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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Marvel released “Secret Invasion”: how the series about Nick Fury turned out

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 12:42:52

Marvel has been in disrepute lately. The plots were stupid, the action and locations were dismal in terms of graphics and staging, and the new characters were instantly forgettable. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 had to make up for the failures, but an excellent movie is not enough to restore hope.

Now Marvel has released Secret Invasion and it looks like they’ve taken another step in the right direction. It’s too early to praise the series, but it’s off to a good start, albeit with reservations.

The video is available on the Teaser Pro YouTube channel. The rights to the videos belong to Marvel Studios.

Where to see?

The series is broadcast worldwide on Disney+. There will be no official screenings in Russia. There are also no voiceovers or subtitles.

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The authors bet on drama and spy games, and they didn’t lose.

Secret Invasion is one of Marvel’s most famous events. The point is a cunning enemy who won not by force, but by intelligence and intrigue. If you’ve seen Captain Marvel, remember the Skrulls, who easily change their appearance. At first, everyone considered the race to be hostile, but in reality the guys turned out to be good, and thanks to Fury’s help, they settled on Earth.

Unfortunately, not all Skrulls liked to feel invited. Some decided to take over the planet and walk in their true form. And so the rebels appeared, penetrating all government bodies, replacing reliable agents, unleashing wars and gradually gaining influence.

This problem poses new challenges for the heroes. It is easy to fight against the alien invader. But how to defeat the legitimate president, who was replaced by an alien long ago? With a true friend, you can do anything, but what if you have a Skrull on your team pretending to be an ally? All this creates tremendous tension, because you cannot trust anyone at all!

The fury is tired and old.

Photo: Marvel Studios

The authors of the series perfectly defeated the terrifying power of the Skrulls. For example, in the first frame we see Everett Ross (Martin Freeman). This is our old acquaintance, who often helped the heroes, risked his career for Wakanda and arrested Baron Zemo.

It seems like you can definitely trust this guy! That’s just the writers skillfully give reasons for doubt. What if Ross is dead or being held hostage and there is an alien on the screen? And after all, you ask a similar question to each character.

Or check out Fury’s walk through Moscow at night. With what suspicion do the locals look at the founder of the Avengers program. Is everyone surprised by the stern one-eyed African-American, or is the street full of Skrulls? Who knows.

It is because of the unique ability of the aliens and the paranoid atmosphere that Secret Invasion stands out. The authors have not yet shown the most influential people who became Skrulls, but the enemy’s plan is already working. In the first series, the rebels commit a great villainy and stop the heroes. As a result, the ending is so intriguing that you’ll want to fire up the next episode right away. It is a pity that it will be released only in a week.


Photo: Marvel Studios

However, there are also doubts about the plot. For example, one of the story arcs is dedicated to Fury’s crisis. He spent a lot of time off Earth and lost his influence. The heroes constantly repeat: “You are no longer the same Fury – you do not control the situation and do not get ahead of your enemies by a few steps.”

However, the problem is not that the hero is tired. He just got stupid. In the first episode, Fury almost single-handedly tries to stop a large-scale terrorist attack, involving hundreds of villains. Why didn’t Nick ask for help? Let’s just say he considered the Avengers compromised, but there are also friends from space that the villains definitely missed. Due to such moments, the plot cannot be called perfect.

He didn’t bother with the action.

When the writers focus on the spy games and the oppressive atmosphere, the series should not be postponed. But the bosses at Marvel are sure that without action the viewer will fall asleep. Therefore, in the first series there are enough fights, where the characters beat each other with their fists and throw them into the cabinets.

Emilia Clarke has an important role

Photo: Marvel Studios

Unfortunately, it is the action that brings the most boredom. After Tyler Rake and John Wick, melee combat is surprisingly toothless. The feeling that AI was responsible for the production, that it analyzed a hundred second-rate militants and issued another label. I hope that in the next series, the authors will either focus on the story or come up with normal fights.

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Worth seeing?

If you’re looking for something new from Marvel, check out Secret Invasion. The show has its flaws, but the interesting adversary and paranoid atmosphere make up for it.


Scheming villainEpic ending of the first episodeParanoid atmosphere.

I dont like him

Nick Fury turned stupid. All the action is stupid.

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