respect for the work and professionalism that existed under Ivich. Let’s send him a set of silver medals and hope he accepts them. There is no doubt about his professionalism. From November to spring, with Ivich, we were not the best in terms of results: we went from sixth to eighth place. But the main and fundamental thing is that that was not the reason for the change of coach. Neither the coach nor the management can change what was established by the founder and president of the Club, Sergei Nikolaevich.

Our club will always play on the attack. It will be 4-3-3. Many may not agree with this, but this is our way. During the break of the match against Dynamo, thousands of our boys from 38 subsidiaries come out, and for us this is a source of pride. It is important to us that they do not see the game through suffering, as one of our key players called it. We are sure that we can achieve results through other football. We showed it in the UFL. You could say that youth football is different, but we don’t think so. At two ages we came in first place and at another age we came in second place. Last year two ages won the championship. “For us it is important that the boys in the academy see the same football at the top.”

Vladimir Ivich / Murad Musaev

Photo: “Championship”

First, thanks to the vice president for the explanation. Krasnodar bosses rarely give interviews and it is important for us to understand the club’s logic. Even if there are doubts about this logic. For example, it is curious that Musaev’s role in second place is evaluated as “no less.” In this Russian championship, Krasnodar, with Ivich, played two thirds of the tournament and scored an average of 1.95 points per game (the best figure in the club’s history), and with Musaev, one third of the distance and 1.5 points. on average.

It is significant that Osipyan avoided answering the question of whether there was a better chance of taking the gold with Ivich. The vice-president of Krasnodar did not answer, although Dmitry Shnyakin asked as politely as possible and even asked again. The evasive response was reduced to the fact that in the indicated segment the team fell from sixth to eighth place.

“Krasnodar” – “Dynamo”

Photo: Sergey Apenkin, “Championship”

Krasnodar says loudly that in this team it is not up to the coach to decide transfer issues. We understand that this works differently in the world, but here it is like that. Good, fixed. However, here the club also determines the style of play and even the specific scheme. Attacking football can be played with different formations, but the club founder wants exactly a 4-3-3. There is a very fine line here to understand to what extent the coach decides something or if he is a figurehead who simply carries out the will of his superiors. They gave you the players and told you how to organize them. Well, you can decide on the substitutes yourself, although later you will have to explain everything in a conversation with the head of the club.

To this we can add the story of how Galitsky found a new position for one of his players and how he told the head coach (according to Shalimov): “While you were on the field, I saw everything from above.” He also argues with the coach about where the players should be during a corner kick. Nikolai Pisarev recently worked as a coach in the Krasnodar structure and said that with the current squad it is impossible to play the football that Galitsky wants. It turns out to be a dead end. Coaches see one thing, club bosses see another. There is also one more detail.

Krasnodar post about Ivic’s resignation and fans’ reaction in the comments

Photo: screenshot

Krasnodar’s main problem is the fans. Do they matter? When we conducted a survey on our website, out of 18 thousand people, 89% were against Ivic’s resignation. Even more revealing are the reactions of fans on the Telegram channel to the publication about the coach’s departure. The Club speaks at all levels about how important the fans are, this is said by both the coach and the management. Osipyan himself proudly says that the stadium sells out regularly. Did these people want Ivic to be fired? The Krasnodar management can only point to the children of the academy. Although there is a feeling that they simply decided what they needed. If you asked them what they would like most, they would probably answer: “Championships.”

“Krasnodar” turned out to be hostage to its philosophy, but the big question is to what extent it follows it. The statement “the team will always play attack” simply does not work. We saw this with different coaches. And we’ll probably see more. In the real world, compromises need to be made. Even with a dream. As is the case with the idea of ​​playing only with your students. In this paradigm, the position of the fans could become a deterrent, but this does not happen.

Krasnodar fans

Photo: Sergey Apenkin, “Championship”

And one last thing. The vice president cites the Krasnodar-Dynamo party as an example. The management wants to see games like this. Does it bother anyone that at the end of the second half the team was openly buying time? This was especially visible when Spertsyan left the field. There are no complaints about him, nor about Butchi, who stretched the replacement to the maximum. But here’s the thing: you can’t play to keep, but you can keep score this way. And this will even be an example of a party that the leadership focuses on. Is there any inconsistency here at the level of the club concept?

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