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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Maxim Lugovskoy: 10 out of 1000 grandmasters reach the highest level

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 14:07:15

– Because this is not a spectacular sport, there are not enough blood fights for the fans. But popularity is growing in chess, anyway. We need more tournaments, some events to celebrate.

Move on TV, program on the federal channel. This will be very useful for any viewer, he needs to develop his brain every day. And make it a mandatory lesson for children in schools.

– What is the main problem in chess?

– I think the answer is obvious – it is cheating. Now it is difficult to deal with this problem, many chess players are ready to do anything to win some kind of prize, even if it is in a dishonest way.

– Do you need a lot of money to play in tournaments?

– Only if you want to play professionally, and not always.

– Do many great masters reach the highest level?

– No, out of 1000 great masters only 10 reach the highest level, the rest are average. But that’s the way it is in all sports.

– Who can you call the best grandmasters right now?

– Grischuk, Svidler, Kramnik, Andreikin, Karjakin. Anyone who is in the top 100 in the world can be called the best, ”Lugovskoy said in an interview with Sovetsky Sport correspondent Daria Savinova.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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