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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Malkin: I stole it, I’ll give it back! Gino woke up Ovi for disc 42, but he did not give away the victory to the guests.

Date: June 4, 2023 Time: 01:01:10

Let’s remember that on Monday, after a double against Minnesota, we offered the glorious Dynamo pupil, when he had 39 goals, the following action plan for the remainder of the regular season:

Columbus (at home) – 1 or 2 goals (in fact – 1 goal);

“Chicago” (at home) – 1 or 2 goals (in fact – 1 goal);

Pittsburgh (away) – 0 or 1 goal (actually – 1 goal);

Isleños (local) – 0 or 1 goal;

Tampa (away) – 0 or 1 goal;

Rangers (home) – 0 or 1 goal;

Montreal (away) – 1 or 2 goals;

Florida (home) – 0 or 1 goal;

Islanders (home) – no goals;

Boston (away) – no goals;

New Jersey (local) – 1 goal.

As you can see, Alexander came up with the most optimistic scenario – one goal per game, which guarantees the conquest of Everest of stability. So far, three have nine 50-plus goal seasons: Mike Bossy, Wayne Gretzky and Ovechkin.

But according to the precepts of Comrade Saakhov, we will not rush. After three previous matches, let’s re-estimate our climber’s chances with eight rounds to go:

worst option – 2 goals;

optimistic – 7 goals;

actual: 4 or 5 goals, taking into account the average performance of the Big Eight in a career: 0.6 goals per game.

According to our forecast (maximum seven goals), Chomolungma seems to have already disappeared into the clouds. But after all, these are only assumptions, and the story is written on ice. If Ovi maintains the “goal per game” momentum, then for the remaining eight matches, the coveted fifty kopecks will soar!

Well, we figured out Saakhov, but what does the student-collector of ancient customs and Malkin have to do with it? I answer!

In the 44th minute, when the score was 3:0 in favor of the hosts due to a careless foul in the middle zone, hitting Gyuntsel’s hand with a stick, Ovechkin retired, the game in Pittsburgh could have been over. He turns off the lights and calmly goes home.

However, it was not for nothing that the night before at the local residence of the Malkins, the Russian diaspora from the “capital” held a council with the owner of the estate. I do not rule out that it was at this friendly dinner, which began at 7:00 p.m. US East Coast time, that a cunning plan was drawn up, according to which:

– Ovi scores his 42nd goal of the season and the 299th powerplay of his career;

– Gino scored the 25th goal of the season and the 81st winning goal for the 11th time in his career, for which he receives the first star of the match.

Watch what happens after the Capitals captain is sent into the penalty box.

Of course, Malkin is released for implementation. But what is this? After 38 seconds, Uralian – after the whistle and stop the game! -for some reason, he runs to the penny of the guests and drives sharply towards the front of the “capital” Daud. The judges have no choice: Gino sits on the adjacent bench for bad guys.

The comps on the site are matched. The plot of the conspirators in action!

The scoreboard counts down another 59 seconds. Kuznetsov, taking advantage of the rarefied space during the game “4 on 4”, walked with the puck around the “penguin” zone, as in a buffet, and gave Wilson a penny. 3:1.

At 54 minutes, our undercover agent Peeling intervenes. At the behest of the Goonies, lest anyone guess, the American opened the scoring at halftime. Therefore, no one sensed that something was wrong when this same Peeling, in a harmless situation, hooked Manta and, with a sense of duty, retired for a two-minute smoke.

The Washingtonians had four seconds to close the second point of the sinister plan. Oshi won the matchup. Strom pushed Carlson back. The American immediately transferred the shell to office number 8, well, then without comment. 3:2. You are right, we are many in each kilometer. There was a cult Bulgarian military TV series. There is the 42nd goal of the season and the 299 in most of his career. Here, the king of excess sales has long had no competitors.

Another four minutes pass. Strom himself restores parity – 3:3.

The stadium was discouraged, so that after a minute and a half it went up to his ears. It’s clear that Pittsburgh, unlike Washington, which is no longer claiming to be in the playoffs, needs points as center backs for the No. 8 ranked Tsar Cannon.

That is why they saved the third and last point of the insidious Russian plan. American Manta – another one of our secret agents, apparently! -In the middle zone, he lost the puck to Malych. He, alone, rolled in Kemper and masterfully, like KGB colonel Vitaly Slavin in Yulian Semenov, put an end to the match task: he put the puck very close to the far post – 4: 3!

Malkin returned to the ‘penguins’ the victory that almost stole the hosts. Evgeny tied Boston captain Patrice Bergeron for his career winning goals: 81 apiece. Of the active players, only Ovechkin (124), two “penguins” Jeff Carter (88) and Sidney Crosby (86), “islander” Zach Parise have more (82).

Everyone is satisfied and happy! Now you can really turn off the light and disperse. One by one! So no one guesses…

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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