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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Mbappé fears the victory of the “right” in France. What is the political crisis during the euro?

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 11:37:19

France has a very strong civil society with a keen perception of injustice, which calls for authorities to be held accountable for any unclear situations. On the eve of the start of the French team at Euro 2024, this country is once again hot due to the decision of the head of state Emmanuel Macron to dissolve the National Assembly (the lower house of the French parliament) and call early elections. which will be played in two rounds: June 30 and July 7.

The footballers were not left out either and asked their fellow citizens to make their decisions responsibly. The loudest voice is that of the team’s leader, Kylian Mbappé, who stated that “it is important not to allow extremists to come to power.” We understand the causes of the crisis and predict how it might end.

Mbappé believes that extremists can come to power in France

Macron, who is leading the country in his second and final presidential term, was forced to dissolve parliament due to the unexpected results of the European Parliament elections. The far-right National Rally party won a landslide victory in France (34.05% of the vote), while Macron’s pro-government Renaissance party won only 14.44% of the vote. French fears arise from the fact that the “right”, behind which the odious Marine Le Pen has long been, advocates the adoption of strict immigration laws that would allow criminals and Islamists to be expelled from the country.

“We are living a decisive moment in the history of our country. Euro 2024 is important for our careers, but we are citizens and we are not divorced from what is happening in France. The situation is truly unprecedented and we are a generation that can make history. Extremists want to take power and we have the opportunity to choose the future of our country. I urge all young people to go vote to realize the seriousness of the situation. I hope my voice reaches everyone. I want to be proud to wear this shirt. They say that politics and football should not be mixed. But I am against a division,” the main star of the “tricolor”, Kylian Mbappé, tries to shout to his compatriots.

Kylian Mbappé and Marcus Thuram

Photo: Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

Echoing Mbappé, who left France this year and moved to Real Madrid, is another national team forward, Marcus Thuram. “The situation is very, very serious. I found out about the victory of the far right after the game against Canada in Bordeaux. We were all a little shocked in the locker room. This is the sad reality of our current society. We must encourage everyone to go out and vote. As citizens, we must fight every day so that the National Rally does not happen. I think everyone on the French team shares my opinion. It is important not only to go to vote, but also to talk about how we got into this situation and its seriousness,” warns the Inter forward.

This is the sixth time that the National Assembly has been dissolved in French history. In 1962 and 1968, Charles de Gaulle resorted to this procedure, and in 1981 and 1988, François Mitterrand. The main objective of announcing new elections is the need to maintain the firm position of the current government, but it does not always achieve this. Unlike the previous examples, Jacques Chirac was defeated in 1997.

The “left” created a coalition, Deschamps adopted a neutral position

To avoid the triumph of the “right”, which could lead to the radicalization of society and, in general, unpredictable consequences, four “left” political parties in France announced the unification and creation of a “new popular front” . To create a coalition, the Socialists agreed to join forces with the Greens, the Communists and Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s ultra-left “Undefeated France” party. “The only thing that matters to me is that the National Group does not win the elections and cannot govern the country. We cannot leave France to the Le Pen family,” warns Mélenchon.

Demonstrations took place in Paris and other cities last week to protest against the national demonstration. France’s Foreign Ministry said some 350,000 people took part in protests across the country after unions, student groups and human rights groups called for demonstrations against the eurosceptic anti-immigration party.

French coach Didier Deschamps prefers to remain silent

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

The management of the French Football Federation (FFF) distanced itself from the players’ statements. Federation president Philippe Diallo’s only request to the players was the desire to be civil so as not to cause a scandal. “There are no restrictions for players to express a position in accordance with their beliefs. “Very committed to freedom of expression and citizenship, the French Football Federation joins the call for a vote,” the FFF stated in a press release.

Meanwhile, the tricolor coach, Didier Deschamps, adopted a neutral position: “I can speak after the end of the Euro Cup, but for now I am a coach, not a citizen. Although I know very well what is happening in our country, I am not willing to participate in the debate. How do I feel about the players’ statements? If they are focused and doing what we need them to do, there is no problem. “They are people with their feelings, they are in the context of what is happening.” It is notable that during Euro 1996, Didier was much more principled when he advised French nationalist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen to “not talk nonsense” in response to the claim that “there are too many blacks in the French team.”

Let us recognize the greatness of Deschamps:

Deschamps is great. He is unfairly in the shadow of Ancelotti and Guardiola

In 1968, more than 10 million people demonstrated in France.

This is not the first political crisis in France to unfold during a major international tournament. The French Open Tennis Championships (Roland Garros) in Paris in May 1968 coincided with one of the largest revolutions in the country’s history: there were around 10 million strikers across France, outraged by laws that infringed on the rights of the citizens. This movement received the name “Red May” in history. Clashes with police began after the Minister of Sports and Youth, François Missaufl, refused to lift the ban on separate education and the residence of students of different sexes in dormitories. The authorities’ mistake was to abruptly disperse the demonstration: after that, the streets of Paris, and then other cities, became hell.

More details about the events during that Roland Garros:

In 1968, the Paris revolution almost canceled Roland Garros. Protesters burned cars

It should be noted that Roland Garros was held despite broken shop windows, shortages of gasoline and food, and frequent clashes between citizens and the police. When the European Football Championship began in June 1968, the situation was still tense. The protests ceased only after concessions from the de Gaulle government and the imminent resignation of the president.

Protests in Paris on June 15

Photo: Ibrahim Ezzat/Getty Images

Similar tensions currently reign in France, and whichever side wins will struggle to prevent a social explosion. This is because no one intends to make concessions to achieve their goals. The current leader of National Unity, Jordan Bardella, 28, who entered politics at age 17 under the influence of violent riots in the French suburbs in 2005, is seeking the post of prime minister.

Meanwhile, the created “left” coalition proposed canceling Macron’s unpopular and difficult pension reform, as a result of which the retirement age increased from 62 to 64 years. The “leftists” promise to reduce it to 60 years and also increase the monthly minimum wage from 1,400 to 1,600 euros. The head of the Ministry of Finance called this promise complete madness and said that it can be described as a violation of the sentence. the Stability Pact of the European Union.

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