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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Krasnodar wins everything! But the leader of the RPL was lucky in the match with an outsider.

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 02:42:18

Krasnodar wins everything! But the leader of the RPL was lucky in the match with an outsider.

Anatoly Romanov August 4, 2023, 22:30 Moscow time

In the match between Krasnodar and Pari NN, only one shot was made on goal for two. Yes, and the one from the penalty spot.

In the first match of the third round, the leader of the championship (Krasnodar) and the only team from the RPL (Pari NN) met, which did not score a single goal. It would seem that the outcome of the match was easy to predict. The hosts really extended the winning streak, and the guests extended the dry streak, but Vladimir Ivic’s team was lucky.

“Krasnodar” with “Pari NN” did not play even ten minutes, as an injury occurred. Moreover, none of the players received it, but the main assistant referee Dmitry Semyonov. The Petrozavodsk referee injured his ankle, so there was a forced replacement in the referee team – the role of the full-back was played by the reserve – Roman Safyan. While the Krasnodar doctor attended to Semyonov, the players enjoyed a sudden break. It was not superfluous, because in the south of Russia there is strong heat.

“Pari NN” until the 27th minute successfully slowed down the pace, dried up the game. The guests alternated episodes with a lot of pressure, when the locals went through a pass into their own goal, with low positional defense. Breaking through such a wall with five defenders is not easy even for Krasnodar with his attacking ability (under Ivic, the Bulls average almost 2.5 goals per game in the RPL). Krasnodar possessed the ball more than 70% of the time, but created something only from set pieces. In the first of those moments, Spertsyan hit the post from a free kick.

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Then the “bulls” earned a penalty. Pari NN almost got an 11-meter shot into his own net midway through the first half, when former Krasnodar player Stotsky brought down Volkov, who flew into the penalty area. One leg of the victim was in the penalty area, but the second, which Stotsky hit, was outside of it. The penalty awarded for hitting the ball into Kalinsky’s hand after a corner and Olusegun’s discount was obvious, however, the referee Chistyakov did not see the foul in the game – VAR helped him. Spertsyan sent the ball with amazing precision under the post. It was the only shot on goal of two before the break.

The only real chance for Pari NN to reach the second half with a 1:1 score would be in stoppage time if the referee awarded a penalty after Gotsuk went down in the Krasnodar penalty area. But this point is controversial for at least two reasons. First of all, Gotsuk was clearly looking for a free kick, in addition, during the development of the attack, the referee ruled an infraction on the player of the bulls. And the first minutes after the break passed as if the players did not go to the locker room. Krasnodar controlled the game, Sergey Yuran’s team held on and rushed after the ball.

At the end of the match hour, Krasnodar suddenly had a glitch, the hosts seemed to have turned off the game. Maybe it was a simple loss of concentration. Sevikyan and Stotsky blew two safe chances in one minute, in the second case due to a mistake by Safonov at the start. Yuran soon made a triple substitution, the debut of the former Dynamo Karapuzov player took place. As for the rookie legionnaires from Paris NN, Ze Turbo was left on the bench, and Ededem was not included in the bid. After that, a fresh Suleymanov had a crazy moment, but the technique failed the striker. Krasnodar’s defense center was about to burst.

It is amazing that with so many scoring opportunities in the second half, the Nizhny Novgorod team did not connect a single shot on goal. However, Krasnodar also had nothing to boast about – the goal from the penalty spot was the only hit of the hosts. It is not the best match for Ivic’s team in attack. Even the scorer Spertsyan did not shine, he left the field 10 minutes before the end. Eduard finished the game with the most turnovers (20) of any player. However, Krasnodar won the third victory in a row and is getting used to the role of the leader of the RPL.

Juran was sent off after the final whistle for disputes with the referees.

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