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Monday, July 15, 2024
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“LeBron controls all the media.” Jordan’s former teammate attacked James

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 05:29:21

Basketball meme hero Kwame Brown widely criticized LeBron James’ behavior. This happened on his podcast, it seems like every basketball player has one now. Kwame criticized James and made several provocative statements. We cannot ignore this and we want to share it with you.

Brown started by talking about Bronny James. LeBron’s son has been in the news in recent days for his surprise decision to declare for the 2024 draft. It seemed that after heart problems and an unsuccessful year at the University of Southern California, Bronny should play one more year at university level. This could still happen; The young athlete does not rule out the possibility of transferring to another university.

LeBron and Bronny James

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brown kwame

former NBA player

“He said his son is already better than some of the Lakers players, as well as several NBA players. If LaVar Ball had ever said similar things, they would have been considered the ravings of a madman and he would have also been criticized for pressuring his children. But since it’s LeBron, he can afford it. Bronny is great at overcoming his health issues, but why not give him one more year to play? This doesn’t seem like LeBron’s plan and it doesn’t fit with his own timeline.”

In addition to entering the draft, Bronny also entered the NCAA college free agent list. There is no doubt that the James family will know in advance if Bronny will be drafted and who he will be.

LeBron is willing to join any team to fulfill his dream of playing with his son. Naturally, we understand that the best option for him would be if the Los Angeles Lakers were able to draft Bronny themselves. Brown criticizes the striker for creating difficulties for his team.

brown kwame

former NBA player

“Yes, the Lakers are in a very difficult situation. Somehow they will have to change the right pick to select Bronny and also put pressure on their own payroll. I wouldn’t be surprised if Los Angeles sacrificed some of their players to achieve this. Yes, you know yourself that James doesn’t like half of his teammates. He would gladly throw them away. The media created a narrative that LeBron can do no wrong. As a result, he began to behave this way. LeBron is not to blame for anything, only his teammates make mistakes.”

Brown then continued his speech with a direct criticism of LeBron. Brown then addressed LeBron’s desire to be known as the greatest of all time through the media. Kwame is a former teammate of Michael Jordan. It was Jordan who selected him first overall when he was in charge of the Washington Wizards. Thus, the former NBA center says there can’t even be a debate about who is the GOAT of basketball.

The active debate about who is the best player of all time began in 2016, when LeBron, as part of the Cleveland Cavaliers, returned in the final series against the Golden State Warriors. Discussions about this topic constantly appear on American television and are also a frequent topic of discussion among NBA fans.

brown kwame

former NBA player

“LeBron created a podcast with JJ Redick to talk about how he is the greatest of all time. James is the best because he controls the media. No NBA player believes he is the best. I don’t care what numbers or records he has. The people who say he is the GOAT just want a career in the media. They constantly discuss it for the sake of clicks and views. That’s why the Lakers have won a lot lately, the league needs James for the sake of views.”

In his speeches, Brown concluded that even the league itself was setting things up for LeBron to make the playoffs. Before the previous two games, the Lakers had an excellent streak, which at one point even allowed them to reach eighth place. But Los Angeles lost to Minnesota and Golden State and made it much more difficult for themselves in the fight for the top entry group.

There is no specific conclusion; the purpose is to provide material for discussion and reflection. How much of Brown’s words are true and how much is personal animosity, if any? Is James Kwame’s criticism justified? It would be great to see your opinions.

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