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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Loko crushed Dynamo. And Dzyuba has not scored yet!

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 18:52:12

Loko crushed Dynamo. And Dzyuba has not scored yet!

Dmitry Zimin May 28, 2023, 18:52 Moscow time

Artyom entered the match as the captain: at first he let the team down, and then corrected himself.

Dynamo this season is surprisingly stable playing compatriots from Moscow. Before the match with Loko, five wins in seven meetings. And also a tie. Yes, under Slavis Jokanovic, the team often inexplicably lost points. But mostly foreigners. The tapas weren’t too bad. In any case, it is in the past. Under Pavel Alpatov, Dynamo was revived. The players clearly enjoy the change and play football with style. The one you missed.

Lokomotiv also strives to play interesting. Therefore, a face-to-face meeting of rivals definitely couldn’t be boring. And both teams had some kind of motivation: Alpatov simply had to show the best side of him. Because that possibility is very rare. And Loko continues to fight for the top of the table. After a nightmare autumn, any improvement in position is a plus for them.

And here is the day of the game online.


Loko beat Dynamo for the first time in four years! And the “Wings” fell on the joint area. LIVE

In the first part of the match, Dynamo looked better: they combined very well in attack, creating good approaches to the goal. But he almost never reached dangerous moments. Lokomotiv acted as the second number, but things did not go very well. By the way, an important point: Artyom Dziuba not only played the 400th match in the Russian championships, but also led the team on the field as captain. Before that, he played this role at Spartak, Rostov, Zenit, the Russian national team. It must have been an important moment for him.

“Spartak” probably flew out of the fight for silver. How was the?

“Spartak” without Sobolev sold out of “Pari NN”. The chances of overcoming CSKA tend to zero

However, in the first half, Dziuba played more to the detriment of Loko. In the 40th minute, after a corner kick, the ball flying towards Lantratov’s goal hit the attacker in the hand. At first, the judge didn’t react to the moment, but was prompted by the video assistants. Naturally, this is a shame. Fedor Smolov approached the ball. Another second, and he clutched his face. The ball went near the post.

The Lokomotiv players reacted immediately and went on the attack. The best time to catch a confused opponent. And they got it. A canopy for Dziuba and an ideal discount for Tiknizyan. And now the guests are already ahead.

Everything was going to break. But here is a new mistake from Galaktionov’s team. Kulikov hit Zakharyan in the leg, a clear penalty. Smolov is on the ball again, and this time Lantratov has no chance.

In the second half, Galaktionov showed that he was not going to give up in this match. And he significantly refreshed the attack by releasing Glushenkov and Pinyaev. Loko actually started acting faster. But before it turned on fully, it was necessary to skip further. After that, the motivation definitely appeared. Sazonov jumped higher than anyone after Zakharyan’s serve and hit smartly. But the opponent’s time came.

After a missed goal, Loko unexpectedly took the initiative. And he gave it a maximum of five minutes after the score had already been tied. Glushenkov scored first, a technical decision that paid off.

Pinyaev also significantly updated the game. But that day he was left without effective action. Nenakhov led the guests ahead. Yes, with two rebounds. But that doesn’t make your goal any less important.

And the final point of the game was put by Isidoro, who came on as a substitute. A surprising discovery from Galaktionov: the guy almost always scores when he comes off the bench.

The fourth goal has already been finished by Dinamo. They did not have the strength to rush forward. It is curious that thanks to this victory, Loko almost caught up with Orenburg (they had one point left and three – Dynamo). Now the team is in ninth place, but in theory it can finish the season even in seventh.

An impressive leap out of the play-off zone, huh?

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