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Legendary American Anderson or Tetyukhin Jr. Choosing a Volleyball Team of the Season

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 20:28:14

Legendary American Anderson or Tetyukhin Jr. Choosing a Volleyball Team of the Season

Sofia Kolodkina May 23, 2023, 2:15 PM Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The best player in the Superliga-2022/2023?

“Campeonato” continues the series of qualifications on the occasion of the finals of the men’s volleyball league. We offer to choose the best player for each position: diagonal player, setter, setter, libero and middle blocker.

In the previous ranking, you chose the best diagonal season 2022/2023. They became Maxim Mikhailov. The team already has two blockers: Ilyas Kurkaev and Dmitry Lyzik. Folder – Konstantin Abaev. And I release – Ilya Fedorov.

Symbolic team of the 2022/2023 Super League season

Next in line is the finalist – the second wave of the team’s attack. However, in his hands is not only the potential of the club in attack, but also a reliable reception. Often on the field, opponents are looking for this particular player to make it difficult for him to attack.

So let’s remember the players of the Russian Super League! Below are the top 14 contenders. Vote!

If you want to move the player up the ranking, press the up arrow “↑”. If you think any player should be listed below, press the down arrow “↓”.

Voting will end on May 25 at 10:00.

Rating: the best player of the 2022/2023 season of the Super League

Photo: vk.com/vcdynamolo

Denis Biryukov, Dynamo LO

The club played a record 45 league games this season, Biryukov was on the court in 42. As a result, Denis became Dynamo-LO’s top scorer – 563 points. He has 927 attacks (50%) and 901 receiving balls (41%)—he’s third in performance (and first among players) in the Super League overall.

Photo: belogorievolley.ru

Pavel Tetyukhin, Belogorye

The only record holder for matches in the Super League – 44 of the 45 matches Pavel played on the court. He came to be 11th in scoring: 419 points with 828 attacks. Plus 38 aces and 28 blocks. A great option on the edges with top scorer in the league Mohamed and center Georgy Zabolotnikov.

Photo: vcdynamo.ru

Yaroslav Podlesnykh, Dynamo

Yaroslav closed the top 10 players in the Super League by points. The Dynamo forward and the second Asman in the championship (65) after Pavel Pankov (71) scored 405 points in attack with 782 attempts, 52% of sales. He covered 33 more times and staged 39% positive reception.

Photo: vk.com/lokovolleynsk

Omar Kurbanov, Locomotive

The opening not only of Loko, but of the entire Super League. This season, the Novosibirsk coaches took a risk and signed an injured player. But he perfectly “covered” the fallen Sergey Savin and the gaps in the attack. As a result, the 22-year-old boy from Dagestan revived the Lokomotiv tiebreaker: in the tiebreakers he got into great shape, earning 13.9 points on average per game with 54% attack execution.

Photo: vk.com/volleyzenit

Sam Deru, Zenit-Kazan

The Belgian forward arrived this season to clearly remind Zenit of the championship. He took it away a couple of years ago, however, with Dynamo Moscow, the team that Sam, along with Kazan, beat in this year’s final. This also happened due to active edges: Sam scored 275 points in attack (52%), and also hit 31 aces and placed 35 blocks.

Photo: vk.com/volleyzenit

Dmitry Volkov, Zenit-Kazan

Of the finalists, only Ilya Spodobets (55%) and Andrey Surmachevsky (54%) had a higher percentage of attacks (53), but they also attacked several times less. Dmitry accumulated 387 points in attack with 60 aces and 58 blocks, he is the eighth in terms of performance.

Photo: vk.com/nn_volley

Andrey Titich, A.S.C.

Andrey Titich and his ASK had the best season in the Super League. Andrey is the third in reception frequency in the championship: 790 against 872 for Ivovich and 901 for Biryukov (both from Dynamo LO). Of these, 37% are positive. In total, he contributed 305 points: 20 aces and 29 blocks.

Photo: fakelvolley.ru

Stanislav Dineikin, “Torch”

After the productive 2022/2023 season (fifth in the league), Stanislav was called up for a trial in the country’s first team. And this is in contrast to last year: then Dineikin scored 289 points and closed the 20 most productive players in the league. Today there are 527 points: 44 of them on the serve and 40 on the block.

Photo: vcdynamo.ru

Anton Semishev, Dynamo

Anton became Dynamo’s third scorer and one of the best shooters in the Russian championship. 53% of the execution of attacks, 0.52 aces on average per set are his record figures.

Photo: vk.com/kuzbassvolley

Roman Pakshin, “Torch”

The ‘Torch’ leader with 410 points in attack significantly surpassed his achievement last year (289 points) and became the second ranked in the league in terms of performance. Only Yaroslav Podlesnykh is ahead. But Roman decided to change his residence permit: he left for the reconstruction of Kuzbass.

Photo: vk.com/vczenitspb

Egor Klyuka, Zenit Saint Petersburg

The second leader of Zenit’s attacks scored 418 points in 31 games. Perhaps the figure would have been more shocking had it not been for the injury. He implemented 51% of the attacks: 331 with 653 attempts. Plus 27 aces and 60 blocking points.

Photo: vk.com/vczenitspb

Matthew Anderson, Zenit Saint Petersburg

The American came to Russia already at the beginning of the championship. But not to Kazan, where he became a legend, but to St. Petersburg. In an interview with “Championship”, he said that he missed the league and was glad to join the club with ambitions. True, Zenit suffered injuries throughout the second part of the season, and Mateo had to close two positions at once: sometimes he played diagonally, more often in the playoffs. He thus contributed 434 points: 350 from the field, 49 from service and 35 from blocking.

Photo: vk.com/vcenisey

Todor Scrimov, Enisey

After four seasons in Krasnoyarsk, the Bulgarian winger leaves Enisey. This season he did not play much: he participated in attacks in 26 games, scored 273 points in 586 attempts (47%). He has 46 aces and 12 blocks. And at the reception with 512 attempts – 43% positive.

Photo: vk.com/volleyufa

Esfandiyar Amir Hossein, Ural

The doigrovschik became Ural’s most productive player of the season, scoring 341 points in 30 games. He also hit 44 aces, the best indicator on the team.

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