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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Maxim Mamin: It is not customary for CSKA to end the season in March

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 23:47:06

– Maxim, took the series to the seventh game. Were you that confident in your abilities? The fans were very nervous…

“The real fans believed in us. The other guys and I were getting tons of supportive messages on social media. Such an amazing atmosphere was in the stands today, we just had no right to lose today. At CSKA it is not customary to end the season in March. The seventh game was won with a score of 5:0. I think this is an indicator of the team’s class. Now we will rest in a good mood and prepare for the upcoming matches.

– An unexpected result for the seventh game?

– They didn’t expect it. We tried to play with the idea that the score was 1-0, so as not to relax. There was no stage to hold the score, they played attack. All went well.

— CSKA played 4 series of seven games in a row (2 last season and 2 this season). Does experience or skill help in decisive battles?

– Together. This gives a positive result in such important matches.

— The next rival will be the SKA of Saint Petersburg. They have been resting for a long time. Will this be an advantage?

– I don’t know the advantage, Lokomotiv also rested more than us. I am of the opinion that it is better to be in good shape. Three days before the game is a long time to rest and recover.

– Today is your 400th game in the KHL. Which do you remember more?

– Two matches were especially memorable: when we lost the seventh match against Magnitogorsk in the final and the final match with a golden goal.

Is Golden ready to repeat?

– Sure, done!

— The conference finals will begin in the East. Ak or Avangard bars?

Both teams are good. Let’s see how they play against each other. With whom to play in the grand final, it does not matter. Although we owe a debt to Avangard for last year’s season… But it’s still early to think about it. You still have to reach the grand finale. Let’s go to S.K.A.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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