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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Lying on the sofa or driving a sports car? 6 Vacation Options for Different Personality Types

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 18:19:35

In our dynamic time, you have to do a lot: work, develop, solve everyday problems, take care of loved ones and take time for yourself. The aftertaste of small pleasant victories, of course, pleases and fills. But you also need to rest, find a resource for a “reboot”.

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What kind of leisure will be optimal, fill you with energy and give impetus to new successes? After all, one likes to lie on the couch and watch their favorite TV shows. Others: jogging in the stadium, sports activities, noisy parties and meetings with friends. Why such a difference? It deals with the six personality types and individual psychological needs.

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What are the personality types?

If we consider the choice of rest through PCM method – The process of the communication model reveals why in the same family, team or group of friends there may be diametrically opposed preferences regarding recreation.

This tool quickly and effectively helps to establish better communication with others. We begin to better understand ourselves and our loved ones, adding positivity to the interaction and reducing the amount of conflict and, as a result, stress.

There are six personality types. Each of them has certain characteristics, and most importantly, their own psychological needs that must be satisfied.

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“Touching”: loves family and friends, surrounds everyone with care and warmth.

“Rebel”: perceives the world through game contact, loves freedom and fun.

“Logical”: He treats any task responsibly, is punctual, disciplined, hones his skills in his favorite business with pleasure.

“Maker”: does not sit in one place, charming, fast, likes to compete, take risks and win.

“Dreamer”: fantasizes, prone to introversion, contemplation.

“Persistent”: perceives the world through values ​​and beliefs, adheres to principles, argues.

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Of course, several personality types can be combined in one person. For example, if you like to dream and fantasize, you often have your head in the clouds, this does not mean that punctuality or love of freedom and fun are alien to you. And yet, a certain type of personality is predominant and stands out against the background of the others, and the rest goes as an addition.

Choose vacation options according to your character and be understanding that someone close to you does not share your preferences. Try to find common interests, make healthy compromises, and respect each other’s needs.

We explain what is important for a person to be happy, below:

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Which vacations suit different personality types?

For “Touching” – to be with family and loved ones, feel unity and enjoy communication with relatives.

For “Rebel” – Have fun with friends by organizing a noisy party.

For “Logics” – start reading a book that will deepen knowledge. Also do breathing practices to relieve stress from intense work.

For “Maker” – rent a sports car and drive around the city at night.

For “Dreamer” – go on a three-day retreat or just be alone with yourself.

For “Persistent” – go to a conference on a topic of interest or write a long and deep post on social networks.

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without fault

Remember that you can really “charge the batteries” only by satisfying the psychological need that is most relevant to you at the moment. If you want to lie in a hammock in nature and enjoy doing nothing, that’s fine.

You should not immerse yourself in a feeling of guilt for not complying with some socially accepted plan during the weekend or vacation period, not posting “evidence” of outdoor activities on social networks. This is your choice and your right.

They told how to determine which philosophical current you belong to, using the link:

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