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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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“Many male trainers promote hate towards women.” Loko Defender Column

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 20:10:19

“Many male trainers promote hate towards women.” Loko Defender Column

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Women’s teams often play junior and junior men’s squads. There are skirmishes, but there is a lot of use in this.

This is the author’s column of the defender of ZhFK Lokomotiv Maria Galai. The soccer player talks about playing with men’s teams and academies and how they help her grow.

– We often hold friendly matches with men’s teams of different ages: youth, youth. Once he played with the boys of 13-14 years old. This is normal practice for the off-season or international break. To those who put, with those we play.

We are preparing, as always, at least we want to resist, especially if they are teams over 16 years old. It is difficult to compete with them. But the essence of such matches is not to win, but to improve the game, to be physically fit. There is no such thing that someone does not see the point in playing with teenagers, everyone understands what it is for.

While the men’s team is banned, the junior women’s team is playing!

Footballers of the Russian national team delight in the UEFA tournament. He scored 16 in one game!

As a defender, it’s hard for me to compete with junior or youth teams of lads in terms of speed, especially if I have my back to goal and spend time going around. There are ways to cope with it, for example, leaving a comfortable space between me and the attacking player, it all depends on the episode. But if the distance is half the field, it will definitely catch up with you.

Any type faster, sharper and more powerful. There are normal guys, and there are too loaded. Sometimes the negative comes immediately from the coach, many encourage hatred towards women and do not perceive us as athletes. They tell their players, “You lost to a girl, it’s embarrassing, it’s embarrassing.” As a result, the guy goes out and tries to prove something to someone. Even if you are a professional soccer player with great experience, it will be a tragedy for him to lose to a girl.

There were also skirmishes in the field, someone began to be rude, and then word for word. Once, on vacation, I played with foreigners, with a team of men. One of the players told the others in their own language that they should play harder with me, “cut”. It was strange, considering that they didn’t have much competition.

Some more important insights about women’s football:

“In football we want more equality. We are the same person.” Column by advocate Loko

Sometimes young players accuse us of kicking our legs on purpose. She is not beautiful. Even if you don’t want to play with us, this is your training, you have put us in sparring. No wonder they say that you need to respect any opponent. The point is to comment.

Of course, there are guys who behave as usual – shake hands and apologize for the mistake. Both on the field and off the field, they are still well-mannered people. Of the last matches, I liked the game with the youth team of Strogino. There were no unnecessary conversations, plus we did a lot. We met new people, we showed them that we also play normally.

Lokomotiv match

Photo: FC Amkal

Women’s teams usually play friendly matches with men, but with younger teams. I feel good about it. As a child, I also constantly played with the boys, and it seems to me that this helped me grow a lot. So the boys and I continued with the same physical preparation, I tried to be more technical, faster, overtake them and beat them. This gave me a big boost as there were very few women’s teams in my city.

In Omsk, women’s football has not developed, there is no professional structure there yet. Yes, we had girls’ sections, but in the city championship we competed with boys’ teams, because we needed practice and we wanted to play in competitions. As a child you don’t care who you play with, you just enjoy football.

Almost nothing has changed in my city. There are soccer sections for girls in the city, but they don’t have the funding to, for example, participate in competitions, travel somewhere so they have the same team. It all depends on the enthusiasm of the coaches and interested parents who want to help their children do what they love.

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