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“Medvedev needs to feel the taste of victory.” How a Russian should change his grass game

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 15:31:36

In February 2022, Daniil Medvedev became the leader of the ATP ranking for the first time, but then a serious decline occurred. After losing in the third round of the 2023 Australian Open, the tennis player completely lost the title of the first Russian racket, ceding it to Andrey Rublev, and also did not retain his place in the top 10 of the men’s world rankings. Then Daniil returned to the elite and won as many as five (!) titles last season. It is true that it has been more than a year since his last victory. Let’s find out what’s going on in Medvedev’s game right now.

Daniil Medvedev’s changes and sides of the game

For a long time, the athlete was criticized for lacking a stable and powerful forehand. However, in 2019, when the Russian began playing in the elite on a regular basis, analysts noticed progress in this element. Things are still not going well for Daniil online. The tennis player prefers to be located on the baseline. At the same time, after a fight with the British Cameron Norrie at the 2023 Miami Masters, he himself stated that this year he has noticeably improved his game at the net and wants to be better in this aspect of the game.

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Medvedev entered the fourth round in Miami. And the seventh racket of the Rune world was suddenly defeated.

Separate story: Medvedev’s relationship with the land (it is on this surface where Roland Garros is played). The fifth racket in the world uses flat hits and, due to the physical properties of the terrain, the ball bounces higher and Daniil’s opponents have more time to make decisions. It is worth noting that Medvedev almost never used spinning and cutting punches, which are important weapons on this surface, but a lot has changed at the recent Paris Slam. Experts assumed that the good putts he hit at the 2024 French Open were the result of his work with Gilles Simon, but Daniil was quick to refute all assumptions.

“The shortened ones are definitely not for Gilles. On clay, a short shot is a high shot. When I feel good on clay, I try to do them. Before this clay season, I reviewed last year’s tournament in Rome, where I did a bunch of shorter matches. If they work for me, it means I’m in the zone. I managed to find a balance when I can mix a strong blow and a shorter one. A lot of work was done in training, I hope they continue to fly well,” Medvedev said in an interview with “Championship” after defeating Kecmanovic in the second round of the French Major.

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“If I play like this, I will definitely go far.” Medvedev flew to the third round of Roland Garros

Excessive emotionality also characterizes, of course, the fifth scandal in the world. The irritation often affected the athlete’s concentration. A striking example is the 2021 Australian Open final against Djokovic. And in matches with Frenchman Gael Monfils and Russian Karen Khachanov at the Monte Carlo Masters this season, Medvedev criticized the judges. In a match with his compatriot, Daniil was fined one point for shouting and poor evaluation of the referee’s work. The tennis player does not hide that it may be very difficult for him to control his emotions at this moment.

“Mistakes happen, I make them on the court and I admit them. It happens to everyone. It can be very difficult to control emotions right now and I don’t regret what happened. This is what happened. This is how I reacted to the situation and of course I wish I had reacted differently. Let’s see what happens next time. I can’t promise anything, but I hope I can focus more on the game and not on the mistakes,” Punto de Break quotes the Russian.

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“Rub your eyes!” Khachanov beat Medvedev in the Monte Carlo derby. He argued with the judge again.

What about Medvedev’s service? Traditionally, this element of the game has been considered one of its greatest strengths. Opponents especially highlight the way the second serve is executed: the 2021 US Open champion likes to take risks and serve hard. However, during the past clay season, the Russian often scored only one or two aces per match.

The situation changed a little at Daniil’s first grass tournament in Halle. In the opening match against Nuno Borges, the tennis player hit nine aces, which is quite consistent with his performance last year in two-set matches on grass. In the match lost to Zhang Zhizhen, Medvedev improved his statistics, already completing 13 serves. Meanwhile, Milos Raonic scored 47 aces in three matches in the opening match of the “five hundred” in London. So Daniel still has a way to go. It should be noted that one of the national athlete’s mentors, Gilles Simon, praised the Canadian on social networks, calling him a “machine.”

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What do experts and Medvedev himself say about his form, as well as his untitled series?

The honorable coach of Russia, Viktor Yanchuk, spoke about the form of the world’s fifth racket as follows.

“It is difficult to say what is the reason for Medvedev’s long streak without titles. In most of the lost matches, Danya is inferior in the fight. After all, he is a tennis player who is among the top 5 in the world ranking, his opponents take him more seriously, everyone tries to fight him.

Medvedev’s state of form is also of great importance. But it is also worth noting that today the competition on the circuit has increased significantly. And time is no longer on Danya’s side. Medvedev is already closer to the veterans than the rising stars. Therefore, he has to give his best in every game.

Another reason may be that Medvedev has been well studied by his rivals all these years. Now it is noticeable that Dana sometimes lacks the rhythm of play that Alcaraz or Rune have. They are faster players with more rhythm who dictate their tennis.

Medvedev, on the other hand, is used to playing from a longer distance, his blows are not as sharp as those of his opponents, but Danya tries to face them with reliability and versatility. Medvedev scores more points for his opponents’ mistakes than for winning plays. He is now trying to diversify his game. I think Medvedev’s moment will come this year. There is still more than half of the season ahead, as we know, Danya shows his best game on hard courts, and not on clay or grass.

But Medvedev remains a competitive athlete and a contender for victory in any tournament he enters. I think Dana needs to feel the taste of victory at least in some tournament to be able to break this bad streak without titles and continue moving forward,” Yanchuk said in an interview with Legalbet.

Medvedev himself recently said he would win the first major trophy on grass. Daniil won the only title on this surface in 2021 in Mallorca (ATP-250). At Wimbledon, Medvedev reached the semi-finals at most: this happened last season, when, one step away from the final, the Russian lost to the future champion Carlos Alcaraz.

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No options. Medvedev lost crushingly to the world number one in the Wimbledon semi-finals

The Russian said back in 2021 that he considers his game on grass unique.

“I like my grass game to be somewhat unorthodox. You could say that I prefer to be 1 in 100 and not like the other 99. On clay, even if I feel good, I need to adapt my game, my movement. On the grass everything is different, I feel like I can play automatically,” Daniil then admitted to Tennis Head.

And after his first match in the competition in Halle with Borzes, Medvedev himself mentioned an element of the game in which he should improve during the current grass season.

“I think moving around the court is something I didn’t do very well today. The feel of center court and the practice court is always different. You can train 20 hours a day, but they are different things. As the match progressed, I reduced the number of errors. Only at the beginning of the match my serve was broken,” Medvedev said after the match.

Daniil Medvedev

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Daniil’s inexpressive performance at the Halle tournament on the eve of Wimbledon, of course, may raise concerns about the chances of the first Russian racket for the title on TBS grass. However, it should be noted that last year the national athlete did not reach the decisive stages at the ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Halle tournaments. And this still did not stop Medvedev from reaching the semi-finals of the British Major! Daniil needs to bring together all of his strengths in the game. He will then be able to please his fans in July in London.

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